Do you have a WooCommerce store? Or Planning for WooCommerce SEO?


Are you not happy with the online store returns? Something’s fishy with your storefront if it’s a yes!

You’ll be surprised to know that WordPress and WooCommerce drive around 1.5 million online stores – that’s 39% of all businesses!

So many storefronts lead to Internet overcrowding. What does that mean? It implies that the web has become a competitive sphere for online businesses these days. Customers have numerous options before them. They will eye on your storefront only if that’s optimized.

Did we say store optimization? Yes, we did!

No matter how much value your store sells, it will remain hidden from customers without optimization. And, what’s the point of launching an online business that your leads cannot find?

With WooCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO), stones get unturned for the good! These techniques can not only enhance your site visibility but also attract more organic and convertible traffic.

Don’t believe us? Here are some numbers to change your mind!

  • 44% of people use a search engine and then resort to web stores for online shopping. Thus, search engineers are a priority for WooCommerce stores!
  • More than half (52%) of the Internet traffic hovers on mobile devices.
  • The first five results on the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) receive 67.6% of all organic clicks.

It’s high time to buckle up and revise your store options for SEO. But how do you do so? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

Let’s discuss the ABCs of WooCommerce SEO in our ultimate guide below!

WooCommerce SEO – What’s That?

WooCommerce SEO - What’s That?

It’s okay if you don’t understand the above jargon. Let’s take it slow and learn the meaning of WooCommerce SEO before doing anything!

So, what on earth is WooCommerce SEO?

You must have searched for the leading online stores on Google at least once till now. If you did, you must have observed that the leading eCommerce websites always occupy the first results page.

And, do you know? The first five results on the first SERP drive the highest number of clicks.

So, you can estimate the amount of business the top eCommerce sites generate almost every day.

Are you wondering how to bring your WooCommerce store to the first SERP? Right here, WooCommerce SEO can do miracles for you!

Essentially, WooCommerce SEO is a bunch of techniques that improve your store’s search engine ranking, bring more organic traffic towards your business, and generate more conversions.

It is one of the most reliable methods that all store owners leverage for unrestricted outcomes. Let’s unwrap more layers of WooCommerce SEO and make your storefront a star in the industry!

What Benefits Does WooCommerce SEO Bring?

WooCommerce SEO is a path-breaker for online businesses.

What does it have in store for you? To be precise, a gamut of benefits!

Let’s have a look at all the advantages that WooCommerce SEO unlocks for your online store.

What Benefits Does WooCommerce SEO Bring?

1. Leads at Your Doorstep

WooCommerce SEO is a sure-shot way to find and attract better leads for your business.

Do you know what’s wrong with advertisements when it comes to generating leads? They take your web store before a massive audience base of people who have no interest in your products.

Through SEO, you can identify traffic with a higher intention to buy similar products that your store sells. So, you can enjoy the arrival of high-quality leads for your business by harnessing WooCommerce SEO.

2. Guarantee a Higher Customer Experience

Did you ever land on a website having products that are different from your search?

Probably, many times!

What do you do thereafter? You close the site and bounce off to another one selling relevant goods according to your interests.

That means you got a poor customer experience from the previous website.

It was just an instance. Many more cases can damage CX with your WooCommerce store: poor navigability and mobile-friendliness, to name a few.

When optimizing your site for SEO, you can target all the factors producing a bad customer experience. Consequently, your store becomes one of the best businesses with a high CX in the end.

3. Foster a Higher Brand Credibility

We all tend to believe in the first few results on Google, don’t we?

When your business remains confined to the latter SERPs, regardless of the value served, your potential customers might face difficulty trusting your store in the first place.

However, as WooCommerce SEO brings your online store on the first SERP, the brand credibility increases dramatically, leading to more conversions.

4. Improve Website Speed

Who likes a lagging website! No one.

A delayed and buffering online store frustrates site visitors. However, having a storefront with a massive product library can affect its speed dramatically.

Improving website speed is an essential aspect of WooCommerce SEO. It eliminates the heavy elements in your store and speed-related issues, in turn.

Ecommerce SEO Benefits

Why is Investing in WooCommerce SEO a Great Idea?

Ever wondered why all businesses invest in WooCommerce SEO? Well, it’s due to a gamut of reasons.

So, before you make any decision to invest in WooCommerce SEO, let’s walk through the reasons making it a lucrative deal.

Why is Investing in WooCommerce SEO a Great Idea

1. Brings More Conversions

Your store sells unique and valuable products. But where are conversions?

Although you have built an incredible online store, it isn’t optimized for 100% conversions. So, leading brands invest in WooCommerce SEO to get better than expected conversions for their businesses.

2. Drives Higher Engagements

An online store is not only about sales, after all.

It encompasses subscribing to newsletters, memberships, and loyalty programs. Thus, building better customer engagements is the ulterior motive.

WooCommerce SEO lets you do exactly that! It brings organic traffic to your store and drives more engagements than ever.

3. Marketing Friendly

WooCommerce SEO is marketing-friendly. What does it mean?

It implies that you can integrate digital marketing initiatives with WooCommerce SEO for augmented benefits. You can get better brand awareness, drive more engagements, generate more revenues, and whatnot.

All these reasons make WooCommerce SEO a worthy investment. Besides, online businesses choose SEO to lead the industry and join the league of trending ventures in their domain.

Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Website For Rank On Google

How to Leverage WooCommerce SEO?

We are done with all the theoretical knowledge.

Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty in the practical waters. Are you ready for the roller-coaster ride?

Auxano Global Services presents the killer strategy to ace WooCommerce SEO for your online store. Let’s dive in!

How to Leverage WooCommerce SEO?

1. Product Page Titles are Priority

What do the search engine crawlers read about your website?

You’ve guessed it correctly! It’s the page title.

All pages in your site have titles and some descriptions that your customers read on Search Engine Results Pages. These are referred to as meta titles and meta descriptions.

So. begin your SEO journey by optimizing the titles and polishing the facade of your WooCommerce store. Wondering how? Installing Yoast SEO Plugin, simple! It lets you separately see and optimize the meta tags.

How does an optimized title appear? Let’s see below.

1. Find Keywords

Make a list of all keywords that can help your pages rank better on search engines. You need to keep the list handy as you will be frequently referring to it.

2. Describe the Product in Title

What’s the best feature of your product? Include it in your title along with a few keywords that you found before.

3. Avoid Stuffing Keywords

Leveraging keywords doesn’t mean stuffing them in page titles. Avoid overdoing the keywords by considering only one or two phrases for each title.

4. Remember Title Length

What should be the length of an ideal page title? It’s 55-60 characters. A longer title will be a difficult task for the crawler. In contrast, a smaller one will not have sufficient information required for a better SERP rank.

5. Use Special Symbols

Congested phrases without pauses – the secret sauce to a disastrous page title. So, leverage symbols like ‘|’, ‘&’, ‘,’, and ‘-’ in titles to keep it crisp and clean.

6. Brand Name on the Right

Your brand name should appear on the right of the page title. Why? It’s because by placing the name on the extreme left, the entire focus shifts to your business, and the product gets undermined. To be honest, crawlers hate such titles.

2. Never Overlook Meta Descriptions

You cannot see meta descriptions until your site enters the SERPs.

So, many site owners overlook them and design a description-less WooCommerce store. Bam! Right here, they make the most brutal mistake.

Meta descriptions can revitalize your dormant website, allowing crawlers a better perspective of your store and products.

But, how do you optimize meta descriptions? You can edit the meta descriptions of all pages using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Here’s how to write the perfect descriptions for your pages.

1. Mind the Description Length

The length of your page descriptions should lie in the range of 155-160 characters. So, wordsmith your descriptions and ensure that they have the perfect length.

2. Leverage Top Keywords

Descriptions are crawler favorites. So, adding top-notch keywords in them can remarkably up the game. You need to leverage at least one key phrase in descriptions to get the pages in top SERPs.

3. Provide All Information

The recipe of a perfect page description lies in embedding all information into it. You can pick some of the classiest features of your product and use natural language to weave the best descriptions for your online store.

3. SEO-Friendly URLs are the Key!

Ignoring page URLs and keeping them unoptimized can be a deadly mistake.

URLs are one of the most prominent entities affecting the entire WooCommerce SEO strategy.

So, you need to configure the page URLs for the best outcomes from your WooCommerce website. All you require doing is navigating to the permalinks pane in your WordPress admin panel and editing each page URL.

Well, how does an ideal URL appear? It should comprise the following entities.

  • Dashes: You can use dashes to create spaces between two words in an URL.
  • Short and Clear: Use wordsmithing to create short yet descriptive URLs for your website.
  • Remove Stopping Terms: Avoid using ‘an’, ‘and’, and ‘the’ in your URLs as they consume unnecessary space.
  • Keywords: The best page URLs have at least one high-ranking keyword for the highest visibility.
  • Product Details: All page URLs should have the particular product name and its most significant feature.

Apart from the above details, you can throw the remaining irrelevant information at the end of the URL. You can do so only if the URL length permits. It should not be a para long, after all!

4. Fine-Tune Product Titles

Product titles are the first thing a visitor sees on your website. So, you have to craft them carefully.

You do not need to worry about the length of product titles. All you can do is embed the product name, essential features, and characteristics in the title in the most concise manner.

And, hey! Do not forget to include keywords in the product title for better SERP rank.

That’s it! Your product titles are ready to grab eyeballs.

5. Product Content is All the Rage

You are right to think that the customers do not have time to scroll down and read all product content in detail.

However, the crawlers will. And you are targeting them, aren’t you? So, curating the perfect content for all products is a must.

You need to mention every detail, small or large, about the products in their description. Also, you can use bullet points to provide a better picture of product features on your website.

Besides, you need to augment the content using some keywords that can help increase site visibility on search engines.

6. Consider Product Videos and Images

Nothing can beat the performance of high-quality images and videos in a WooCommerce SEO strategy.

Google values the websites that bring value to its users. And, customers prefer online stores having excellent media. So, Google will favor your website if it boasts high-quality graphics.

Here are some tips regarding product images and videos.

  • Use simple yet descriptive videos for your products.
  • You can integrate 360-degree product videos for a better customer experience.
  • You need to choose product pictures having blank backgrounds and no additional text.
  • Avoid undermining other photographs than the main image. Customers view them and include them in deciding whether to buy your products or not.
  • Add media captions as Google indexes them.

7. Submit a Sitemap to Search Engines

Google refers to sitemaps for efficient crawling and ranking.

But before heading to sitemaps, you need to reorganize your WooCommerce site structure according to the best practices.

Ideally, your store should be categorized and follow a hierarchy to provide the best experiences to customers and search engines.

Once you impart the best structure to your WooCommerce store, you are all set to submit the sitemap to the search engines. Now, you can wait for the crawlers to do the rest.

8. Pay Attention to Site Speed

Is your website lagging?

It’s high time to find the underlying causes if that’s the case.

Numerous factors like heavy media and internal code errors can delay your site like a tortoise.

You can connect with a leading WooCommerce SEO company like Auxano Global Services to identify the problems in your site, fix them, and boost the loading speed dramatically.

9. What About Mobile Friendliness?

Remember that a majority of your site traffic comes from mobile devices. You cannot ignore them, can you?

So, ensure that your WooCommerce store performs better than expected when accessed using smartphones.

It should have legibly large texts, perfect layout, better navigability, and all elements to impress the audiences using smartphones.

Is your website ready for a relaunch? No, wait!

Use the Google mobile-friendly test to find out the score of your website on numerous smartphone friendliness parameters.

Once your WooCommerce store performs satisfactorily on the above test, you can launch the website and begin experiencing more leads and conversions in almost no time.

10. Consider Local SEO

What’s local SEO? It means ranking your WooCommerce website during business location-related searches.

Many customers prefer shopping from businesses that are close to their locations. So, they might use keywords like ‘near me,’ ‘in the US,’ and so on.

Local SEO becomes more important when you have a brick-and-mortar type of business. You can easily rank high in local searches and attract all regional customers through a bunch of techniques.

All you need is to leverage local keywords in your website content, titles, and meta tags. Besides, you can set up a Google My Business profile to unlock additional benefits.


Best Way To Improve Your Local SEO

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is the best WooCommerce SEO agency. We have a myriad of features that make us the first choice of our customers regarding WooCommerce site optimizations.

Since we are the leaders in the industry, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Our team comprises WooCommerce SEO experts having extensive knowledge in the domain.
  • We have years of experience in the domain and know what works in your industry regarding SEO efforts.
  • We have collaborated with over a thousand businesses and hold a diverse portfolio of well-optimized WooCommerce sites.
  • Our international presence helps us understand the leading trends in the SEO landscape.
  • Our team remains up-to-date with recent patterns and trends in the WooCommerce SEO dimension. So, our strategies are highly effective and have the highest chances of success.

WooCommerce SEO is an ocean. You might find all the steps overwhelming when it comes to implementing them in your store.

Luckily, you can trust the experts and get your site optimized through professionals. We can revamp your site technicalities and hand over the best version of it to you.

Do you want us to assist you in WooCommerce SEO? Hurry and contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is WooCommerce SEO?

    WooCommerce SEO refers to a bunch of techniques to make a WooCommerce store more visible to customers and rank higher on search engines. It brings higher profits and conversions to the business owners.

  • 2. Why is WooCommerce SEO so essential?

    WooCommerce SEO can change the fate of a WooCommerce store. Through higher search engine visibility and better rank, customers can easily find a WooCommerce storefront, convert, and engage with the business in multiple ways.

  • 3. What are the top WooCommerce SEO techniques?

    All WooCommerce SEO techniques are essential. However, optimizing product titles, descriptions, and page meta tags are the most fruitful efforts in a comprehensive strategy.

  • 4. Why invest in WooCommerce SEO?

    The internet has become more competitive than ever. You need to reach out to the customers and communicate about your offerings to them. Through WooCommerce SEO, you can find massive traffic for your business having higher rates of conversion. So, investing in WooCommerce SEO is a worthy investment.

  • 5. Which is the best WooCommerce SEO company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best WooCommerce SEO company. We have proficient SEO experts who have brought immense value to the eCommerce sellers over the years. Besides, we have an extensive understanding of what works in the SEO industry and craft compelling strategies for your online business. Contact us now.

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