Nothing is ‘normal’ after the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 outbreak impacted our routine lifestyle and brought revolutions in almost all businesses. Among all brutally affected industries, the medicine and healthcare sector seems to have bruised the most. Essentially, social distancing changed the manner doctors and patients interact. Check-ups went online to avoid the contraction and spread of the infectious coronavirus.

This all-new scheme of healthcare services is called telemedicine. The new facade of treatment is gaining wildfire popularity due to immense convenience for doctors and patients.

The U.S. telehealth industry witnessed a 154% increase in visits in 2020. Interestingly, pediatrics telemedicine witnessed massive growth since the onset of the pandemic.

Various pediatrics apps came into existence to offer on-demand health services to infants and children. So, do you want to develop an on-demand pediatrics app? You’ve hopped at the best place if it’s a yes!

What is an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

What is an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

Like other on-demand applications, pediatrics apps offer anytime medical consultation services for patients via the Internet on smartphones and portable devices.

It is a virtual platform that connects patients to pediatricians. The robust app allows doctors to inspect the patients, diagnose the disease, and prescribe medicines through a one-to-one face-timing session. Also, it allows patients to share medicinal reports for the doctors to examine and suggest remedial measures.

Such virtual apps allow patients to escape unnecessary hospital charges while availing themselves of premium consultations from home. All these factors contribute to uplifting pediatrics apps and making them the best telemedicine solutions in the industry.

Do you wish to develop an on-demand pediatrics app? Let’s find out the resources, investment, and everything required to build a classic solution from scratch. Keep reading!

Leading On-Demand Pediatrics Apps

It’s time to get inspired! Let’s take a look at some of the best on-demand pediatrics apps, leading the telemedicine industry.

Leading On-Demand Pediatrics Apps


1. KidzDocNow

KidzDocNow is one of the topmost pediatrician apps out there. It allows the users to scan through various doctor profiles and find the most suitable one for their wards. Also, it unlocks the option of video calling the healthcare provider as and whenever needed.

2. MDLive

MDLive takes pediatrician telemedicine services to all-new heights. It offers prescription home delivery services for everyone. Besides, you can browse through numerous doctor profiles and choose the best one for your children.

Like other on-demand applications, you can connect with healthcare providers via in-app phone and video calling features.

3. Lemonaid Health

Another revolution among on-demand pediatrician applications, the Lemonaid Health app, is creating benchmarks for others to follow. This platform has the elementary features of scanning doctor profiles, shortlisting the best ones, and video calling them. That’s not all!

It allows patients to ask medicinal questions from the health experts on the platform. Furthermore, it assists in delivering the prescribed medicines at desired addresses to the patients.

4. Babylon

Pediatricians and patients love Babylon. Such an app lets the users scroll through numerous doctor profiles and find the perfect one for their kids. The users can also call the healthcare service provider for a better online diagnosis.

Apart from all these features, Babylon has exclusive COVID-19 assistance on the platform. Furthermore, it has the easiest appointment facilities that save time and allow simplified consultations. Also, the app assists in medicine delivery to various destinations based on prescriptions.

Feeling sparked? That’s all you needed! Buckle up as we now proceed to develop similar experiences for a massive user base.

Benefits of On-Demand Pediatrics App

Did you ever wonder about the reason making on-demand pediatrician apps so popular? Essentially, the benefits offered by such applications are your answer. So, let’s quickly consider the advantages of using an on-demand pediatrician app.

Benefits of On-Demand Pediatrics App

1. Enhanced Convenience

Who doesn’t love to be treated at home! It becomes a requirement when the patient gets severely ill and is unable to move out of the house. On-demand pediatrician apps are a boon for such scenarios. Expert consultations come to the users’ doorsteps to offer pinpointed diagnoses at the highest convenience.

2. Better Patient Outcomes

During the conventional cases of hospital appointments and clinic visits, doctors and nursing staff had to manage numerous tasks. Consequently, their time for patients used to get distributed.

Thanks to pediatrician apps, healthcare providers can eliminate all unnecessary responsibilities like clinic management and entirely focus on patients’ heath.

3. Eliminates Paperwork

Physical visits and appointments implied volumes of paperwork for the doctors. Maintaining patient files and regularly updating the records was not a cakewalk.

Luckily, the advent of on-demand pediatrician apps eliminated paperwork from doctors’ lives. They can let the app store all health records and paperwork in their smartphones, without requiring them to brainstorm.

4. Reduced Hospital Admittance Rate

Understandably, better health reduces hospital visits. Nothing can beat the wellness rate when a patient is treated at home. As the pediatrician apps bring expert consultations to the doorsteps, the hospital admittance rate reduces dramatically. It is one of the most prominent reasons behind such apps getting highly popular.

5. Affordable Services

Hospital and clinic visits incorporate numerous additional charges that raise the final bill to mind-blowing heights. Situations are way different when using on-demand pediatrician apps.

With all excess charges at bay, these platforms provide the patients with affordable services accessible from the comfort of their homes.

6. Improved Work-Life Balance for Doctors

Gone are the days when doctors had to spend hours in their cabins, clinics, and hospitals. They can give appointments and provide consultation services on the go using premium pediatrician apps. Consequently, doctors can enjoy an improved work-life balance nowadays.

7. Massive ROI

Doctors used to heavily spend on infrastructure, equipment, and managerial staff. As consultations went online, it eliminated all these expenses, producing substantial ROI for the doctors.

8. Competitive Advantage

Believe it or not, patients seek comfort and convenience through on-demand pediatrics apps. Despite being such an impressive platform, many doctors have not connected to such solutions yet.

However, the ones who did are enjoying merry days. They can attract more patients and churn a higher ROI in almost no time.

Why Invest in Developing an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

By now, you are well aware of the benefits that these platforms offer from a user perspective. Now, you might be wondering about the advantages that an investor gets by developing an on-demand pediatrics app. Take a look at the reasons below!

Why Invest in Developing an On-Demand Pediatrics App

1. Social Distancing is Here to Stay

Social distancing protocols were not limited to the pandemic. Now, when the outbreak is contained, physical distancing remains in place. Statistics and research suggest that it is here to stay for the longest tenure.

Patients, especially the parents, are likely to avoid crowded hospitals and clinics. An on-demand pediatrics app comes as a savior for everyone. So, investing in such apps will dramatically benefit the investors.

2. A Higher ROI

A majority of patients (or their parents) possess smartphones. With the right advertisement in place, they can download on-demand pediatrics apps on their mobiles and connect to the doctors according to their convenience. So, these digital products will experience heavier user traffic in the future, producing a higher ROI.

3. Future of Healthcare

Doctors and nursing staff cannot ignore the facilities offered by on-demand pediatrics apps. So, these products will become the future of healthcare services in some time. It’s the ripest moment to develop such solutions and churn massive revenues in the future.

How to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

How to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App

You are already well-familiar with several elementary facts regarding on-demand pediatrics apps. Now, let’s get to the best part: developing the platform. Let’s see how you can craft the most beautiful experience for doctors and patients.

1. Audience Research

First things first! It would help if you understood the expectations of the target audiences regarding the on-demand pediatrics app. You should know the features and functionalities they seek in such a platform. Such an analysis will give you a clear vision to develop a flawless product.

2. Specifications

Now that you know what the audience wants in your digital product, you can select the specifications. Wait, what does specification mean? It refers to the features and characteristics that an on-demand pediatrics app possesses.

You can refer to the leading apps in the industry and choose must-have features for your application. Besides, you can find several out-of-the-box functionalities as well.

3. Hiring an App Development Company

Developing an impeccable application from scratch is not a cakewalk. You require experience and expertise to craft such a platform. Also, you can hire all these by collaborating with a leading on-demand app development company like Auxano Global Services.

4. Choosing the Right Stack

Now, it’s time to sort out one of the most challenging tasks. Choosing the technology stack for app development can make or break the game. You can consult with the chosen app development company to decide the most suitable technologies for your on-demand pediatrics app project.

5. Selecting the Platform

Where do you wish to release the app? Is it only for Android users? Or, will the app remain available for both iOS and Android users? These are the questions that you must answer at this point. It is a critical step that influences the entire development process. So, choose wisely!

6. Consider UI/UX Development

Believe it or not, UI/UX can influence the audience’s impression. So, spend considerable time discussing the best application appearance with your technology partner. This step is essential before diving into the core developmental part.

7. App Development

With all prerequisites fulfilled, the app development agency can now focus on developing the on-demand pediatrics app for you. Meanwhile, they might come up with product prototypes and seek feedback from you. It would help if you remained honest during such phases and direct the developers in the right direction.

8. Product Release

Finally, the product becomes ready to be released after several iterations and enhancements. Now, you can begin advertisements and launch the product in the market for public use.

What are the Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

An on-demand pediatrics app is all about mind-boggling features. Are you wondering about the essential features of your desired platform? Here they are!

What are the Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Pediatrics App

1. Patient App

1. Registration/Login

Users can supply unique credentials to the app to register with or log into the platform.

2. Appointments

Patients can find available slots and easily book doctor appointments through the app.

3. Search Profile

Patients can scan through various doctor profiles and find the most suitable one using an advanced searching feature.

4. In-App Chats and Calls

Patients can communicate to the doctors via in-app chats and video calls.

2. Doctor App

1. Profile Creation

Doctors need to fill in their academic and specialization details to join the on-demand app.

2. Accept or Deny Appointments

Doctors can accept or deny appointments according to their convenience.

3. Digital Prescription

Doctors can send digital prescriptions to patients after consultations.

4. Availability Slots

Doctors can adjust their availability slots according to their convenience.

3. Admin App

The admin app comprises essential features like profile management embedded in a comprehensive dashboard.

  • Profile Management
  • Monthly Progress & Statics
  • Dashboard Management
  • Chat Support & Customer Care

What is the Cost to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

What is the Cost to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

The exact cost of developing a tailor-made pediatrics app depends on various factors like location, features, etc. Besides, the choice of the mobile platform will influence the final bill raised by your technology partner. On average, you will be required to spend around $10,000-$12,000 to build an On-demand Pediatrics app with desired functionalities.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Our team is one of the most preferred workforces in the world. We have extensive experience in collaborating with several customers belonging to various industries.

At Auxano Global Services, we have the following attributes making us the best technology partner for on-demand pediatrics app development projects:

  • Experienced team of certified developers
  • A customer-first approach
  • Convenient engagement models
  • Provision to hire dedicated developers
  • Agile development methodology
  • A diverse portfolio of developing similar apps
  • Consistent maintenance and support services.

Indeed, telemedicine is the future of healthcare services. With the advent of separate applications for every division, premium consultations have become highly accessible to even remote locations. Consequently, these platforms will register more traffic, connect doctors to patients, and bring immense ROI for all stakeholders.

Need assistance in developing an on-demand pediatrics app? Contact us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is an On-Demand Pediatrics app?

    An on-demand pediatrics app virtually connects pediatricians with patients. These smartphone platforms allow patients to seek expert consultations at any point in time from their homes via voice and video calling features.

  • 2. Why are on-demand pediatrics apps so popular?

    Nowadays, patients want to avoid crowded queues for doctor appointments. Also, doctors wish to eliminate additional infrastructure and paperwork maintenance costs. Since on-demand pediatrics apps help achieve all these goals, they are getting popular day by day.

  • 3. What are the top on-demand pediatrics apps?

    KidzDocNow, MDLive, Lemonaid Health, and Babylon are the leading on-demand pediatrics apps in 2024.

  • 4. Why invest in developing on-demand pediatrics apps?

    The immense convenience offered by on-demand pediatrics apps will attract more user traffic in the future. Consequently, these platforms will generate massive returns for the investors. So, it is the best time to develop such an app and make the perfect investment.

  • 5. Which is the best on-demand pediatrics app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best on-demand pediatrics app development company offering next-gen telemedicine platform development solutions. We have immense knowledge of healthcare app development, especially the on-demand ones. Our dedicated app developers have ample experience to decode your complex idea into a masterpiece pediatrics application. Contact us now.

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