Do you know? Nearly 82% of all internet traffic will come from videos by 2022.

That’s insane, isn’t it? It’s an era of the video revolution. Such media have the highest chances to become viral among the audiences. So, focussing on videos for marketing can be an excellent idea.

How do you make your videos reach out to a massive viewer base? The answer is video SEO. It can make your brand videos jump before millions of potential customers hovering on the Internet, and compel them to convert with your business.

Video SEO requires minimal effort to skyrocket your media-driven campaign. Now, you might be thinking that video SEO is costly. No! Video SEO is inexpensive and provides sure-shot results to your venture.

What’s the benefit of investing in video SEO, anyway? How do you leverage video SEO for yourself? Answers to all these questions, and some more, are hidden right below.

But before doing anything, let’s process some more numbers to give you a better perspective of videos and SEO paradigms.

  • You can rank videos 50 times more organically than textual content on Google.
  • Videos can increase the time spent by a visitor on your website by 2 minutes!
  • As high as 62% of Google searches incorporate videos.

Feeling fueled up? So, buckle up and join the exciting ride of video SEO with Auxano Global Services in the ultimate guide.

Let’s dive in!

What Exactly is Video SEO?

What Exactly is Video SEO

Before jumping onto advanced concepts, you need to have an in-depth understanding of video SEO.

So, what on earth is video SEO?

Video SEO is a method to promote your videos on the top Search Engine Results Page [SERP] and enhance their rank on various high-target keywords.

What’s the impact of such efforts?

When your videos come up among the top search engine results, more internet users watch them and become aware of your business or campaign. Consequently, the chances of more people moving down through your sales funnel increase.

Video SEO can unlock a myriad of advantages for you. All that it takes is some knowledge, consistent efforts, and some patience for the best outcomes to surface.

Sounds interesting? Let’s know more about Video SEO right below!

Video SEO: Benefits to Make You Crazy!

By now, we have been praising video SEO. You already know that video SEO can be a boon for your campaign. But how?

In other words, what are the benefits that video SEO unlocks for your initiative? To be precise, many! Let’s walk through the advantages of video SEO for more inspiration.

Video SEO: Benefits to Make You Crazy

1. Retain Site Visitors

One of the most essential aspects of optimizing your videos is retaining the traffic for a more prolonged period.

Videos can keep viewers engaged and hooked on your website. Consequently, you can get more time to impress them with your offerings and encourage them to convert like never before.

2. Rank Your Videos on Search Engines

Nothing’s better than gaining organic traffic for your business. Agree?

You have a golden opportunity to rank your videos on the top SERPs and divert massive organic traffic towards your business.

Since these results depend on keywords that users leverage in their searches, most website visitors have intentions to engage with your business and convert rapidly.

3. Increased Website Traffic

Search engines are the place where millions of potential customers hover every minute.

Why not convert them for your business? Video SEO gives you an amazing opportunity to do so.

Such efforts help you rank the videos among top search engine results that drive away a majority of clicks. Consequently, your website registers voluminous traffic eager to know about your business and convert.

4. Higher Brand Awareness

Believe it or not, brand awareness can make or break the game in the industry.

Videos can help you ace the awareness game in the blink of an eye. Not all your competitors use videos to spread their message among potential customers. So, here’s your unique chance to reach out to the audience and hook them using SEO tactics.

5. Massive Link Building Opportunities

Videos can help you get backlinks to your website.

Through SEO, you can push such videos to the top of SERPs and watch the backlinks in action. Also, you can embed links to other essential pages of your business and divert massive organic traffic towards them in a short span.

Why Should You Invest in Video SEO?

Indeed, the benefits of video SEO are remarkable.

But the above advantages do not encourage you much to invest in Video SEO. It’s on us now!

Here are some of the excellent reasons that support your investment in video SEO. Watch out!

Why Should You Invest in Video SEO

1. More Videos, More Benefits

Videos are here to stay for the longest.

You can boost your business in spurts by releasing an optimized video in regular intervals and getting them ranked higher on search engines.

Surprisingly, each time you launch a new video, you have the golden opportunity to divert massive traffic towards your websites.

2. Push Your Sales

Video SEO entertains only the organic traffic.

Such traffic comes to your business doorstep due to their searches having relevant keywords. So, they have the highest intention to engage with your offerings and convert dramatically.

So, they can push your sales and boost your profitability like never before. Try it out!

3. Build Customer Trust

Videos appeal to the viewers unimaginably.

They can narrate your brand story and win-over leads’ confidence in almost no time. So, they become encouraged to move down through your sales funnel and stay connected for the most prolonged period.

4. Videos Hook Mobile Users

You must have heard SEO experts yelling about captivating mobile users.

Optimizing your website for mobile users can be tricky and the results might take months to surface. However, here’s a trick!

Videos perform miraculously on mobile devices. So, you can use video SEO to rank the media on search engines and entertain smartphone-using customers.

Now, you might be inspired enough to use video SEO for your business. But how do you optimize your videos? That’s the mainframe question.

Follow along with the article to know more.

How to SEO Your Videos?

Video creation is simple and you might be fuming with ideas.

But what about video SEO? You don’t know the techniques to do so yet. Worry no more! Here is your ultimate guide to teach you the fundamental tactics to skyrocket the video SEO campaign. Stay tuned!

How to SEO Your Videos

1. Find Keywords that Work!

First things first! You need to figure out the phrases that your target audience leverages when searching for something related to your industry.

These phrases are called keywords!

Keywords can dramatically up the game of video SEO. So, you need to make a list of all high-target key phrases that might help you in getting your videos to rank higher on search engines.

Apart from short keywords, you can target long-tail phrases to optimize your videos for voice searches.

All you need is to make a list of all high-performing keywords before initiating your video SEO campaign. You will require embedding these phrases almost everywhere. So, keeping the keyword list handy might help.

2. Do Not Forget the Subtitles

Although it might sound unnecessary, subtitles are the drill in a video SEO strategy.

Many people use subtitles only and keep the audio muted when watching videos. It might be due to any reason, privacy being the most prominent one. So, embedding subtitles in your video can bring a better user experience.

Consequently, you can grab the traffic to the benefit of your business.

From the SEO perspective, adding subtitles provide more information about your videos to the search engine crawlers. So, you get higher chances of videos getting better ranks on SERP in almost no time.

All in all, subtitles can change the game of your video SEO campaign and unlock immense benefits for your business.

3. Choose Thumbnails Wisely

Have you ever observed video results on Google’s SERP?

They entail a prominent thumbnail along with a video description.

Most of the time, video thumbnails determine the click-through rates on search engines. So, you need to wisely work on them.

Picking an interesting and compelling thumbnail is essential in driving your SEO campaign towards success. But how do you choose a click-worthy thumbnail for your videos? Here are some tips to do so!

  • Thumbnails that are relevant to the video topic have the highest chances of success.
  • The thumbnail should have high-definition graphics with clearly visible elements.
  • Adding a human photo into the thumbnail increases the chances of success and brings more clicks.
  • Avoid using a still from the video as a thumbnail. You can invest in clicking separate pictures to create the thumbnail for enhanced benefits.
  • Make your video thumbnails interesting and highly captivating.

4. Write Hooking Video Titles

Video titles are the second most noteworthy aspect after thumbnails on a Search Engine Results Page.

So, you need to craft them carefully and embed attention-grabbing terms for added impacts.

Also, search engines index video titles and leverage them in deciding the rank of such media on the result pages.

Writing productive video titles have two impacts, thus. And you would like to harness both, wouldn’t you?

So, here are some of the mind-boggling SEO tips to curate game-changing video titles for your campaign. Have a look!

  • A golden rule: long titles fail. So, prepare crips and short titles for the maximum benefits.
  • Despite being a short one, your titles should be able to completely describe the video.
  • You can leverage numbers in your titles for additional benefits. For instance, ‘5 benefits of orange peel for your skin,’ works better than ‘top benefits of orange peel for your skin.’
  • Leveraging surprising statistics in your titles will make it more clickable.
  • Add a question in your video titles to grab the audience’s attention.
  • From an SEO perspective, using primary keywords in your video title will boost its rank on search engines.
  • You can use a headline analyzer tool to check the score of your titles in terms of SEO.

5. Optimize Video Descriptions

Descriptions have more information about a video. Do you agree?

So, these are goldmines for search engine crawlers to understand your videos better and decide their ranks on SERPs.

How to make video descriptions richer from the SEO perspective?

You can do the following things to write descriptions that hook your audience and help your videos rank higher on search engines. Have a look!

  • Leverage long-tail keywords in your video descriptions for better search engine ranks.
  • Apart from primary keywords, you can integrate secondary ones in descriptions for higher SEO impacts.
  • Craft the first two lines of your video description skillfully as they will remain visible on search engine results.
  • Embed a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) to direct the viewers on taking a specific action.

6. Optimize Your Videos for Mobile Viewers

Do you know? Search engines prefer videos that are optimized for mobile viewing.

So, optimizing the videos for mobile devices can be a game-changing SEO strategy. But how to do so?

Hosting your videos on popular platforms like YouTube makes them mobile-friendly by default. So, you do not require doing extra moves to improve their mobile viewing score.

However, you might face some problems when using a not-so-popular video hosting platform.

7. Harness Social Traffic

Apart from search engines, videos perform miraculously on social media. And, as you know, social traffic can boost your conversions like never before.

Do you wish to attract social traffic to your business? Here’s your golden chance to do so.

All you need is to promote the optimized videos on social media and divert massive traffic towards your venture. Isn’t that so simple?

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Video creation and SEO might consume more time than you expected. Consequently, your core business operations might suffer.

Besides, novice hands might not give your satisfactory results as video SEO is not a cakewalk. Is there a midway?

Luckily, yes.

You can collaborate with the best video SEO company, Auxano Global Services, to fetch the following benefits.

  • We have the most proficient team having years of experience in optimizing videos for search engines.
  • Our team has an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms and can unlock humongous benefits for your business.
  • We remain up-to-date with the latest trends and know what works in the industry. So, our experts can curate the most successful video SEO strategy for you.

Video SEO is the most groundbreaking aspect for your business. Although it might sound simple, video SEO might intimidate you when it comes to implementing the techniques.

So, do you wish video SEO experts to assist you? Contact us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Video SEO?

    Video SEO is a method to optimize videos and get them ranked higher on search engines. Such high online visibility attracts more clicks, helps in spreading brand awareness, and generates traffic that converts rapidly.

  • 2. Why is video SEO so essential?

    Videos are the most consumable media for the masses. They have more click-through rates (CTR) than textual content on search engines. So, optimizing the videos according to SEO best practices will help you rank them higher on search engines and hook audiences who are eager to convert.

  • 3. What are the top video SEO techniques?

    Among all essential video SEO techniques, keyword research, title curation, and description writing are the best tactics that demand extensive focus for a campaign to become successful.

  • 4. Why invest in video SEO?

    Videos are all the rage these days. They perform miraculously on search engines and can multiply your sales and conversions. Besides, they engage your audience for a longer period and compel them to spend more time with your business. So, investing in video SEO is sure to bring extensive returns for your business in a short span.

  • 5. Which is the best video SEO company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best video SEO company. Our experts have years of experience in curating video SEO strategies that work on search engines. Also, we are proficient in comprehending the factors that boost a video’s engagement with Internet users. We combine all such understanding to bring the best for your venture when it comes to video SEO. Get in touch with us now!

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