A startup is all about investing in cost-effective marketing channels. Right when a channel stops to generate enough online advertising ROI, it’s high time to curate another efficient campaign for the startup. Wise financial decisions are necessary to prevent immense losses to the startup company.

As a digital marketer working with a budding startup, you are likely to encounter the million-dollar question ‘what will be the return on investing in an advertisement?’. So, it becomes essential for the marketing firms to present an estimated picture of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to their clients.

Are you wondering which advertising platforms provide the highest ROAS? Auxano Global Services, the top online marketing company, brings to you the ultimate list of best ad platforms for startups. Halt! Familiarity with ROAS jargon, along with the advertising channels is a must-have for both marketers and startups.

In this particular article, we are discussing digital advertising, what is ROAS, how to calculate ROAS, and top Advertising platforms for startups by return on Ad spend. So, let’s get abreast of the ABC of digital advertising and ROAS first.

What is Digital Advertising?

What is Digital Advertising

Learning about ROAS becomes easier with a clear image of digital advertising. So, step back and get intrigued about the meaning of online advertising. Your startup serves as a host of valuable offerings to the clients. But, how will they avail of your services without knowing your startup? All you need is to promote your services through multiple channels and present them to your target customers.

Among all the media, the web is the most powerful hub of hovering audiences. Utilizing the power of the web and promoting the offerings online refers to digital advertising.

You just sketched a broad overview of digital advertising in your mind. Now it is time to focus on structuring how much money is spent on online advertising, that is, ROAS. Let’s dive deep into the meaning of ROAS.

What is ROAS?

Marketing experts gauge the effectiveness of a marketing channel through a metric called ROAS, elaborated as Return on Ad Spend. ROAS is the measure of the revenue earned per dollar spent on marketing media. Now you can understand why ROAS marketing is important for a startup.

Mostly, a startup sticks with a tight budget. A marketing channel is worth investing in and profitable only if the ROAS is higher. Also, With an estimation of the revenue generated by the advertising media at hand, the strict budget allocation becomes simple for a startup. But, how to figure out return on ad spend? Let’s find out.

How to Calculate ROAS?

ROAS calculation is just the implementation of a simple formula. Follow the below steps to calculate the exact ROAS for your online advertising campaign.

How to Calculate ROAS

After knowing the fundamentals of ROAS, you are all set to identify the most beneficial digital advertising platforms for your startup. First things first, let’s begin with knowing the benefits of using advertising platforms.

Advantages of Advertising Platforms

The exclusive benefits of digital advertising platforms explain the reason behind the heavy flow of investment towards them. You can never turn away from the following advantages of using advertising platforms.

✔️ Investing in advertising platforms doesn’t mean blindfolding yourself and spending money without obtaining the expected outcomes. These platforms allow you to measure the conversion rate and efficacy better than any other channel.

✔️ Unlike other marketing media, advertising platforms are cost-efficient and sure-shot.

✔️ Advertising platforms let you promote your offerings to the pin-pointed audience so that the conversion rates are higher and quick.

✔️ With the advertising platforms, you can track each penny spent on promoting your content.

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These advantages convince the startups to invest in advertising platforms, meet with a massive audience, and churn immediate revenue. Now, each business is unique and holds different end goals. Based on your business, one advertising platform can be great, while the other might not be up to the mark. So, how will you identify the best advertising platform for your startup? Let’s find out.

How to Identify the Best Ad Platform?

The market is flooded with numerous ad platforms, and not all of them will suit your requirements. Reviewing each of them and picking out the best online advertising platforms for your business is simple if you know the steps.

How to Identify the Best Ad Platform

👉 Analyze the Client Expectations

The clients react to your ad campaign only to obtain some benefits. Analyzing what your clients expect from paid ads simplifies choosing an advertising platform.

👉 Business Type

Different types of advertising platforms cater to different businesses. Filter down the ad platforms based on B2B or B2C business categories.

👉 Industry

The relevant industry influences the choice of ad platforms greatly. Consider the industry and its clients before investing in an advertising platform.

👉 Stage of the Audience

Among all the audience, some might be leads and some might get down the funnel as prospects. Analyze whom you are targeting and how down they are in the sales funnel. All of these will help you make better-informed decisions.

👉 Budget

You cannot assign expensive ad platforms for tight-budget startups. Likewise, inefficient utilization of the budget has a higher chance of failing miserably. So, glancing over the budget before investing in the advertising platforms proves to be a healthy habit.

Top Advertising Platforms by ROAS

Top Advertising Platforms by ROAS

What is better than obtaining high returns on your ad spending! As a startup, all you want is to know the ad platforms that provide better ROAS and have a higher conversion. So, without delaying further, let’s go through the best advertising platforms 2022.

1. Google Ads

Undoubtedly, Google is one of the biggest players in the advertising domain. Google Ads offer more ad formats than any other PPC network – SERPs, Gmail ads, AdSense, to name a few. Moreover, Google Ads allow target ROAS bidding strategies for their clients.

2. Microsoft Ads

Much like Google Ads, Microsoft has pushed their Ad network into the list of the top advertising platforms for startups. Also known as Bing Ads, the Microsoft owned platform is cheaper and provides a myriad of ad formats to their clients. Besides, you can opt from several Bing bidding strategies, target ROAS being one among them.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads take the game of advertising to another level. Using the Facebook platform, you can meet with a filtered audience consisting of potential customers mostly. So, Facebook ads let you become selective and invest in promoting your content to the right audience. Apart from offering several ad formats, Facebook Ads provides CPM and ROAS targeting bids.

4. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a paradise for B2B businesses. Being a B2B media itself, LinkedIn displays your ads to the right and funnelled audience. There are several formats of advertising through LinkedIn. Also, the number of bidding strategies are significantly higher than other B2B networks.

These premium ad platforms are enough in what they do. Before resorting to any of them, you should review your requirements, industry, client expectations, and budget. Only then you can generate a higher ROAS. Do all of these seem overwhelming? Don’t worry. You still have the option of connecting with the best online advertising company, Auxano Global Services. We take over all your worries and curate the best ad campaign to optimize the ROAS. What makes you wait? Contact us now!

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