Marketplace apps like Amazon changed the structure of shopping. Every month approx 197 million people around the world visit Amazon and buy stuff. The huge amount of eCommerce marketplace growth insists entrepreneurs invest in this industry by building a marketplace app like Amazon. 


If you’re also looking to create an Amazon clone app and searching for how much does it cost to create an app like Amazon? then you should hire a top mobile app development company that has experience in successful eCommerce marketplace app development.    

E-commerce marketplace apps like Amazon changed the way shopping was done in the past, now people can buy anything with tap-&-buy features at their doorsteps. The latest technology (AI, VR, AR, Voice ) enriches the overall shopping experience for users, it’s convenient, easy, and faster services. 

You might be wondering: 

What is an E-commerce Marketplace App?

As the name implies, the eCommerce marketplace app means multiple sellers can register and sell their products via an eCommerce portal. Actually, eCommerce is a vast term that includes several terms such as social commerce, eCommerce marketplace, and M-commerce. 

Types of E-commerce Marketplace:

Types of E-commerce Marketplace - Auxano Global Services


  • Vendor oriented eMarketplace (Alibaba)
  • Supply oriented Marketplace (Cisco)
  • Open-source E-Marketplace (eBay)
  • Vertical & Horizontal eMarketplace (Amazon

Why Creating an eCommerce Marketplace App is a Good Idea?

First and foremost is the dependency on smartphones, nowadays people love to shop online because of the ease of scrolling multiple products and accessibility of tap-&-buy features. An app like Amazon should be compatible with different screen size smartphones, responsiveness is a crucial term.  

Ecommerce Revenue Market Share By Statista:

  • Revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$2,237,959m in 2020.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020–2024) of 7.6%, resulting in a market volume of US$3,004,191m by 2024.
  • The market’s largest segment is Fashion with a market volume of US$718,027m in 2020.

Retail e-commerce sales in the United States from 2017 to 2024

As per the Statista, “In 2019, U.S. online retail sales of physical goods amounted to 365.2 billion US dollars and are projected to reach close to 600 billion US dollars in 2024. Apparel and accessories retail e-commerce in the U.S. is projected to generate 194.4 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2024.”


Do you know?

9 out of 10 consumers check prices at Amazon after choosing a product on a competitor’s platform. Amazon is a renowned brand that serves competitive prices, faster shipping, and reliable customer services. 

As per the above statistics, one thing is pretty clear that building a marketplace app like Amazon is a sustainable as well as app development idea. You should focus on important features, latest technologies, and choose top mobile app development companies such as Auxano Global Services having immense knowledge in eCommerce development. 


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How To Create An App Like Amazon With Important Features:  

Amazon set a milestone for every new ecommerce startup, this app serves multiple features and alluring user interfaces. If you’re also looking to create an app like Amazon, then you should be well acquainted with important features that can affect Amazon clone app cost.   


Amazon Clone App Development Types:

  • Online Retail Store (B2C)
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace B2B
  • e-Commerce Platform C2C  


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Important Features To Consider While Creating An App Like Amazon:

  • Easy Registration & Social Login
  • Accurate Search Bar & Filters
  • Alluring Product Detail Page 
  • Real-time Order Tracking & History
  • Payment Gateway & COD Options
  • Fewer Steps in Add To Cart Process
  • Appealing Checkout Page & My Cart
  • Social Media Sharing of favorites Products
  • Allow Reviews, Rating, & Feedback     


The above features are important and crucial deciding factors of Amazon clone app cost, therefore, you should jot down a list of your dream app needs. Top mobile app development companies such as Auxano Global Services can make the best out of these features. There are few advanced features that can treat as USP of your Amazon-like app, check out  below:


Advanced Features For Amazon Clone App Development:

  • AR Enabled Shopping Experience
  • AI ChatBot For Interactive Customer Support
  • Voice Search For Faster Result


The AR-enabled shopping experience is the most futuristic technology in the eCommerce marketplace, people are loving this functionality to drag and check products with augmented reality. Popular eCommerce marketplace Amazon is also leveraging this latest trend by offering Amazon’s AR view for the best user experience while shopping.  

AI chatbot is serving many industries to make better and interactive customer support. You can also leverage AI Chatbot technology to offer faster and quicker 24*7 customer support. Also, voice technology can help better search results for your dream app. If you want to create such experience, then you should choose the best voice assistant app development company to offer smoother and accurate search functionality and customer support.


How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Amazon?

Any eCommerce marketplace app cost depends on various factors such as features integration, app platform, app size, latest technology stacks, and numbers of app developers used in the process. Therefore, estimating the actual Amazon clone app development cost is irrelevant without having proper app requirements. 


Being a leading mobile app development company, we are well acquainted with futuristic technologies for Amazon clone app development, and how much does it cost to make an app like Amazon. Our experienced mobile app developers have ample expertise to reduce the Amazon clone cost with our cost-effective solution.   


Amazon Clone App Design:

Mobile app UI UX design is the most crucial part of any ecommerce marketplace platform. The easy and effective UI design is the USP for Amazon, the design plays a major role to hold users until the checkout process. 

  • App Prototype Design
  • App UI UX Design
  • Color & Appearance


The above three main design factors influence the Amazon clone app development cost. One should hire frontend developers from reputed app development companies to make the best out of them. Our dedicated frontend developers have ample expertise to create awe-stunning yet effective UI which surely guild users with your dream application.


Dashboard Design:

The dashboard is an important area of your dream marketplace app because users spent the most time on the dashboard. It is quite obvious to create customized profiles or dashboards for different types of the user base. 

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Seller Panel

User Panel Features:

  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Fast Search & Engaging UI
  • Filters & Product Category
  • Easy Checkout & Payment

Seller Panel Features:

  • Easy Registration & Login
  • Order Transaction History
  • Ready-to-go Product Listing
  • Cart & Product Management

Admin Panel Features:

  • Dashboard Management
  • Order & Seller Management
  • Reporting & Data Analytics
  • Customer Support System

Here’s a contradiction about multiple apps for different dashboard designs perform better than single apps. To be honest, it doesn’t affect your dream Amazon clone app cost or business outcomes. Admin panel can be hosted with a web portal for better handling and product management. 


App Platform:

There are mainly three app platforms available i.e. iOS, Android, and Windows, now it’s all up to you either choose Android for max audience base or choose iOS for premium functionality. The Amazon clone app development cost depends on app platforms, so opt a suitable platform as per targeting audience.


Perfect App Platforms - Amazon App


  • Android
  • iOS or iPhone 
  • Windows

Want to know the best part?

You can create your dream app in multi-platform without spending extra cost. All you have to do is hire dedicated app developers from top mobile app development companies that have immense knowledge of cross-platform app development. At Auxano Global Services, our experienced developers have ample expertise in cross-platform app development, thus, our team can reduce the overall Amazon clone app development cost by using cost-effective solutions.

Futuristic Technology Stacks:

The technology implication decides how much it costs to create an app like Amazon because the latest technology offers core functionalities in Amazon clone app development.  Here we are listing some basic technology stack in any eCommerce marketplace app. 


Ecommerce Framework: It’s very important to choose apt frameworks for eCommerce marketplace app development. Magento eCommerce framework is one of the best frameworks for Amazon clone app development. Top 5 eCommerce frameworks are:


Ecommerce Framework development company


Advanced Technology Stacks in App Like Amazon: 

The leading marketplace app Amazon used Java, MySQL, AngularJS, and Perl languages for backend development, Amazon EC2, S3, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon SimpleDB for database management and cloud services. 

Amazon Route 53 for real-time tracking and mapping, Amazon gateway API for payment getaways. There are many more technology stacks for Amazon-like app development, you should do proper market research about the latest technologies and features to create a masterpiece. Although, Amazon clone app development cost depends on the selection of technology.             

Advanced Features Integration:

Last but not least, feature integrations influence Amazon-like app development costs. Therefore, it’s all up to you to choose features as per the requirements. The basic features are already mentioned above but here, we are explaining some advanced features that should be considered while building a marketplace app like Amazon.


Advanced Features Integration - Auxano Global Services

  • Easy Signup/Login Process
  • Engaging Checkout Design 
  • Voice Search with Filters
  • AR Enabled Product Page
  • Order Cancellation Section
  • Sharing Wish List Via Social Media
  • Personalize Coupons & Offers
  • Push Notification & AI Chatbot      

The best way is to launch the MVP (minimum viable product) version of your dream app,  it can reduce Amazon clone app cost as well as reduce the time. You can launch your dream app with necessary features and later on introduce each feature as a future update.


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As per the above Amazon clone app cost factors, one thing is very clear that it is tough to estimate accurate eCommerce marketplace app development cost without having proper app requirements. 


Here, Rough Cost Estimation For Amazon Clone App Development:

Amazon clone app cost price - Auxano Global Services


As explained above, the cost can vary from basic to customize app development. If you need an accurate Amazon clone app development cost estimate, then feel free to contact our experts.


Auxano Global Services is a leading mobile app development company having vast expertise in eCommerce app development. Our passionate app developers strive to create result-driven mobile applications as per the client requirements. Choose us as app development partners to leverage successful app development.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does a marketplace app like Amazon make money?

    There are several revenue models for Amazon clone apps such as transaction charges and affiliate revenue. Mainly any marketplace app makes money through sponsored content, advertisement, in-app purchase, commission fees from sellers, and product listing fees. 

  • 2. Which kind of industry do you serve for eCommerce development?

    Being a renowned mobile app development company, we offer eCommerce app development services in almost every industry. Mainly we cater to our result-driven eCommerce services for shopping malls, electronic product suppliers, grocery stores, healthcare, sports equipment, fashion, and lifestyle industry.  

  • 3. How to create an app like Amazon?

    First of all, you must research Amazon features, technologies, app platforms, revenue models, and app development costs. Choose a reputed mobile app development company as Auxano Global Services for result-driven and cost-effective Amazon clone app development. Let’s Contact Us…         

  • 4. How much does it cost to develop an app like Amazon?

    The eCommerce marketplace app development cost relies on functionalities, features, app platforms, and development technologies. For rough estimation, it cost around $141,000-$194,000 to develop an app like Amazon.   

  • 5. How long does it take to make a marketplace app?

    It takes around 8-10 months to develop an eCommerce marketplace app development. The overall time depends on many factors such as the complexity of the app, the developer’s expertise, and feature integration. At Auxano Global Services, our ready-to-go solution and immense experience can reduce the overall Amazon clone app development time. 

  • 6. Which is the best eCommerce app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned eCommerce app development company having immense expertise in building a marketplace app like Amazon. Our dedicated app developers work against the clock to create something beyond the expectation, we always revere to the client’s requirements. We offer a flexible hiring process as per full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.      

  • 7. Do you provide maintenance and support after developing an app?

    As the most trusted mobile app development company in India, it’s our commitment to offering post-delivery support and app maintenance for your application. We can ensure you that our team is always ready to support your dream online shopping app until you can’t get the best business outcomes.

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