Cryptocurrency is all the rage, isn’t it? The crypto vogue is to last for more years to come. Consequently, cryptocurrency app development is flooding the market. Different features and business models integrate to create all-new cryptocurrency exchanges that no one would have imagined.

Do you wish to play your cards in developing a cryptocurrency app like Wazirx? Yes? Your priority should be to decide on a budget. So, let’s discuss the cost you need to keep aside to develop a fully functional cryptocurrency app like Wazirx.

What is Wazirx App?

What is Wazirx App?

Before heading over to the app development cost, let’s clear out the basics. What’s Wazirx? Well, it’s the leading cryptocurrency exchange app that allows users to buy and sell over 100 cryptocurrencies through the platform.

Binance Holdings consolidated the Indian-origin app, Wazirx, and the latter started witnessing happier days. Now, it has a vast clientele and remains compatible with all devices, iOS, and Android. Wazirx app is safe to use and has robust security features to shield your transactions.

WazirX Business Model

Wazirx has a well-established business model with higher success rates and ease of operation. It works on a simple matching model that allows fast trading using a rapid mapping engine. Wazirx matches a trade with a complementary sell order, and transactions occur through an Escrow Wallet. The user interface remains simple and navigable for novice audiences to use the app conveniently. Besides, technologies like blockchain integrate to provide a transparent environment to your cryptocurrency app.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Cryptocurrency App Like Coinbase

What are the Factors Behind Cryptocurrency App Development Cost?

How to calculate the app development cost? That’s a crucial question an investor asks during the budget allocation phase. So, Auxano Global Services is here to reveal the primary factors leading to raising your cryptocurrency app development bill.

What are the Factors Behind Cryptocurrency App Development Cost?

1. Features

The features integrated into your Cryptocurrency app make the exchange better in many ways and increase its cost simultaneously. Features like sign up/sign in and crypto wallets are a must in even the simplest Wazirx app version.

Furthermore, you can ask your developers to leverage additional features to make the product richer. Besides, it’s a healthy habit to integrate multilingual support in your app for everyone to use it efficiently, primarily the target audiences. Finally, all your chosen features will increase your budget.

2. Business Model

The business model determines the features to be included in your cryptocurrency app like Wazirx. You can choose between a matching engine model or a non-matching one for your cryptocurrency exchange app. Depending upon how you decide the app to work, your bill will adjust.

3. User-Friendly App Interface

Do you wish to witness a massive user base with your cryptocurrency exchange app? You need a user-friendly interface if that’s the case. Omitting complex entities and integrating more self-explanatory aspects will make your app easier to understand and popular among users.

Also, you need to fix the extent of navigable entities that you wish to incorporate in your cryptocurrency exchange app. All such aspects decide the exact budget you need to set aside to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app like Wazirx.

4. Location of Developers

Last but not the least, you need to consider the location where your developers reside. Building your crypto app at a place having a higher per-hour cost of app development will fall heavier on your pockets. However, the rate will remain minimal if you approach the developers residing in an inexpensive region.

5. Outsourcing or In-House Team

You must be aware of people praising app development outsourcing against building it through an in-house team. The preference is only due to the lower cost required in outsourcing an app development project. So, you are more likely to pay more if handing your project to an in-house team. However, choosing an outsourcing firm for yourself will save your cost to the highest extent.

Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency App like Wazirx

Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency App like Wazirx

Cryptocurrency apps have significant variations among them. They have different features, integrations, and aesthetics. You can choose to enrich your app with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, making your environment transparent and safe for everyone. Depending upon all such inclusions, your cryptocurrency exchange app development project might fall anywhere between $15,000 to $60,000.

Are you wondering about the massive price range? Well, it’s primarily due to the factors that raise the cost of such an app development project. An easy interface, loaded features, and the location of developers decide your exact budget. Besides, your choice of outsourcing or in-house team further alleviates or decrements your total.

Cryptocurrency exchange apps like Wazirx are flocking to the stores. So, it’s essential to create a unique experience while keeping the costs minimal. Right here, Auxano Global Services can help you! Our experienced workforce knows building a one-of-a-kind crypto app that creates an overnight buzz in the industry at competitive price points. What makes you wait? Get in touch with us now.

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