With time people are getting more and more conscious about their health and fitness. Due to social media and the increase in information consumption, people realize that getting fit is not an option but a necessity. With this perception, they want a convenient way to align fitness with their daily life.

That’s why weight loss apps like Noom are very popular. These kinds of nutrition app development help people in maintaining a good quality of life and fitness without disturbing their routine. So, you have a chance to develop a diet and nutrition app like Noom to increase your business’s scalability.

Start your journey with Auxano Global Services. But before, getting started to grasp the knowledge of budget templates and different costs related to developing a fitness coach app like Noom.


Fitness and weight loss apps like Noom are evolving as major market players. as we will understand the basics and cost of developing a nutrition app like Noom, it will be clear how it has worked to capture the market. So, before diving into it, let’s get to know the facts about its market diameter and consumer approach.

1. Compared to earlier year revenue, the Noom app has observed an increase in its revenue to an amount of $237 million in 2021.

2. With more than 50 million downloads, Noom has ruled the weight loss market.

3. Having more than 9,806 reviews, the Noom app enjoys positive responses from more than 6,000 of its users.

What is The Noom App and How Does It Work?

What is the Noom app and How does it work

Noom app helps its users to track their lose weight, monitor what they eat, and connect them with like-minded people with similar situations. It works with an underlying nutritional philosophy which is similar to the famous thought of the popular nutritionist, Michael Pollan. He termed it as “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

It doesn’t work with harsh and strict diets, rather they create an interactive diary that helps the users stick to the method of eating more healthy food. Ultimately, due to regular checking, the users develop a habit of following the method.

Noom creates a framework to make those choices of healthy food easier. It treats you like a person accountable for choices and helps to stick to them even in times of anxiety and low-key work.

The diet and nutrition apps have been able to raise much of the revenue from Silicon Valley venture capitalists. They spend a lot on having a strong team of professionals for interface design, and copywriters. The articles and messages are written in an approachable and simple manner.

Noom app is very transparent with its psychological approaches. They never fail to point out how their programs would help the user develop a mechanism for reframing their perception about food, weight, fear, exercise, or overall life habits.

The main focus is on two compulsories for the user, one is daily weigh-in and another is regular food loggings. The most interactive aspect of the application is food logging. The main objective of the app is calorie-counting, which helps you with your daily goal for calorie consumption.

5 Best Market Alternatives For The Noom App

Some diet and nutrition apps have extra features and are a little different from the Noom app. But they all work in the same direction and people similarly perceive the app’s usage.

Market alternatives for the Noom app

These companies work towards making the best fitness apps because several studies have shown that self–monitoring promotes weight loss by increasing awareness of the habits and progress. This procedure interests people quite amazingly.

1. Lose It! App

This app is a user-friendly weight loss app that focuses on calorie counting and tracking weight on a regular basis. As it analyzes the weight, age, and health goals, it generates the daily calorie needs and a customized weight loss app development strategy.

The users can get daily and weekly calorie intake. If someone uses the nutrition app to keep track of their weight, the app will present the weight changes on a graph. One of its unique features is Snap, which allows tracking food intake and portion sizes simply by taking pictures of the meal.

2. My Fitness Pal

Being popular for integrating calorie counting into a strategic plan for supporting a weight loss app. It calculates the daily calorie needs and allows users to log what they eat throughout their day on a nutrition database.

After the user enters food intake, the diet and nutrition apps break down calories and nutrients that the user consumed throughout the day. It works by generating a few reports as a pie chart giving the user an overview of their total fat, carbohydrate, and protein consumption.

This diet and nutrition app gives you a barcode scanner for entering the nutrition information of some packages of food one eats. The users can also track their weight and search for healthy recipes with suitable calorie counts on My Fitness Pal.

3. Fitbit App

More than just concentrating on diet supplements, this weight loss app keeps track of your exercise habits with a wearable activity tracker. The wearable devices measure the user’s activity level throughout the day.

The technology can record the number of steps taken, miles walked and stairs climbed throughout the day. It adds to health tracking through the measurement of heart rate. Using the wearable device gives the users access to the app.

Fitbit has strong community features allowing users to connect easily. Participating in challenges and having progress helps the users in keeping up their motivation.

4. WW App

This company offers several services to assist with a weight loss app and maintenance. Its users use the Smart Points system that helps them stay within their daily calorie allotment to promote weight management. The points are about Zero Food points like veggies, proteins, and fruits.

39 studies have found that people who participated in WW achieved at least 2.6% greater weight loss after 1 year than those who didn’t. Users can also attend in-person meetings to help in various locations in the US.

5. FatSecret

This is a support system that helps in weight management by allowing users to log their food intake, monitor their weight, and interact with other people through its community chat feature.

Research proves that people who have social support tend to be more successful at achieving their weight goals. Also, with features of a journal where the users can record information about the weight loss journey.

It stands out because of the professional tool with which the users can share their food, exercise, and weight data with preferred healthcare providers.

Other weight loss apps like Cronometer, Fooducate, PeopleOne Health, MyNetDairy, and much more work towards a similar objective of giving people a space to work towards their fitness.

How Is Noom Different From Other Weight Loss Apps In The Market?

How is Noom different from other Weight Loss Apps in the Market

As we observed the number of fitness and weight management apps in the prior section, there should be sorting with Noom that makes it a success in this immense competition. The secret is its uniqueness.

An array of features of Noom seem to be similar to those of other weight loss apps like WW or MyFitnessPal. But, even if you just consider the calorie-counting element, Noom is the best among all. Based on a study in 2019, the app has the most accurate caloric food database compared to its competitors.

Generally, the greatest differentiator is the coaching for users. Having an actual person there to cheer and motivate the users, answer their questions, and give personalized feedback. These features are unique and give the users the accountability they require to stay with the program.

Why Should You Develop An App Like Noom?

One of the basic reasons is that Noom works for many people. One research found that 77% of the Noom users reported losing weight over two years, this was based on self-reported information. Dietitian Balk appreciates Noom’s method for educating the users, rather than spoon-feeding the users.

Rather than giving users a list of dos and don’ts, this program encourages users to understand their healthy choices. Many actual Noom users are very happy and give positive responses. It has been successful in creating a change in people’s lives.

Developing a diet and nutrition app like Noom, helps you grow in the already-created market. Noom has captured a great amount of brand acknowledgment and loyalty. People prefer using it due to its features. By adding some more and giving better services you boost up your journey.

How To Develop An App Like Noom?

How to develop an app like Noom

The process and features of developing an app determine a lot of elements that define the budget. If you want to know the cost of developing a diet and nutrition app like Noom, you first need the understand the procedure.

Start with brief research and crafting a detailed plan for the project. Noom succeeded because it had something unique and suitable to offer to its users. Even if you want to create an app like Noom, you first have to understand what your target audience needs.

There is a brief developmental process of an app. But you need to understand two factors of this: one is the type of professionals you choose and the factors that should be included in the app. These two factors help you in determining the budget.

Type Of Professionals You Can Choose From

Type of Professionals you can choose from

Do you know where to look for professionals in app development? It is important to know what kind of professional you can hire and how it defines the prices you will have to pay for the diet and nutrition app development. The app development budget is mostly determined by the team you choose to work with. Here is a little guidance on the type of team you can choose from. None of these can be the most valid one, but they can be suitable for your business or not. That depends upon choosing the right one according to business requirements.

While you select one option keep these three things in mind: Focus on your product, Don’t compromise with the design, and have an eye on constant marketing.

1. Local agency

You can go with a trusted medium-sized local company. The per-hour rate of an app development team and a design team can range between $150 to $250 per hour for a single specialist. Still, the cost is depending on maintenance, editing, copywriting, and other elements.

2. Hire an in-house team

An in-house team gives you experts working under your hand, but it’s only possible through immense investment for hiring a whole new group of employees with infrastructural costs. You have to pay for infrastructural requirements and their salaries with allowances. Salaries are such as for a full stack developer, $98,000 per year, for a designer, $85,000 per year, and for iOS or Android developer charges, $85,000 per year.

3. Freelancers

Freelancers are best for a small project. If you choose to have a freelancer you will have to select from two alternatives, one is hiring them on a contract basis, another is hiring them on an hourly basis. Hourly rates range from $15 to $50/ per hour, the price depends on location, the professional’s expertise, and the complexity of the project. Freelancing is the cheapest method for a creative app solution.

4. Outsource the app development

If you have large-scale complex app requirements with numerous stages and also have a considerably great investment capacity, then the best option is to go for a top outsourcing diet and nutrition app development company. In general, the price range of outsourcing a company can vary from $30,000 to $50,000.

Features To Count On While Developing An App Like Noom

Features to count on while developing an app like Noom

Weight loss app need some crucial things to make a successful market presence. These factors also play an essential role in determining the price of developing an app like Noom. Here is the list of the factors to create an app like Noom.

1. A Section For A Crafted Group Of Questions

For fitness and weight loss apps like Noom, you need to have a series of questions that can help you in gathering important information about the users for their upcoming dietary plan. To work successfully, a diet plan is necessary.

But the task here is that not everyone will be comfortable answering all the questions, so here is where a professional can help you craft questions that seem less intriguing. For dietary preferences, you need to know some physiological details of the user.

2. Enhancing UI/UX

This one is not an option or is not limited to fitness and weight loss apps. If you are developing an app, then keep in mind to create UI and UX that is well-thought and creative. The first requirement for enhancing UI/UX is a good team of professionals.

A delightful User Experience will keep users engaged with your app. With a smooth transition among many screens, you can make your app an immense success. Make clever use of animations and graphics, and use images and figures to convey information.

Use colors that soothe eyes and attract attention.

3. Health Analytics

If you are deploying a weight loss app in the market, make sure the app is complete and caters to all demands of the users. Some weight loss apps only work for health analytics because of their complexity and rate, but as a fitness and weight loss app, you need to have this.

Through this feature, you can show health graphs, goals achieved, bar graphs, progress bars, etc., and help your user get a better eye on his goals. Noom caters to all these features to its users, however, it has in-app purchases.

If you can lower the cost and give all these at a considerably cheaper rate, then you can have a margin over the market dominator.

4. Personalized Consultant

If you aim to develop an app like Noom, you have to get a team of health experts working for you. That’s another lookout, you will have to add a feature where people can connect to these personal dieticians.

This will work as a mediator between the two parties. The dieticians can see what patients they have and the users can look up to have suitable consultants.

5. Add Motivation, Health Tips, Reminders, Quizzes, and Many More Engagement Options

For a fitness and weight loss app, you have to give your users motivation. You can send a regular motivating push notifications, health tips, and reminders. This will help you in engaging the users more. You will have to add more funds for this.

For this complex app development, you will require a team of professionals who have expertise in coding and developing. The app development of an app having all these features will cost you quite high but will leverage a good ROI.

These are the basic features you need to have in your fitness and weight loss app development like Noom. You can look here for the basic features of any app you have to develop.

Determining a Budget Template For Your Upcoming App Like Noom

Determining a Budget template for your Upcoming app

After that you have known about the basics of developing a diet and nutrition app like Noom, you can now grasp the knowledge of budget. Several elements contribute to the cost of developing your app. An app development cost is determined by time and hourly rate. Let’s get to know the factors that influence the creation of your app.

1. Platform of the app

Segregating into two basic types of platforms, one is an Online Platform and the other is an online platform. Internet-dependent applications attract a lot of cost for the initial phase, but with further app development of backend technologies like Firebase, the app design, and app development become affordable.

As compared to the no-internet-dependent application, the online platform incurs a higher cost but becomes affordable as you step ahead.

2. Number of Features

The beauty and efficiency of an application are dependent on the variety of features you add and invest in. The higher investment you make the more features you can add. ROI is also generated more by the time when people like diet and nutrition apps.

3. Quantity of Screens

Several screens determine the time it takes to develop an app and more time means more investment. As more screens mean more investment, it is advisable to use fewer screens and feen in more information.

4. The Complexity of Backend Development

Back-end app development plays an essential part in developing any application. It stores data, manages information, credentials, etc. The back-end is complex and that demands a lot of investment but ensures a great ROI.

Segregating The Cost According To The Process of App Development

1. Design

Price Range – $40 per hour for simple design costs around $7000, Complex Design costs approximately $15,000 and Professional Design goes higher than $20,000.

2. Development

  • Price Range per feature for an app like Noom based on $40 per hour:-
  • These are approximate rates
  • Sign-up/ Login – $1,000
  • In-App Purchases – $1,100
  • Search – $500
  • User Profile – $800
  • Chatting and socializing – $3,000
  • Push Notifications – $550
  • App Analytics – $150
  • CMS for Admin authorization – $400
  • CMS for Admin management – $300
  • CMS for User management – $1,000
  • CMS for Reported entity management – $400

3. Cost of App Release

  • Price Range – for app release depends on the OS of the device
  • Google Play app store asks for a one-time fee i.e. $25
  • Apple Store charges $99 per year.

Skills To Look For App Developers

Skills to look for App developers

When you go searching for experts for your weight loss app development. You need to have a brief checklist for choosing the right one. While you should keep in mind that more skills require more funds. Simply, experts who are more experienced and have more skills, demand more money. Here is the list for you.

1. Java programming language and SDK.

2. Kotlin Language for programming Android applications

3. React.js for devising high-quality User Interface

4. React Native to build cross-platform

5. JavaScript is one of the most crucial skills for front-end development

6. Swift for iOS app development

7. Objective-C programming language for iOS development

8. Angular framework for effective and speedy development

9. UI designing for mobile

10. Cross-platform app development in case you want both platforms

11. Backend Computing for mobile app development

12. GIT for controlling and allowing mobile app development through the latest techniques

How Can You Get The Perfect Budget Template For Developing An App Like Noom?

If you want a perfect budget for developing a diet and nutrition app like Noom, it would be better if you consult our experts. For a perfect costing template, you need to brief your plan and business objective, based on it, our professionals can draft a strategy with brief costing for you.

Auxano Global Services can help you in getting a perfect and affordable price for your diet and nutrition app development like Noom.

Takeaway Note

People now require a digital space for every solution. Especially for fitness, what’s better than having a solution at your fingertips? The most famous app used for fitness and weight management is Noom, which has surpassed the competition and created a separate place.

The cost of developing an app like Noom can be determined after knowing the business objectives. Consult our experts for better and more detailed information

Auxano Global Services is the top bespoke app development company. We have achieved a great number of milestones in the field of developing weight loss apps, especially for the fitness niche. Our experts can deliver well-crafted customized weight loss apps like Noom. They are chosen from a vast industry with a strict interviewing process.

If you want to develop a successful weight loss app like Noom, contact us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Does An App Like Noom Make Money?

    Apps like these have in-app purchases, they charge for premium app features. However, the users can use the app, in general, they just have to pay for more attractive features.

  • 2. Is It Beneficial To Develop An App Like Noom?

    Yes, the industry is quite open for apps like Noom. People demand these features and with COVID-19, the industry has observed a shift towards digital media more.

  • 3. Is It Very Costly To Build An App Like Noom?

    You can even have it at no cost, but it would be just a template. The cost depends on the complexity of features and the time required for developing the app.

  • 4. How Can I Know More?

    Please feel free to contact our experts, they will be pleased to have been contacted by you and address the queries.

  • 5. What Is The Best Agency For App Development?

    Auxano Global Services is the top app development company. We have a successful history of developing fitness apps.

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