Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the imitation of human thoughts and cognitive abilities to solve intricate problems automatically. This technology utilizes computer coding techniques to effectively represent and manipulate knowledge-based systems. Various approaches mimic the different ways in which people think and reason. At Auxano Global Services, we have carefully analyzed and understood the potential effects of this software that’s why strive to provide the best AI solutions to our clients.

AI has typically started affecting everyone’s lives in an immense way. These apps can either be embedded or stand-alone software. Our cutting-edge development and research in the field of image recognition, natural language processing, and tone analysis have enabled different companies to develop AI platforms that automate project execution while boosting the customer experience.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Provides Innovative Marketing Solutions
  • Encourages Complete Customer Retention
  • Boosts Your Business Sales and Profitability
  • Improves The Visibility Of Your Enterprise

Every user has different needs preferred voice or text, connects with your enterprise at different times, but the ultimate goal is to get an instant solution. Auxano Global Services’s Conversational platform utilizes artificial intelligence to read and listen to your customer needs and match them with fine products, services, or supply them with the right information.

Key Features Of Artificial Intelligence

  • Conversational Bots: Auxano Global Services’s chatbots make self-service projects more human via the sophisticated conversational bots which are powered by state-of-the-art technology that exceptionally integrates Machine Learning, AI, and NLP technologies.

  • Universal Deployment: With our outstanding AI development solutions , your bots can reach out to your customers wherever they are. We can deploy them on many different channels including WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, kik, Skype, and Line.

  • Extensive Domain Handlers: Our bots can handle domain-specific, linguistic as well as colloquial context for varied industries to achieve a more evocative response. We can build reliable AI solutions for banking, retail, insurance, and healthcare domains.

  • Internet and Behavior Models: Auxano Global Services’s Global Services provides clients with an exceptional platform that makes their bots more human. This is so because the conversation engines run your user requests through a series of behavior handlers which check for intent, tone, and language. Bots then respond with appropriate human-like feedbacks.

Improve Your Business Sales and Profitability

Really AI applications won’t only improve your user experience but will also boost your businesses’ productivity and profitability. We work tirelessly with clients to move from conventional info management to advanced data analytics. Our approach enables analysts to transform their enterprise from manual data scanning to the building of critical, actionable intelligence. Our professionals are able to strip away the market gloss to deliver real-time interpretations that actualize the operational and functional reimbursements envisaged at the primary planning stages.

Auxano Global Services’s approach entails the development of comprehensive artificial intelligence solutions to meet all your business objectives, these way outcomes and expectations can effectively be measured. We provide dependable software systems which help our clients to solve certain problems that seem to defy traditional approaches. The AI development services we offer spearhead the successful implementation of robust, scalable, and long-term solutions.

We Utilize Sophisticated Algorithms Approaches

Deploying AI systems can be an incredibly significant undertaking and are often at the heart of every organization’s value proposition. With our experienced team of consultants who utilize an array of algorithms and approaches, the time and expenses associated with your task can be greatly decreased. Whether you need stand-alone, fully web-based, hosted, embedded, or PC-based systems, Auxano Global Services offers them all. Understanding the best-fit and best-use of AI is one of the things we prioritize. We can rapidly determine the type of technology that’s most suited for your application.

We are conversant with numerous types of AI systems including Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, neural networks, Natural Language Processing, Bayesian Networks, and pat-finding. Our approach is focused on designing reliable systems which perfectly meet your specific needs. Most often, we involve several approaches in order to come up with the best systems.

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Our AI app development solutions automatically build and monitor your pipeline in order to make it possible for you to concentrate on closing more business deals instead of spending time entering data manually. Add artificial intelligence to your projects and you have got accurate predictions as well as qualified leads. Auxano Global Services has what it takes to build custom AI apps for you. Simply contact us and you’ll be surprised at our unmatched expertise.