Strava is an emerging platform for people who are conscious about their physical fitness. It’s a space where people can interact with each other regarding their workout activities. Finely blending a social media app and a fitness tracking app.

Developing an app like Strava is a great way to invest in the technological world now. What is better than having an app that can help you exercise and also socialize about it there.

Covid 19 observed a rise in its use, as other ways of physical activities were ceased. Even now the Strava app holds a significantly high position in the market.

If you are willing to Strava Similar App Development in 2022, this informative blog on “How to develop an app like Strava” will help you in initializing the journey.

What is Strava App?

What is Strava App?

Strava is an activity tracker app, which is used to track the metrics of several physical activities. These types of trackers enable the users to get exclusive insights that aren’t generally available.

Apps like Strava are the solution for the shortcomings of gyms and sports. It helps the user to calculate self-discipline related to workouts. Strava keeps track with the help of streaks, appreciations, and comments.

Strava is beyond just a physical fitness tracking app. It finely aligns a social media app with the fundamental functions of fitness applications. This app allows the users to have social interaction for competing with friends directly and also motivates them to do better among peers.

Why is the Strava app so popular?

Fitness apps like Strava are so popular because of their functionality and smartness. These mobile apps are essentially a social network for fitness freaks and also let them find like-minded people. Providing a super User Interface and User Experience, lets the users enjoy their fitness.

Strava gets the people going and they love it because it pushes them to do more. When in the community users get more insights and interaction that keeps them engaged with the app.

Market Statics of Strava App

Before going further let’s understand the Social fitness network app Strava’s Statistics. This collected data and facts will clarify your vision about the contemporary market position of Strava.

Currently, Strava has earned 76 million users and adds one million to it every month. Keeping FitBit and MyfitnessPal behind.

Due to COVID – 19, Strava was at its peak. However, the rates of users declined from 7.6 million to 5.3 million after the pandemic ended.

In 2020, the app generated $72 million in revenue with over one billion activities completed.

Its value rose from $350 million in 2019 to $1.5 billion in 2020.

Top 5 alternatives for Strava app for Walking, Running and Cycling

Strava is a perfect application for people who are well involved in their fitness. It can be used in a wide variety of devices like Smartwatches. Also being free to use, it tracks all the records including walking, cycling, heart rate, and calories.

With many benefits, Strava also has some fallbacks. For developing Fitness social Network Apps like Strava, you need to know Strava app alternatives. These pointers will help you to address the cons of your developed app.

Top 5 alternatives for Strava app for Walking, Running and Cycling

1. Google Fit

This app is for health-conscious people. Working with WHO as a collaboration, Google Fit follows a standard that can meet the recommendations of WHO. According to the recommendations it gives people heart points for the activity completed.

It is one of the best applications to use. With great store data, maps with complete features, calculative measurement, and goals to accomplish.

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2. TrainingPeaks

This application is for hardcore athletes. The value proposition of TrainingPeaks is that the right way to train yourself is by deliberate practice. With proper goals, this app helps the users to find a coach for guidance.

Also, powered by many advanced tools that help in achieving goals. People can track their progress through performance history, adding to it the app shows details about fatigue, fitness, and form.

3. Komoot

Fundamentally for hikers and cyclists. Komoot shows commonly known trails and tracks along with user data shared on the platform for the location. The app covers every inch of the trail, including distance, speed, elevation, and many other features facilitating the user.

The users can also download the maps for offline use required in the future. It is also highly customizable with voice navigation.

4. Adidas Runtastic

This app is highly used for running activities. This app was developed by Runtastic, then in 2015, it was acquired by Adidas owning it entirely. Specially designed for running it is compatible with every device.

With running the app is also suitable for cycling, gym training, walking, hiking, and even skateboarding. It covers almost every outdoor sport and records the user’s workouts precisely.

5. Cyclemeter

As the name suggests it is mainly used for the exercise of cycling. The app was launched by the Abvio fitness expert company and is completely free to use. On the app, you can choose an activity that matches your planned workout.

The app also calculates intervals, targets, and plans.

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How to create an app like Strava?

Creating a Fitness Social network app like Strava demands time and investment. But you can also expect great Returns of Investment after launching a perfectly planned and strategized app design. Follow some easy steps to get an app developed like Strava.

How to create an app like Strava?

1. Strategize the app

It is very important to create a clear strategy for your app. Deciding what features to include, what functions should be there and how it is supposed to run. Strava is a freemium model, keep in mind how to implement it into your app.

A good strategy and planning will help you in developing an app like Strava. Without a complete strategy, you won’t be able to craft a complete app. The strategy should be planned according to research done on business analyses.

This strategy helps in initializing a perfect app development with minimal possibility of fallbacks. As you will have a paved path to walk on, the objective of app development won’t be disoriented and will help you achieve the desired outcome.

2. Consider a Proper Research

Do complete research considering the market, competition, and consumers. These aspects will clarify your vision and let you develop a complete step-by-step strategy. After laying out the strategy you will know what parameters to include in the research.

Generally, complete research includes business analyses. The business analysis is about briefly comprehending consumer group, previous records of the company, competition, type of competitors, and demand of various stakeholders.

Other things you can consider in research are app trends, technological advancements, and modern consumer demands. These parameters help you in determining what features will facilitate an exceptional app that stands out in the market.

3. Know your target audience

Through segmentation, firstly mark out the segment of people interested in the niche of apps like you are developing. This will add to your knowledge and considering the audience will levitate the possibility of success.

Laying out details of the target audience starts with segmentation. Segmentation is dissecting consumer groups into four subcategories, which are physiological, psychological, demographic, and geographic.

Segmentation helps you in understanding which segment of the consumer group will be most interested in the app you are developing. This understanding will enable a perfect consideration of the target audience.

4. Select a proper group of professionals

Just for some ample amount of money, don’t compromise on the level of professionals you need to employ. Search for the best ones and include them in your journey. A bespoke mobile app development agency would be the best option as it is already there with the best of the experts from the industry.

Now without a proper group of professionals, you won’t be able to have a fruitful app development journey. A cutting-edge app in the market demands professionals and developers who can handle the project with expertise.

Sometimes a high level of charges doesn’t mean a perfect agency or professional. Research about them and know their expertise, because a professional can be adept in developing an app for fitness but not particularly an app like Strava. Relevant professionals are significant.

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Things to Consider while creating an activity app like Strava

Things to Consider while creating an activity app like Strava

Must-Have Features

These groups of features listed below are fundamentals of a good app like Strava. Fitness apps that even socialize are incomplete without these elements. Features need to be added wisely as they determine the success or failure of an app.

Mark all the points mentioned below.

1. GPS Tracking

Sports and outdoor activities that include long distances need GPS tracking. Strava features include GPS tracking. This function allows people to see their pathways, speed, time and also compare them with others available on the app in real-time.

GPS tracking allows Strava to create trajectories in the app and specify the map for the user. Hence, a GPS tracker is very essential for the activity tracker fitness app.

2. A gauge on calories burned

Making people aware of how many calories they have burned so far, keeps them motivated to do the activities more. This function could also be combined with other metrics of fitness. This feature is the most commonly used one for fitness tracking apps.

You can also include sleep tracking, diet tracking, and much more. The more creative you will be in this the more unique selling proposition you will be able to create.

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3. Personal Profiles with badges collection

Personalization at the user’s level is important. Users should be given a space to create profiles that can engage them more. Adding a personal touch to their app will keep them interested and attached to the app.

When going forward in developing a social fitness app this is a must-have feature.

4. Tracking Various Sports

You can go further and add more sports to your app than Strava. While all the people might not know everything deeply about the app, they can use things like time active, total calories burned, etc.

5. Supporting Multiple Devices

If you want more and more people to use this app, you have to make sure your app supports the users’ device choice. Updating the app is very necessary for this feature as now and then some new devices will come up, you will have to deal with modifications.

6. Communicating, sharing, and challenging activities with friends.

To make a socializing fitness app, you have to include these features that would let the users interact about their activity with their friends. This will make your app a truly socializing one. However, fitness apps don’t need this feature but for the app, you consider this feature is the perfect add-on.

Technological Trends to Consider 


Here is the list of technological analytics you should consider for developing a successful Social fitness network app like Strava.

1. Include 3D graphics

2. Animate the illustrations and Icons with Micro-animations

3. Provide different themes of dark and light mode

4. Include a good range of gradients and shadows

5. Consider having real photos in an illustrative form of features

Benefits of Creating an app like Strava

Benefits of Creating an app like Strava

Here are the basic advantages of creating a Fitness social network app like Strava.

1. A supper Unique Selling Proposition

These apps are highly compatible with GPS trackers, the latest devices, and portables. Its integration with social media apps makes it more interesting to use. With a well-set value proposition, you can enter the market in a good way.

Strava engages the users through daily cycling, jogging, and hiking tracking and comparing it with others from across the world. Many other apps like Strava are there in the market, but none of them can capture the target audience it has.

The fundamental reason for this success is its USP. This app provides every necessary thing to the consumer and engages them in the app. With a little behavioral change, Strava has created a perfect consumer base for it in the market.

2. Easy to Track

Users can track and test the weekly performance that can push them further to do more. Besides tracking, athletes can also share their progress on the social wall to let others know about their workouts.

These features are great for User Experience, if well developed then this app can be a huge success. Users need something to check their health and fitness status regularly without any delay. Strava helps them in tracking their health with a streamlined process.

With this feature, User Interface has maximum potential, as users engage with the app for many reasons. They can open the app for every little thing and update on their fitness progress. Developing an app like Strava includes this feature as it extends the app’s capability to the next level.

3. Freemium Model

Working on the freemium model, apps collect both users and ROI. This model lets users use the app without any cost, but in case they want more features they can pay for it. Users can easily turn to emptor.

Emptor are the people that use your app by being a payable member. Firstly, they can experience the app, decide its worthiness, and then willingly give money for that. This model is best for building a sense of trust among your stakeholders.

Freemium not only works for benefiting the users but also the app owner. You can have many users who use your app without any cost and market the premium features. Attractive features push people to pay money and get a better User Experience.

4. More engagement than usual fitness apps

Fitness app that aligns with social apps, engages users more than just for fitness purposes. Users can use this app more often. As they will like to communicate about it and socialize on the fitness platform, the engagement will increase.

Users like the idea of talking about their achievements and sometimes even sharing how to fit they are. Some stories of transformation will also find their place. This feature adds to the functionality as users will find a space to be fit and interact together.

Through this feature, you attract users of a fitness app and also some users of the social media account. By increasing the features of the User Interface for more engagement and better revenue.

Cost of Developing an app like Strava

Dividing the cost of developing an app like Strava, into four sectors will help you understand the need for investment more.

1. For Business Analysis: 

Hiring two business analysts to analyze to develop an app like Strava can cost you around $8 to 10k a month. The price depends on the factors of competition, market, consumers, and the company’s history.

2. Development: 

Strava similar app development needs 4 developers of back-end, front-end, iOS, and Android requirements. You can choose according to the types of development you want. Some developers can do hybrid app development that includes both operating systems. However, if you have requirements for every developer, it could cost you from $18 to 22k a month.

3. Marketing Cost:

After launching you need the place of the product perfectly, marketing can help you with it. Without marketing, people would not be able to know about your brand. It could cost you $5000 per month, but can leverage a great round of ROI.

Time for developing an app like Strava

Like we dissected the costs, let’s understand the period of developing an app like Strava.

1. Business Analysis

2 business analysts can take around 20 to 25 days to analyze competition, consumers, market, and your company. This is a research and development stage where the professionals know everything about your business requirements and strategies for the upcoming development plan.

2. Developing the app

With 4 developers, the work could be divided and be done in 4 months. With a lesser number of developers, you will have to invest less in terms of money but more in terms of time. The lesser the developers, the more time the app will take to be developed.

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Finally, when you are aware of the basics and benefits of developing an app like Strava, let’s take an endnote of this guide. Strava is a successful fitness app, developing like that could be great. There aren’t many competitors right now for the app that aligns fitness and socializing, it’s a well-suited time to enter the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does an app like Strava work?

    An app like Strava smartly merges fitness with socializing. It helps the users track their workouts and show them to others on the app.

  • 2. Is developing an app like Strava a good investment?

    Undoubtedly, 2024 is the best year to enter the market. Strava is good for ROI and the upcoming year is a good future for apps like it.

  • 3. How can I know more information about Strava similar app development?

    You can always feel free to consult our professionals for inquiries. We will be pleased to interact.

  • 4. Which is the best agency to go with Strava like app development?

    Among many others, Auxano Global Services is the best mobile app development company. Working with thinly filtered professionals, we work with complete integrity and expertise. you can leverage our app development expertise to Strava similar app development. Contact us now.

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