When you think of digital transformation, think of a technology that can make app development an accessible thing for citizen developers. Digital transformation strategy through no-code low-code app development includes the end-users for coding their apps.

As a marketer, it is sometimes daunting to know exactly what the users want. Therefore, it is better to let the users design software that can suit their technical needs.

No code Low code is a framework for coding that is simple to understand, use and implement. Without much expertise in software development, anyone can design software. This is where designing software and technology go hand in hand.


Want to know interesting market analytics about how no-code and low code development has led to digital transformation? Here are proven facts and statistics about this type of app development.

1. A global platform for low-code development is predicted to generate revenue of more than $187 billion by 2030.

2. 66% of digital world members believe that digital transformation and increased responsiveness to business has risen due to low-code app development.

3. Around 80% of survey’s respondents believe that low-code development can free the developers for a higher level of projects. More than 45% use it for decreasing dependency on developers.

4. 41% of businesses have initiated citizen development. Nearly 60% of the custom apps built now are outside of the IT department.

5. Explaining its simplicity, 24% of low-code users were inexperienced with using it.

What is No-code Low-code Development?

What is No Code, Low Code?

The no-code and low-code app development is a highly automated developmental approach. Answering what is low code and no-code development, both enable the users to make apps simple. However, they differ a little.

Low-code app development is a technology that facilitates the users with software solutions by using pre-built blocks and design templates. The consumers can take an app’s feature and merge it with another app’s design. This platform decreases manual efforts.

No-code app development platforms is a developmental technology for people irrespective of their technical background. There is a prepared interface and configuration sample they can use.

Best Platforms where No-Code and Low-Code Apps can be Built

Here is a list of no-code and low code app platforms. These are the most popular platforms used.

List of Low Code, No Code Platform

1. Zoho Creator

This one is the most competent low-code platform that enables simple app development. Zoho Creator makes app development quicker, easier, and more secure. It leverages success by customized software solutions.

You can accelerate your app development process with the rich code editors, visual builders, and more provided by Zoho creator. Adding to it, it is easy to configure and automate workflow in the app.

2. Visual LANSA

With this low-code platform that combines traditional coding and low code, run your business faster. One can eliminate silos between development and IT. Enabling faster building, deployment, and operation of the applications.

Eliminating the search for front-end and back-end developers, Visual LANSA allows you to use integrated services. It helps you in creating new business applications with minimal requirements for coding expertise.

3. Knack 

You can serve the right users well through this no-code platform. It equips you with tools that can help in transforming all the data into a robust online database. Knack helps you with powerful features such as adding colors, logos, frames, and so on to your apps and customizing them as per business requirements.

4. Mendix 

Excluding coding Complexity, Mendix is a low-code platform that brings imagination into reality. It saves time and lets business run smoothly. It increases the efficiency of applications without. increasing the code complexity.

Mendix is used to create applications on a wide level for supply chain processes, high-value asset fields, digital insurance solutions, and many more.

5. Quickbase

Quickbase helps in uniting business, IT teams, and developers. You can unlock the full potential of the business by coding high-quality and result-driven apps. This platform helps IT professionals to innovate easily and build a secured application in no time.

The legacy systems with QuickBase are also streamlined and are at a great level capable of integration. The platform also has a feature to track all the changes made so the owner can review the development process.

6. Retool 

This platform provides building blocks like tables, charts, lists, maps, wizards, and many other essentials for creating the app’s internal tools. It makes creating a good UI easier and more efficient.

It just takes 30 seconds with Retool to assemble applications with the help of drag and drop features from an early existing system.

Benefits of No-Code Low-Code platforms 

These are benefits of digital transformation through implementing more and more no code low code app development.

Benefits of No Code, Low Code

1. Agile Development

With increased competition in the market, it is important to be quick. With traditional developmental methods, agility can be compromised. Here is where low code no-code platforms can be used.

Through a low code no-code platform, citizen developers can build an app in just a few hours. Also, they can handle several projects parallelly. This saves time and resources.

2. Pushes The Limits

With low code and no-code development, one doesn’t need to be technically adept. With these platforms, anyone can build easy-to-use and fully functional apps. The person who knows his/her business the best works on it in the best way possible.

Therefore, without depending on other professional developers to complete the task of developing an application, one can create it easily with no code low code app development.

3. Quicker App Deployment 

The fundamental benefit of low code no-code development is its ability to accelerate the delivery of new apps. Compared to traditional development methods, this platform can develop apps 10 times faster.

It drives the most important investment of a business which is time. With quicker app development, one can observe and experience quick results of the app.

4. Enhanced Innovation 

Developing basic features of an app has been simpler with low code and no-code development. Companies can innovate by utilizing both business and technical skills. When these two types of skills come together, one can create an exceptional application.

Why is Low code No code Development important for Digital Transformation 

The digital transformation approach is more about expanding the digital world boundaries. Before low code, no code platforms, developing an app was limited to highly skilled developers. That had its limits.

Businesses can comprehend the consumer insights but the percentage of success increases when they completely get to know what are their basic needs. End users can design their apps through these new platforms.

It’s not necessary that coding an app was a complicated task where developers had to be hired. However, even now for complex apps developers are needed. But, building a simple app has been simpler.

Low code no-code app development boosts digital transformation as it shifts the ability to make apps from a few hands to more people.

How to Develop Low-code/ No-code Platform 

How to Develop No Code, Low Code

Wondering what are essentials for developing a no-code low code platform, here are must-have steps to include in the process of employing one.

1. Hire a Perfect Team 

It’s easier to develop an app through this platform, but still, to ensure success you need to have a team of specialists. These experts know how to use this platform correctly.

2. Have a Defined Set of Objectives 

A defined set of objectives helps in guiding a curated path. Keep in mind those objectives and drive all the projects accordingly. 

3. Understand the Platforms 

It is very important to comply with the working of low code no-code platforms. Being easy doesn’t mean you have to underestimate it, the more you understand the better you can use it.

Basic Elements of No-Code Low-Code Platform

Understand here what are the fundamental features that these platforms offer

1. Having Transparency 

Low code and no-code platforms are completely transparent and the creator has all the access to the information. Compared to an application developed by a high-level professional, the work with low code and code platforms is open to the owner.

2. Automated Services 

Many of the platforms serving low code and no-code application development come with automated services. These types of services are to the time and don’t require another human resource.

3. Adaptable to Different Environments 

New businesses are moving towards low code and no-code development, because of their adaptability to diversified environments. These platforms can work anywhere and are able to adjust easily with different systems.

4. Customizable UI and UX 

Compared to ready-made frameworks available in the market, one has to limit creativity according to the template provided. However, low code and no-code platforms give a way to customize the UX and UI of the application according to the business.

5. Tailored Codes

Low code and no code application platforms work with customizable codes which can be changed with changes in application requirements, business needs, market demands, and consumer wants.

6. Permission Control 

The Owner has complete control over what will happen in the development process. On low code and no-code platforms, an owner is vested with all the permission controls of the platform to guide the development process.

7. Security and Privacy 

As the owner will have all the control over the permissions, security, and privacy are guaranteed. There is no doubt about the lag in security or privacy.

8. Codes and Designs that can be Reused 

These low code and no-code platforms provide more room for time-saving as the codes and designs can be reused. One can save and calculate codes that can be utilized later.

9. Easy License System

When it comes to licensing, low code and no code applications have the easiest and most streamlined ways to complete it.


Interacting with End-users and employing citizen development has immense business impacts. With low code and no-code platforms now digital transformation has begun. Now with developers, people irrespective of their experience can get involved in an app building process.

These platforms are very important for extending the boundaries of technology. When the boundaries would be erased, then and then only we can invite a great form of digital transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is No code and Low Code Different?

    With a Similar approach, yes their process differs a little. Not a major difference, if observed with great detail there is a difference between the way they serve.

  • 2. Is this technology of No-Code and Low Code decreasing the importance of Traditional Development Frameworks?

    Not at all, no code low code platforms are just making room for traditional development. Now, the developers who are experts can focus on greater projects without investing their time in simpler coding.

  • 3. Are companies using this new Technology?

    Yes, many startups and businesses have realized that using these simple platforms for basic software needs to help them grow and understand their users better.

  • 4. How can I know more about No Code Low Code Platforms?

    Hoping this guide has been successful in clarifying your basics, our experts can help you with a deeper understanding of these new platforms.

  • 5. Where can I find the best Agency with suitable Specialists?

    You are at the place where you should be. Choose Auxano Global Services, with filtered experts from the industry. We work with complete professionalism, delivering what our clients ask for.

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