You might have heard about iBeacons and beacon technology. Beacon technology first came into light when Apple made its debut in 2013, and since then, this technology is helping industries in various ways. Recently the Global Market Insights predicted that the beacon technology market is set to surpass $25 billion by 2024. Hence it’s clear that this technology has a lot of potentials and is expected to revolutionize the marketing landscape in the coming years.

What is iBeacon Technology?

Beacons are tiny and wireless hardware devices that use Bluetooth technology to transmit signals to other smart devices in a particular range. In layman terms, beacons connect and transmit information to smart devices and make the location-based search and interaction easier and precise. 

You might be wondering how the beacons work. The beacons work on BLE technology. The devices contain a processing unit, batteries and it works by broadcasting out an identifier. This identifier is picked by the nearby device such as a mobile phone, and then it marks out the place or products around your environment. 

The identifier is considered as the unique ID that your device recognizes. Once they get connected, it has been programmed to perform whatever it is planned to do. 

For instance, if you have an iBeacon App in your device and you connected or placed the iBeacon device in your bag, then you will get a notification when your bag goes out of your range. You will also get the notification when it comes to your defined mobile range. 

What industries can it revolutionize?

Beacons now play a central part in the Internet of Things revolution, and they create value by giving precise geographical information to other smart devices. Earlier, the beacon apps were mainly limited to benefit the marketing and retail sector, but now other industries can also leverage its benefits such as manufacturing, logistics, real estate, and healthcare. 

Nowadays Beacons are used in more industries, including –

iBeacons are used in more industries
  1. Food Services
  2. Travel and Tourism
  3. Airports
  4. Sports-Concerts Venues
  5. Healthcare
  6. Banking
  7. Cinema
  8. Analytics
  9. Logistics

Let’s dig down in-depth to find out how this little device and the beacon apps can help transform these industries by leveraging IoT too. 

Retail Industry

Targeting and approaching the target audience can be very tricky, and marketers know the pain. But when it comes to iBeacons, there are immense benefits that it offers to the retail industry, but it is not the only industry that is being benefitted. But the retail sector is the first who adopted this trend and leveraged its offerings. For example, bricks and mortar stores that have the iBeacon installed can send special offers, promos on special occasions so they can come and buy products. This helped store owners and still supported the retail stores to maintain their customer relationships and deliver a smooth and pleasant experience to the users. 

Banking Sector

No doubt, beacons offer exciting opportunities for many industries and the baking industry too. This technology bridges the gap between traditional and digital banking as well as enhances work productivity by gaining better insight into their customers’ preferences and habits. Besides you can use beacons in banks for:

  • Dropping a welcome text to users who have entered the branch
  • Customer recognition
  • Personalized Products Offers
  • Real-time analytics
  • Feedback surveys

These days users prefer mobile banking apps, and through the beacon, in banks, you can enable the connectivity between consumers and banks. So they can receive a notification message when they enter and can choose the service they want. Banks can also leverage beacon apps for personalized product offerings. 


By connecting the physical and digital, the manufacturing companies can improve labor efficiency and automation while optimizing the storage space as well as techniques. Companies can achieve improved workforce effectiveness, localization, and data-driven decisions by leveraging the VLE technology of beacons. 

For instance, you can effectively monitor the conditions of heavy machinery through the temperature and receive the predictive failure alert on your device that will minimize the loss of productivity. 

Logistics and Transport 

BLE technology can improve how logistic businesses operate with asset tracking, planning, reporting, and fault detection. Beacons are easily scalable and can help you in getting precise information. 

For instance, you can track the movements of shipments with the tags, so you can know the when and where your shipments are. You can pair the device and provide automated messages or other actions to take the human error out of the equation.

Travel Industry

Beacons can be utilized everywhere, from airports to hotels. And the hospitality is leveraging it to provide excellent services to the guests. Beacons are helping here by delivering personalized messages to the guests during their stay. This tech has proven its worth for hotel and hospitality. It is helping hotel staff by enhancing their process without compromising on the guests’ services. Let’s give you another scenario of how beacons can help the traveling sector. 

For example, if you are traveling to an unknown city, beacons can help you suggest the best places for sightseeing, nearby restaurants, transport ideas, and other information about the city to make your travel smooth. It can become a complete travel guide to fully explore your destination without trouble.

Our iBeacon app development services

Auxano Global Services is well renowned as the top mobile app development company that has immense experience in rendering exceptional app development services to its patrons all across the globe. Our experts and professional teams have achieved high ground over various technologies, and iBeacon technology is one of them. 

Let’s take you through our iBeacon App Development Services:

our iBeacon App Development Services

Custom iBeacon App Development

Beacons have opened a new way to utilize Bluetooth technology. Leverage the benefits of localization with the help of our dedicated beacon app developers who excel in providing cutting-edge solutions customized to your needs and in your domain. We deliver only high-quality apps because we believe in maintaining long-term relationships. 

Eddystone App Development:

Google has launched the new Eddystone, a new technique using the BLE technology that opens to expansion by the Internet at massive. 

It includes more actions on what iBeacons can do and how you can utilize them in various ways. Reach us if you want to leverage this cost-friendly technology to deliver a smooth experience to your users. 

Location-Based App Development:

We have a highly skilled team that can create location-based iBeacon apps for your retail stores or any other industry. Their experience in creating location-based iBeacon apps in various niches makes them stand out. Our team’s immense knowledge of location-based technology helps them in rendering much more than just using location by implementing the AI to make users informative. 

Tracking App Solution:

Our app developers can help you in creating a tracking beacon app by incorporating GPS. You can track your assets or your pet using this technology. Utilization of GPS to monitor the area of the element and transmit information. Track the information you want with just a hardware device installed to your asset through the mobile app on your phone.

GeoFencing App Development:

To survive in this competitive world, you need experts who have high-end knowledge and vast experience. Our development team can assist you in this through beacon app development expertise. Our services include area tracking devices, or if you want to track entering or leaving through geofence set up, we can help you. 

How much will it cost to develop an iBeacon app?

The cost of developing an app for iBeacon depends on various factors such as the development platform, app category, app complexity, region you choose for development, features that you require in your app. These factors decide the overall cost of the iBeacon app, and it also depends on the time needed for the development. 

If you want your app to be fully equipped with all the features and under an affordable price factor, then contact us with your requirements and let us lead you to success. 

Why Choose AGS for iBeacon App Development?

iBeacon App development company in India

Auxano Global Services is a reliable technology partner for companies of all niches that can help you get your desired app handy to you on-time. We have experts who have five years of experience in working on BLE 5 technology and making applications for beacons. Till now, we have delivered 20+ mobile apps for iBeacons that have taken our clients to the path of progress. 

As the iBeacon App Development Company in India, we help firms overseas to give a new direction to their business through Beacon Technology. Our development team creates compelling mobile app experiences that enable clients to form a significant relationship between their brand and their customers. Our enthusiastic and highly responsive developers deliver only the best results with their unparalleled expertise. We have the know-how of implementing iBeacon along with IoT to help our patrons gain their desired results through hardware interaction. With the best-in-class professionals, we make sure that we proffer superior, practical, and custom solutions to help fuel your business. 

Hire iBeacon app developers now and let your business leverage its benefits. If you want to know anything about our iBeacon app development services, feel free to reach us anytime. This is just a small example of what we can do! Just test us by giving us a call, and we will prove to you our worth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the use of iBeacons?

    With the help of Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) technology, iBeacons works using the precise location by sending and transmitting message signals. You can use these by sending messages or offers to your users and can form a pleasant relationship with your users. It also provides various benefits, such as shopping, travel, healthcare, etc. 


  • 2. How long does it take to build an iBeacon App?

    On average, it takes 6-7 weeks in app development. Still, it depends on various other factors such as a platform that you want your app on, the complexity level of the design, features, functionalities, and language you choose. Contact us with your requirements, and our experts will assist you further. 

  • 3. Why should you hire iBeacon app developers from Auxano Global Services?

    Hiring app developers from Auxano Global Services helps you bring your project to life without investing in the cost of hiring resources in-house, and we offer a very flexible and affordable price structure. Besides, our experienced developers are available to you whenever you need them, and before hiring, you can interview them and test their abilities. Feel free to reach us for your hiring demands. 

  • 4. Which is the best iBeacon app development company?

    To find out the best beacon app development company, check out the experience of the company and the expertise its developers have. Auxano Global Services is the most trusted iBeacon app development company of 2021, as per the feedback of clients and the satisfaction we deliver to our patrons. 

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