Month: July 2023

Cost to Develop a Flight Booking App: Complete Guide 2024

Flight Booking App Development Services

The advent of flight booking apps has brought about a significant shift in our rapidly paced society. These convenient applications serve as personal travel companions rendering trip planning and booking more effortless than ever before. The struggle to navigate complex airline websites or endure lengthy phone calls with customer service is now a thing of… Read more »

Top 7 Tips to Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers from India

Top Tips to Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers from India

With technological developments making leaps every day, it is no surprise that AngularJs is highly sought after as a cutting-edge JavaScript framework. Its growth in popularity has led to an increase in demand by companies seeking proficient AngularJs experts. But finding such talent may present challenges when selecting suitable professionals for any development needs you… Read more »

A Complete Guide for Offshore Software Development [2024]

Leverage Offshore software development

Looking to hire an offshore software development team? Or want to get the maximum output from the outsourcing team? Then we have jotted down some important points that play a major role while leveraging offshore software development in 2024. Being a top software development company, it’s our commitment to provide an easy hiring process. Auxano… Read more »

Esports Betting App Development: Must Have Features & Cost Estimation

eSports Betting App Development

Increasingly, people are gravitating towards eSports betting, the niche is gaining momentum and proving lucrative in the realm of online gambling. The market has flourished exponentially over time. By developing a specialized app focused on eSport betting, you can leverage this prime moment to capitalize on it and boost your business revenues. To create an… Read more »

How to Develop a Diabetes Management App Like mySugr?[2024]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Diabetes Management App Like MySugr

Diabetes is among the most commonly encountered chronic diseases worldwide. To manage the condition, it has become increasingly popular for people with diabetes to use mobile applications to ensure better health outcomes. The demand for accurate diabetes tracking software has led to the development of a number of diabetes management apps. mySugr is one such… Read more »

How To Hire Remote Full Stack Developers? [The Complete Guide]


Do you have an excellent app idea? You would need magicians to transform it into a reality. But, who are these magicians? Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly! They are full-stack developers having an in-depth understanding of the entire paradigm. And when they leverage such extensive experience in app development, cutting-edge products come into play. The… Read more »

50+ Profitable Business Ideas for Ultimate Success [2024]

Do you want to start a small business from your own home but don’t know how? Well, let us tell you that many startup founders and entrepreneurs struggle with this factor. This is mainly because most business owners either do not have a solid business idea or do not know how to control their startup… Read more »

Waterfall Vs Agile Methodology: Which is Right for You?

Waterfall Vs Agile: Which Methodology is Right for You?

Software development has spurred business objectives since technology took its place. Businesses began to realize that software can create an altogether new space to interact with other stakeholders. There are many ways for a developer to choose a particular path. But it’s also important to know the basics for the one who just wants the… Read more »

5 Reasons To Hire AngularJS Developers to Build Logistic Software Solutions

Top Reasons To Hire AngularJS Developers

Mastering logistics software is a challenging feat, yet with the help of AngularJS developers, it’s possible to streamline this process. Utilizing their expertise in developing resilient and versatile software solutions allows these adept professionals to improve businesses’ ability to oversee logistics confidently. Using their fluency in AngularJS, they design custom applications tailored precisely to optimize… Read more »

Clutch Recognizes AGS Is Best B2B Service Provider in Software Development Sector

Highly-rated B2B company in the software development sector

In 2013, three brilliant brains joined together to start the Auxano Global Services adventure. Since then, we’ve continued to grow and have evolved into who we are today. Our firm broadened its horizons by providing services ranging from app development to game development. We kept moving forward, our goal of providing cutting-edge technology solutions wrapped in client trust… Read more »

Clutch Award 2023: AGS Recognized as a Top Software Development Company


Three brilliant minds came together in 2013 to commence the adventure of Auxano Global Services. We haven’t stopped expanding since then and are now who we are. Our company expanded its boundaries by offering services ranging from app development to game development. We marched on, our aim to provide cutting-edge technology solutions wrapped in client… Read more »

Why Choose Angular Framework For Building Digital Products?

Angular Framework For Building Digital Products

The universe of web development is immense; thus, a wide variety of frameworks, tools, and libraries facilitate development projects as well as maximize developer abilities. Out of these options emerges one solution with particular prominence in front-end development: Angular. Supporting modern architectural practices by harnessing its dynamic ability, developers can develop complicated applications rapidly whilst… Read more »