Month: November 2021

WooCommerce SEO: Your Step-by-Step Ultimate Guide To Rank in 2024

WooCommerce SEO: Your Step-by-Step Ultimate Guide To Rank in 2022

Do you have a WooCommerce store? Or Planning for WooCommerce SEO? Yes? Are you not happy with the online store returns? Something’s fishy with your storefront if it’s a yes! You’ll be surprised to know that WordPress and WooCommerce drive around 1.5 million online stores – that’s 39% of all businesses! So many storefronts lead… Read more »

How To Hire a Perfect Game Developers in 2024? [Ultimate Guide]

How to Hire Game Developers in 2022? [Ultimate Guide]

Game development is one of the leading trends in 2022. Like this year, game development will rule the industry in 2024, say experts. So, you will require the assistance of proficient game developers to produce classic products that create benchmarks in the gaming industry. Are you wondering how to hire game developers? Don’t worry! Auxano… Read more »

A Step-by-Step Guide To Develop a Pediatrics On-demand App [2024]

A Step-by-Step Guide To An On-Demand Pediatrics App Development [2022]

Nothing is ‘normal’ after the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 outbreak impacted our routine lifestyle and brought revolutions in almost all businesses. Among all brutally affected industries, the medicine and healthcare sector seems to have bruised the most. Essentially, social distancing changed the manner doctors and patients interact. Check-ups went online to avoid the contraction and… Read more »

How Much Does It Really Cost To Design Website? [Complete Guide 2024]

Cost to design a Website

The great accessibility to the internet has led to increasing the scope of online business growth with leaps and bounds. Since all the companies are thriving to be unique to attract their target audience, it is important to have a website that speaks for you. To have a great impact, you must have a website… Read more »

How to Hire Reactjs Developers? [A Complete Step-By-Step Guide]

How to Hire React Developers [A Complete Step-By-Step Guide 2023]

Gearing up with the popularity of the language JavaScript, React is one of the most popular frameworks using it. With the Reactjs developer in Demand, companies tend to experience ambiguity in hiring the best ones. The market is full of learned programmers, still, it’s very complex to hire top Reactjs developers that suit your business… Read more »

API Development [Complete Guide 2024]

API (Application Programming Interface) Development: A Comprehensive Guide [2022]

You must have heard the term API thousands of times. It stands for Application Programming Interface. We all know that the internet is full of APIs and it has come to stay, but do we really understand what an API truly is? An API is a set of requirements or functions that allows two applications… Read more »

Why Does Startup Company Need Consulting Services?

Why Does Startup Company Need Consulting Services? [2022]

Launching a startup is a Herculean task. Attending numerous operations and brainstorming in multiple dimensions can be challenging for a startup owner. All these hardships propel budding ventures to collaborate with leading consulting service providers like Auxano Global Services. But why do startups need consulting services? This must be your mainframe question if you own… Read more »

Kubernetes Vs Docker: What is the Difference?

Kubernetes Vs Docker: What is the Difference? [2022]

The cloud computing industry has a long debate over the choice between Kubernetes and Docker. Software and developing professionals often find it quite daunting to choose between these. However, going by the concepts of Kubernetes and Docker, they are not each other’s competition.  They both excel and are leaders in open–source software development platforms. They… Read more »

How to Develop NFT Marketplace: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

NFT Marketplace Development [Ultimate Guide to Developing An NFT Marketplace 2022]

Cryptos have become the buzzword among investors. As these currencies gain a hike, NFT marketplaces come into the picture. Apart from cryptocurrencies, NFT marketplaces are the latest sensation regarding investment. Many entrepreneurs wish to earn immense revenues and invest in NFT marketplace development. So, do you wish to build an NFT marketplace from scratch? You… Read more »