Month: July 2022

Why NDA is Important for any Software Development Firm?

Important Of NDA For Any Software Development Firm

In this uncertain world, we would not know whom to trust with our confidential and proprietary information. The company must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) agreement when working with a software development firm. The NDAs are intended to protect the rights of competing companies or any other person or entity who might receive confidential information… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Ludo Game?

Cost to Develop Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the most popular games that originated in India and got its name from England. Back then in ancient times, people entertained themselves by playing board games. The popularity of the game was similar for years, but the lockdown in COVID-19 boosted the user rate. It has held a successful track in… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Sports Betting Game?

sports betting game development cost

The best satisfaction is when your hobbies can help you in earning money. That’s what a sports betting game does, it gives people a platform to gamble and win money through their knowledge of the sport. A person can place a bet in a game for the victory of one team. This type of gambling… Read more »

How to Create a Project Management Communication Plan?

Create A Project Management Communication Plan

Projects require different expertise and professionals to work under a single umbrella. People with different perspectives and distinctive specializations come together for a project To manage these distinctive groups of people, it is important to make a Project Management communication plan. A communication plan for project management is fundamentally for bringing stakeholders and teammates on… Read more »

Top 10 Blockchain Technology Trends

Top 10 Blockchain Technology Trends

As more businesses explore blockchain technology, the demand for blockchain development services continues to soar. As the use of blockchain technology grows, so does the number of technology trends driving the ever-evolving industry. According to reports, between 2022 and 2030, the global blockchain technology ecosystem will grow at a rate of 85.9% CAGR. Moreover, the… Read more »

How to Hire Poker Game Developers?

Poker Game Developers

Poker is a widely played card pack game for gambling or even more entertainment. Poker games date back to the 16th Century and still rule the gambling industry. With digital advancement, people can play the game anywhere and at any time. Poker games are popularly played online and usage has increased with the help of… Read more »