Month: March 2021

How To Do Social Media Marketing? [Ultimate Social Media Guide 2021]

How to Do Social Media Marketing in 2021?

Want to market your business most-efficiently? There are no other better answers than social media marketing campaigns. During the earlier days when “spend more, get more” culture was prevalent in marketing, affordable strategies were thought to be inefficient and a waste of time. However, nowadays, social media marketing broke the conventional trade-off with effective conversions… Read more »

CPM vs CPC: What’s The Difference? [2021]

Online advertising is getting popular and spreading across like wildfire. With more and more audiences connecting to the web, businesses are finding online advertising a great means of encouraging customers about their products. Moreover, the swift leveraging of online advertising takes your business to a global platform and unveils a massive audience for your brand…. Read more »

The Importance Of Internet of Things (IoT) In Manufacturing Industry [2021]

Much like any other industry, the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sector is witnessing a bunch of transformations in various aspects. Gone are the days when manual attempts were necessary and sufficient for the manufacturing industry to strike a balance between production and supply. With increasing consumer demands, the pressure to multiply manufacturing is hiking. Here… Read more »

15 Best Android Libraries for 2021 [Categorized List]

15 Best Android Libraries for 2021 [Categorized List]

The growth of android phones has been humongous in the past few years and for the future sky’s the limit. With that, there is a great demand for Android developers and a top Android development company. You may be one of these two, yet the challenges are going to be the same. Most people ask,… Read more »

How to Get on the First Page of Google in 24 Hours?

Search Engine Marketing has the baton to drive most organic traffic to a website. Being the most popular marketing channel, everyone seems to be familiar with the steps of leveraging SEM into their website. Although the available resources on the SEM process are true and effective to an extent, implementing them into your site doesn’t… Read more »

Best Advertising Platforms for Startups by Return on Ad Spend

A startup is all about investing in cost-effective marketing channels. Right when a channel stops to generate enough online advertising ROI, it’s high time to curate another efficient campaign for the startup. Wise financial decisions are necessary to prevent immense losses to the startup company. As a digital marketer working with a budding startup, you… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost To Design Website in 2021?

The great accessibility to the internet has lead to increasing the scope of online business growth with leaps and bounds. Since all the companies are thriving to be unique to attract their target audience, it is important to have a website that speaks for you. To have a great impact, you must have a website… Read more »

Diet Planner Mobile App Development Company

Best Diet Planner Mobile App Development Company | Diet Planner Mobile App Developers For Hire

Do you want to start your business with an engaging diet planner app? Well, it’s never too late, to begin with, anything that could drive amazing results for you in the future. Many individuals prefer to create such apps by own or hire diet planner mobile app development companies. From 30 days of fitness challenges… Read more »

Top 10 Exclusive App Ideas for Real Estate Business [2021]

Top 10 Exclusive App Ideas for Real Estate Business

Real Estate businesses face adverse competition. They have to grow constantly in order to improve their services. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating top-notch mobile applications. Let’s say you have a plan in mind to spend a particular amount on a single transaction. An app will offer you more data… Read more »

Top Snow Plowing App Development Company | Hire Snow Plowing App Developer

With technology getting smart, you need to get smarter. Sooner or later, every work is going to be done in a few clicks with a sophisticated application. Snow shoveling is one of the many things which have been digitized lately. You can leverage the technical advancements to escape the drudgery of snow plowing. Your mobile… Read more »

Twitter Announces Clubhouse Competitor Named Spaces

Twitter Announces Clubhouse Competitor Named Spaces

Clubhouse application has shaken the world with its revenue and number of users within a short time span. Everyone called this app a competitor of the most known social media platform Twitter. Now realizing the Clubhouse trend, Twitter has announced its audio-based feature named Twitter Spaces. But do you know that Clubhouse got popular because… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Hago Play? [2021]

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Hago Play? [2021]

Who knew that a smartphone and gaming habit could earn you money! Well, it has become a reality with an efficient multi-gaming platform like the Hago Play. The interactive multi-gaming platforms are growing tremendously and yet to attract an even massive audience. With more people, especially the youth, connecting to smartphones, such gaming industries are… Read more »