Month: April 2022

NFT Gaming Platform Development Solutions [2023]

Best NFT Gaming Platform Development Solutions | Hire NFT Game Developers

Gaming Industry has observed a revolution when the power of in-game assets moved from owners to players. This is possible due to NFTs, abbreviated from Non-Fungible Tokens. You might be wondering what does NFT mean in gaming? NFTs, help you tokenize the in-game assets, either purchased or earned such as scores. Players can sell and… Read more »

How Much Does Teen Patti Game Development Cost?

How Much Does Teen Patti Game Development Cost?

Undoubtedly, online games are becoming popular every day. They have an ever-growing user base and generate massive revenues annually. Among all games, Teen Patti has a specific place. Teen Patti is one of the most played games with numerous active users. Since its existence, the Teen Patti game has not registered a downfall. It kept… Read more »

How Much Does Mobile App Maintenance Cost [Complete Guide 2023]

How Much Does it Cost to Maintenance Of Mobile App? [2022]

Mobile apps witness tremendous turbulence in terms of advancements and innovations. The much-appreciated parameters in your app might become obsolete in a matter of a blink. So, constant up-gradation, changes, integrations, and error removal are necessary to let your app survive amidst the neck-to-neck competition. The developer’s role is not over right after the app… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Marco Polo App?

How Much Does Marco Polo App Development Cost? (2022)

Just tell me frankly, for how long do you think users use social media to connect with family and friends? You might say 1 hour, 2 hours; but for some- their life totally surrounds social media, which means their day starts with “good morning” wishes through social media platforms and their day also ends in… Read more »

Digital Marketing Agency for Gyms: How to Market Your Gym Online

digital marketing services for Gyms

No matter how modern your amenities are, your gym cannot get enough customers without advertising it to the audience. No, it’s not about conventional marketing media. The traditional marketing channel has a limited outreach, leading to lesser traffic appearing in the gyms. The gym owners need more powerful weapons to pitch before a massive audience… Read more »

NFT in Ecommerce Industry: The Future of Ecommerce Industry

NFT in Ecommerce Industry: The Future of Ecommerce Industry [2022]

Is money the only form of transaction for E-commerce? Well, with NFTs the spectrum of transactions and tokenizing of people’s assets has expanded to the next level by entering into the blockchain. Abbreviated from Non-fungible tokens, these are ways to represent real-world items on marketplaces. In 2021 a great rise in NFT usage was observed…. Read more »

Tips & Tricks On How To Hire The Best Slot Game Developers

How to hire slot game developers

Buying a lottery ticket or playing poker brings a plethora of emotions to your mind, especially nervousness, excitement, and anxiety. Although these encompass huge risks, you participate and expect rewards on the other side. Don’t you? Something similar happens when you play slot games. And that’s why slot games have become so popular lately. It’s… Read more »

How Much Does The Unity 3D Game Development Cost in 2023?

How Much Does Unity 3D Game Development Cost? (2022)

Unity 3D is one of the most popular game engines and development tools. It is widely utilized for creating a prototype and completing development. The reason for its popularity lies in Unity 3D game development’s advanced features and functionalities. Many businesses utilize this platform to create an exceptional 3D game that attracts millions of people…. Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Poker Game Developers?

Cost to Hire Poker Game Developers

The poker game is widely played through cards in which players win over the best game. This game’s popularity has given rise to its online version, which expanded due to its simplicity and engagement level. Online poker games are there since 1998 and geared up the popularity since then. Many people are benefiting by developing… Read more »

How Much Does Unreal Engine Game Development Cost? [2023]

Unreal Engine Game Development Cost? [2022]

Have you played Fortnite? Did you try Street Fighter 5? Okay, leave everything! You must have played Batman: Arkham City (Return To Arkham). Haven’t you? Yes, these epic games are nothing but buzzwords in the gaming world. And we cannot turn our heads from the Unreal engine whenever these game engines appear on the horizon…. Read more »

SEO Services for Orthodontists & Ortho Clinics

Orthodontic SEO Company

An Orthodontic Specialist helps people for their teeth and look at teeth aligned. How about helping that orthodontist to align his/her website with perfect SEO, that creates engagement, and increases the conversion rate. Yes, Orthodontic SEO Strategies work for it. Orthodontists deal with a dental condition in which teeth are incorrectly positioned when the mouth… Read more »