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Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Shopify Store [2022]

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The shopping ease that the internet brings is pulling many consumers towards it. Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms gives businesses a space to engage with their customers. During COVID-19 online shopping has shifted from a luxury to a necessity.

As the popularity rose, people started using an e-commerce platform that attracted tons of new sellers. Also, platforms like Shopify have given many businesses a space to have a successful turnover. Now, in this large group of competitors, it is important to survive and give your best.

Shopify SEO Services can help you in creating a fruitful space in the e-commerce platform. Learn how to make your shop the most visited and start your journey with this briefly written guide for Shopify SEO in 2022.

Statistics for Shopify

Before getting into optimizing the content on Shopify, let’s get your thoughts clear on the current market value of the e-commerce platform through researched facts and surveys.

Marketing to Generation Z: Best Gen Z Marketing Strategies For Implement In 2022

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Who doesn’t have an active Internet connection in their smartphones! Probably, no one!

The Internet has penetrated all devices. From Gen X to Gen Z, everyone has made the Internet a part of their lives. Consequently, brands have gathered a larger-than-ever marketing audience for their campaigns.

Woah! What does that mean?

It means that a brand that targeted only millennials for its products can now extend out to Gen Z-ers as well. All thanks to the massive consumption of the Internet!

Do you know? The Gen Z population spends over 8 hours online. So, you have enough time to dart a well-curated campaign and impress them.

Let’s walk through some of the mind-boggling statistics about the Gen Z population!

mind-boggling statistics about the Gen Z population

All these data signifies the ease to woo the Gen Z audience through your marketing program.

However, influencing the Gen Z-ers is not a cakewalk. It takes a lot of effort and strategizing to create a captivating marketing campaign targeted at them.

Or, more precisely, you should have a thorough understanding of the trending Gen Z marketing strategies for 2022. How do you know them?

Tadaa! Auxano Global Services brings the top-notch guide to Best Gen Z Marketing Strategies for 2022.

Are you ready for the ride? Wear your seat belts and let’s dive in!

What Exactly is Gen Z Marketing?

What Exactly is Gen Z Marketing?

The marketing campaigns perform miraculously and are better-than-expected only if they are customized according to the targeted audiences.

So, if you have a brand and want the Gen Z population to purchase your offerings, you should curate the marketing campaign accordingly. Most probably, you would be going with Gen Z marketing techniques.

Essentially, Gen Z marketing strategies understand the Internet consumption pattern of the Gen Z-ers. Based on the study, you can roll out your advertisements and brand promotions at the best time for the Gen Z population to notice them.

Once they do and find your offerings to be interesting, they would become your leads and eventually convert.

Is that as simple as it appears? Hell no!

More underlying concepts and considerations make Gen Z marketing a Herculean task for the brands. However, we will decode the techniques in our guide for your simplicity.

Why Should You Care For Gen Z Marketing?

The Gen Z population is worth considering for your brand. These youngsters bring tremendous advantages to your business over any other generation.

Don’t believe us? Take a look right below!

Why Should You Care For Gen Z Marketing?

1. Massive Internet Consumption

As the Internet consumption of target audiences increases, you get more avenues to market your brand.

Believe it or not, Gen Z-ers have a massive Internet consumption. Consequently, you have more time pitching your brand and offerings to them, compelling them to convert.

2. Higher Social Media Usage

The Gen Z population spends considerable time using social media. Most of them have active accounts on multiple social media platforms.

So, you can utilize social media marketing to reach out to them with your offerings and get more sales in a short span.

3. Massive Spending Power

Although Gen Z-ers are newbies in the world, they have massive spending power. Most of them either get a fixed salary or have other means of making money.

So, you can target this audience for your brand and expect massive conversions to hit your doorstep.

Aren’t these benefits mind-blowing? Cheers if it’s a yes!

Moving on, let’s see why you should invest in Gen Z marketing.

Why Should You Invest in Gen Z Marketing?

Indeed, the Gen Z-ers house tremendous benefits for your brand. They are a goldmine and can skyrocket your sales.

Isn’t that enough for you to invest in Gen Z marketing? You’ve hopped to the best place if it’s a yes!

Here are the most compelling reasons justifying your investment in Gen Z marketing.

Why Should You Invest in Gen Z Marketing?

1. Enjoy a Massive Word of Mouth

Let’s agree that positive word of mouth can change the fate of any marketing campaign dramatically.

The Gen Z-ers have a better scope of cross-promotions and brand awareness via word of mouth. So, investing in Gen Z marketing can be an excellent idea for your business.

2. Cost-Effective Marketing

When targeting the Gen Z demography, you do not require spending much to impress them. All you need is to get creative and pitch your strategies carefully to them.

So, the marketing strategies for Gen Z-ers are inexpensive and can be a massive boost to your organization.

3. More Conversions

You might have been targeting the millennials, Gen X-ers, and whatnot. But, missing out on the Gen Z population till now. So, your sales points weren’t optimized.

However, you can begin investing in Gen Z marketing and expand your profitability like never before. Give it a shot!

From the benefits to the reasons for investing in Gen Z marketing, we have discussed everything. Hopefully, you are sparked enough to consider the Gen Z-ers for your brand.

So, let’s get to the good part.

Top Gen Z Marketing Strategies for 2022

Yes, the investment for Gen Z marketing is not that heavy. Also, the Gen Z-ers bring numerous benefits for your brand. But, it requires something to woo the targeted audience.

So, here are the most game-changing Gen-Z marketing strategies that you cannot overlook. Let’s explore!

Top Gen Z Marketing Strategies for 2022

1. Be Clear with Brand Mission and Vision

Your brand’s mission and vision weren’t as important as now. Why so?

It’s because the Gen Z-ers analyze these characteristics before converting with your business.  The Gen Z-ers extract the value you can bring to them through your clearly-defined brand mission and vision.

So, you can get better responses from this population with a strong mission and brand vision.

2. Transparency is the Key

The Gen Z-ers will rapidly convert with your brand only if it’s highly transparent to the customers. What does that mean?

It implies that the Gen Z population will gather more trust in your business if it’s transparent and accountable for its mistakes.

These people would dive deeper into your website, testimonials, social media, reviews, comments, and whatnot. So, you require building high transparency to woo these audiences for your business.

3. Define the Personality of Your Brand

All the while you were focussing on the millennials. They expected you to have sophisticated content and well-curated campaigns.

In contrast, the Gen Z-ers move way beyond the millennials in terms of expectations from your brand. They prefer a bold business with a strong voice and a robust personality.

So, speak out loud and bring revolutionary offerings if you wish to acquire such leads for your business.

4. Stay Entertaining

Do you know? The Gen Z population tends to get easily bored. Yes, that’s true!

So, how to impress them? You can do so through consistently entertaining campaigns.

Believe it or not, entertainment is the key to captivating them and compelling them to think about your brand in the first place. Furthermore, you can use the entertaining factors to push them through your sales funnel.

5. Build a Community

‘Gen Z-ers are the loneliest demography’

What does that mean? It means that they crave a community and would convert with a brand that the masses support.

So, you need to foster a massive community to push the Gen Z-ers through your sales funnel. How do you do so? There are multiple ways! For instance, you can approach an influencer with a personality that resonates with your brand.

Approaching their community through an ambassador campaign can help your marketers convince the Gen Z-ers for conversions.

6. Engage on Social Media

Social media is a game-changing parameter for Gen Z-ers.

They judge a brand with its activity on social media. You will have an edge over the competitors by proactively engaging with your audiences on these platforms.

You can host giveaways, reply to all comments on a post, upload background stories, and post user experiences on social media to captivate the Gen Z-ers for your brand.

And that’s how you can excel at Gen Z marketing. Despite the easy breakdown, implementing the strategies can be quite difficult for you. So, here’s what you can do for your brand!

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

The leading digital marketing company, Auxano Global Services, is here to help you.

We understand that Gen Z marketing isn’t as simple as it appears. So, we take over your concerns and help your business excel at such a marketing campaign through the following attributes. Take a look!

1. We have a proficient marketers’ team having an in-depth understanding of Gen Z marketing techniques.

2. Our team has extensive experience in wooing the Gen Z population for our customers.

3. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the Gen Z marketing paradigm and implement them for the benefit of your business.

Gen Z marketing is a boon for your business, provided you can leverage the strategies efficiently. So, what makes you wait? Ensure the maximum success of your digital marketing campaign by collaborating with us. Contact us now!

App Store Optimization (ASO): Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide [2022]

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As for 2021, if you step for launching the app for android then you would have 3.48 million competitors, and if in the Apple app store then 2.22 million apps in competition. These figures are expected to increase in 2022. You have to surpass the competition and the way is App Store Optimization strategy.

More than anything else the fundamental concern during app launch is to enable people to discover it. App store optimization tools help you with it. ASO plays an important role in a company’s marketing strategy. A well-planned process helps you reach users sooner.

To understand the basics of the App Store Optimization Approach, here’s a step-to-step guide for assisting you in your ASO journey for 2022.

Facebook Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Latest Step-by-Step Guide [2022]

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Are your Facebook pages not generating enough engagements? Something’s fishy here!

Have you optimized the Facebook pages? No? Ahh! There’s the problem.

Facebook and the pages are ideal for your customers to find more about your business and directly engage with your company. However, things might not appear satisfactory if your Facebook account doesn’t have a robust Search Engine Optimization strategy in place.

Is the Facebook SEO the same as the one for Google? No!

Facebook SEO is entirely different and works in the environment of Facebook only. It can take your venture among massive audiences and bring better than expected engagements to your doorstep.

Being a business, focussing on Facebook SEO is a must. You should responsibly curate perfect Facebook SEO strategies and find more customers willing to convert to your business.

FB Statics

Here are some inputs into the impressive Facebook SEO world to make you understand the necessity of prioritizing FB.

Indeed, Facebook has immense potential to skyrocket your marketing campaign. However, it requires some optimizations strategies and BAM! You get the best social media strategy for your business.

Now, the question is, how to do Facebook SEO?

Worry not. We’ll discuss everything in detail in the comprehensive guide below.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Complete Local SEO Guide To Improve Your Local Business Ranking On Google [2022]

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Grow your business and take it up to the next level. Generate content that engages people and pulls the interested audience to your websites through Local SEO Strategy. Local SEO helps people to find you in the immense traffic of sites available on Google.

Customers are searching for locations that can satisfy their needs, and be at their fingertips. Through certain keywords, your customers can know you and your services. Go through this blog and know how to be observable in search engines.

Statistics of Local Business Search and related SEO

Let’s get in line with the current Local SEO market status. It will help you understand in what way SEO is working through proven facts and well-researched surveys.

97% of users use Search Engines to find a local business in close proximity. And 28% of purchases made in a local business are followed by Local business search.

“Near Me” keyword, generally used to find local businesses, has increased by 136% last year. 50% of all “near me” searches result in an offline store visit.

Couldn’t be found implies a negative effect, as 62% of customers disregard the business if not available through online search. 88% of the target audience looks for online reviews before choosing a business in close proximity.

Search results are capable of attracting more than 70% of consumers to a physical store. SEO then helps to be on top because 92% of searchers will pick up business on the first page of search results.

Understanding Local SEO

Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO is the strategy of Search engine Optimization that facilitates your website to be optimized accruing to a local area. This process helps the website of your local business like a shop, restaurant or some agency to be top in people’s search.

Businesses or enterprises with a physical location can utilize Local SEO Services. Common tasks that a Local SEO includes are finding Local Keywords, Optimizing a business’s Google profile, and building NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) so that people can reach out to you.

Why Local SEO Services Is Important For Your Business

Benefits of Utilizing LOCAL SEO

Local SEO puts efforts to drive the maximum possible amount of traffic to your website by ranking the digital presence in the SERPs, abbreviated from Search Engine Result Pages. In simpler terms, searchers use search engines for a particular objective and type phrases that can help them find what they are looking for. An SEO-optimized website has more chances of showing up on top of the search result and hence have more visitors.

Here are 7 benefits of Local SEO:-

Benefits of Utilizing LOCAL SEO

1. Reach more Customers who are searching for your products and Services

SEO is all about marketing and positioning your business. The fundamental objective of this strategy is to improve your product’s or services rankings in a search result. As a result, this brings more people to your website and the more searchers learn about you, the more buyers you have.

People might be already looking for you, Local SEO facilitates relevant customers to connect with you. The correct Local SEO Components improves the digital presence ranking and puts the offered services in front of relevant customers. Local SEO strategy helps you in real to hike up your sales.

2. Help the target audience to reach you and increase the traffic

Relevant use of keywords for marketing enterprises increases the chances of local audiences to find you. This means the Local SEO will keep you at their fingertips and will guide them for preferring your website above others. Many people are making their websites, it is essential to be at the top otherwise the presence is not worth it.

SEO rescues you in this immense traffic and lets people find you. Not necessarily every visitor will buy something from your local store but more visitors means more buyers and more sales.

3. Helps people to contact you directly and easily

Local SEO for small enterprises helps in improving the conversation rates because SEO brings the relevant target audience and gives them a space to contact you. As a result of their loyalty and trust increase and your conversation rate increases.

4. Create a Good Brand Awareness and Position

As marketing suggests, to sell your products and services you need to be in a highlight. How can people buy what you offer even before knowing your presence? Local SEO leverages Brand Awareness. The consumers get to know all necessary information about your business, easily.

Also, the brand positioning through a good Local SEO helps the business to have a good impression and hence the consumers will build a sense of recognition with your business.

5. Build a user-friendly website and Bypass your competitors

Improved SEO invites a better customer experience while visiting the website. A proper strategy helps your content to be relevant to what people might demand and helpful information will increase the chances of positive experience and searchers visiting the physical location of the business.

In between the herds of sites, let your presence be the most attractive one. Through optimizing for a specific geographical area, the Local SEO assists you in creating a fruitful Unique Selling Proposition.

6. Reduce the cost per acquisition and also leverage long-lasting results

Compared to other marketing options like advertising and Public relation, strategizing your Digital Presence is Cheaper and more effective. If you learn and do it yourself, it’s also free. However, it is always better to hire experts.

SEO results are cheaper and with long-term effects. Local SEO needs regular maintenance, but once the website is ranked at the top then the site is likely to hold that position for a considerably longer duration.

7. Have a check on the statistics of the results.

Local SEO helps you to have proper details which assist you to analyze the data for valuable insights into the customer. These regular updates help you to modify accordingly user response and take your business to a higher level.

It collects important details about how the website is performing, and how people are reacting. Local SEO helps you a lot in understanding how you can improve.

How Local SEO works?

When someone searches for something on Google, the results aren’t live; they are driven from Google’s storage named ‘Google Index’. To form the Google index, it uses programs like spiders to crawl the web. Starting with a single page, it follows the links on that page. The spiders help the sites to get stored in Google’s servers and the index is created.

The spiders have a great scale of working which ensures that the index is up-to-date and connections and websites are discovered easily.

The Local SEO has a set of Unique Ranking Signals through components like NAP details, Used Keywords in blogs and reviews, Numbers of Check-ins from a particular location, option to share on social media, star ratings of google maps, etc.

How to get started with Local SEO?

How to get started with Local SEO

After understating the fundamentals of Local SEO, let’s get your vision cleared on how Local SEO is built. Here is the Local SEO Checklist for you to comprehend its building-up process.

1. Claim your Page

Google Business Profile is important for setting up a Local SEO. The strategy can work successfully when merged with well-optimized and cleared out My Business Listing. You can visit google.com/business and start registering and verifying the process. Further google will send you a postcard to the registered physical store location.

Google verifies the presence and allows only real business owners to claim the My Business page. Detailing the NAP has a special emphasis for selecting categories, business hours and types of payments, and many more.

2. Understand the art of citations

Every mention of your business digitally is because of citation. More citations are good for Local SEO. Citations with consistent NAP helps in getting the results of your efforts for optimizing the Website.

3. Add Business Directories

With fruitful citation online, business directory pages help in increasing the website’s digital visibility. There are some websites like Yelp and CitySearch to help you have a notable business review directory. Look for niche special business directories and create profiles there.

4. Localize the website content

To help the search engine understand your business’s local appeal, optimize the site according to a specific geographical location. Local content can help the search engine to specify the website and cling it with a local service. Interactive map locations, local news sections, and things attached with your locality can also help.

Basic features of Local SEO in Website

Basic features of Local SEO in Website

1. Google Local Packs

This feature is with the map that shows the user what services according to their demand are available in close proximity. The top 3 websites, energies with NAP and ranking.

2. Local Teaser

Similar to Local Pack, the top three results in the local teaser show up with the company’s short description, without any links or NAP. Visitors are given specific data through which they can decide whether to go ahead and know more or take up the services. Users can also filter to sort the results by pricing, rating, and amenities.

Local teaser helps you to add information that the local pack doesn’t provide.

3. Schema Markup

Through SERPs, this feature gains a lot of traction and competitive edge, they help in displaying data that is specific to certain businesses and appear as a single entity. This is the language of search engines using semantic vocabulary. It is coded to understand what your website says to add it accordingly in google index.

4. Ranking through long-tail Keywords

Users aren’t always going to use specific keywords to search. Therefore, understanding which keywords help people find your websites and determining what they will type in the search box to find your website can help a lot. Using Long-tail keywords that the user might use or words that are more often used for a specific niche, helps in getting ahead of the competition.

Boost Your Online Presence With Local SEO Tactics (2022)

Cost of Locally Optimizing your Business

Hiring experts for creating a Local SEO is a better option, as they are adept and experienced in optimizing your website with utter professionalism. Per month the cost might vary between $300 and $2000 per month. The cost of a Local SEO Campaign depends a lot on what is your objective and how much detailing is needed. Also, the competition, your market status, and geographical location matter a lot in deciding what amount you need to invest.

This cost is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing options. With long-lasting effects, it also ceases frequent investment.

The Final Takeaway

Start-ups and enterprises, working locally can benefit a lot from Local SEO. People looking for services nearby can reach you out very easily. Now in the digital era, consumers prefer a lot to trust companies that have a good online presence. They can decide where to go sitting at their home. Through local SEO you can be at the top of their search.

People rarely dig deeper for finding local services, it’s just the top 3 or 4 of them that get the visitors. Highlighting yourself helps in leveraging profits and increasing sales. Develop a good Local SEO and help your business to grow.

Contact us now

Auxano Global Services can help you with making a fruitful digital presence through a good Local SEO. Herewith experts and professionals your website can have correct marketing, positioning, and selling. With the top Local SEO agency, your enterprise can have benefits that can be filtered out from a correctly defined SEO. Our experts can comprehend your business needs and integrate them with what you demand.

If you wish to have the best locally optimized website, contact us now.

All The Latest Information Of Android 13 Update Available So Far!

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What do people love more than experiencing a whole new operating system in their device without? Nothing, that’s the beauty of an update. Fresh things create a sanguine impact on User Experience and User Interface.

Android 12 update was released just a few months ago in October 2021. With Android 12, Android 12L was also unveiled for larger screens with the Android system. Now, the launch of Android 13 is predicted to be in September, and google codenamed it as a dessert called “Tiramisu”.

The Android 13 name is derived as a sweet by following the legacy of Google to codename the android updates after a sweet.

Android 13 is going to be released after the stable release of Android 12L. Some sources revealed a glimpse of the upcoming android update. We have brought this glance with the best to our knowledge and verification for facilitating an understanding and planning for the Android 13 launch.

What is the Android 13 update?

What is the Android 13 update?

The successor of Android 12 is the thirteen major versions of the Android operating system. Android 13 will have the codename Tiramisu, which is a coffee-flavored dessert. Every Android update’s codename is decided after different sweets.

Google is working on the early stages of Android 13, and the expected Android 13 release date for the stable version is September 2022. Features revealed are likely uncertain, the sources provide a glance at what it will look like but can’t be assured at this early stage.

For some reason, the information is dependable because of several reasons. One is that XDA developers shared exclusive images of the upcoming Android 13 and also unveiled some new features. The second is that the company had shared screenshots of the unreleased version of the Android 13.

Google has worked in a distinguished manner for Android 13 and it can be looked upon as a game-changer for the operating system.

Have a look at this video for a better understanding.

How will Android 13 Enhance the Operating System?

Every update brings something better or with technological advancement to the device. Android 12 brought unique updates like a Privacy dashboard, visual indicators for camera and microphone, and many more.

Android 13 is also expected to bring up some game-changing and cutting-edge updates. The screenshots and information revealed suggest the listed down updates that android 13 features will bring.

1. Improvement with Bluetooth Audio Streaming via Bluetooth LE Audio

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is the future of wireless audio streaming through Bluetooth. It is predicted that Android 13 will bring the first-ever release with complete support for Bluetooth LE audio.

This technology consumes less power compared to the classic BR/EDR audio standard. As the user will experience an improvement in battery life. Adding to it the new advancement allows a single device to broadcast audio via Bluetooth to multiple devices.

Bluetooth LE technology adds to the quality of stable connection and aids accessibility. It will also integrate with hearing aids, without compromising even a little for audio quality via Bluetooth.

Android 12 already has partial support for Bluetooth LE, but it requires improvements for complete compliance to the standards. This feature is supported by Mishaal Rahman in the AOSP, suggesting that the A2DP codec will get the highest priority when connecting to an audio device.

Android 13 may be the first release to add full support for Bluetooth LE Audio.

Google recently merged an LC3 (the LE Audio codec) encoder and is adding the codec as an option in settings. It’ll be the highest priority A2DP source codec.

Commits: https://t.co/tXicKLMZbq pic.twitter.com/ZHcd22grEs Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) December 21, 2021

2. Android 13 features NFC payments even for Secondary User Profiles

Android allows multiple user accounts on a single device. But, even for the latest Android 12 update, the users weren’t allowed to configure and make NFC payments through their secondary accounts due to security reasons.

The new Android 13 update is going to slide off the security concern through making contactless payments via MFC even through the secondary accounts on the device.

3. Android 13 extends the language customization to an even app-by-app basis

Android 13 extends the language customization 1 Android 13 extends the language customization 2

While android is popular for letting the users choose their preferred language from a wide spectrum of options provided. The barrier here was that the language customization was limited to be applied only on the device, not on the apps.

The successor of android 12 is coming with not only universal application of chosen language on the device but also per-app basis. Before this, the apps were given an option to set up language customization on their own. Due to which only a few of them took the effort to do it.

But now with the latest technology codenamed as ‘Panlingual’, android 13 will let the users make changes in the language settings on a per-app basis. This system is separate from the universal system-wide language setting.

As an example, you can have an app for messaging working with the Hindi language while keeping the UI system and other apps in English UK. This information is guided by the screenshots revealed by XDA.

4. Android 13 Runtime Permission for App Notifications

Android 13 Runtime Permission

Push Notifications are very annoying; therefore, this new system reduces them by making notification an opt-in feature. Similar to permissions for the camera, location, and contacts, apps in this system will have to ask for permission for the type of notifications.

The user will have the flexibility of choosing what kind of notifications they want to see. One can have access to delivery notifications by a shopping app but not for push notifications.

5. Android 13 brings up TARE: The Android Resource Economy


Focusing on the device’s use of energy management, Android 13 brings a new energy management feature called the Android Resource Economy. It is going to work through Android’s Alarm manager and Job Scheduler policies.

It was reported that this technology introduces a form of currency connected with a device’s battery level. It is for energy-use management on the device. Introducing android resource credits for the app admins.

Through this google will be awarded credits to apps based on how depleted the battery is and in what way the app can manage with that. Apps can use these credits as payments for an opportunity to perform tasks. It sets limits to how many tasks an app can schedule depending on the battery level.

6. Android 13 is likely to give users a Single-Line layout for Lock Screen

Android 13 is likely to give users a Single-Line layout for Lock Screen

Users demanded a change in android 12’s layout. The new layout introduces the clock on the lock screen with a double-line and changes to a single-line when new notifications arrive. It changes back to the initial double-line layout when notifications are gone.

Although many users requested Google to revert the layout to the single-line layout. This demand is likely to be fulfilled in Android 13.

7. Android 13 is going to bring support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

All other systems of android preceding Android 13, used DNS over TLS. This system was good at security and privacy but had some loopholes due to including third parties encrypting data on UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

DNS over HTTPS works by directly sending via the HTTP or HTTP/2 protocols instead of via UDP. A recently merged code change in AOSP has indicated adding DoH support to Android 13.

Mobiles that can Upgrade to Android 13

Mobiles that can Upgrade to Android 13

Here we have made a list to let you know about Android 13 compatible phones.

1. Google Pixel – android 13 will support 8 models of Google Pixel Mobiles.

2. Samsung – 8 devices from Samsung S series, 3 from the Galaxy Note series, 5 from Galaxy Fold/ Flip Series, 6 from Galaxy A series, 4 from the Galaxy M series, Galaxy F series, and Galaxy Tab series.

3. Xiaomi – Android 13 is compatible with MI MIX 4, 4 devices from Xiaomi Mi Series, and 11 from Xiaomi Redmi Series.

4. Poco and Oppo– 3 devices from Poco and Oppo will be able to use Android 13

5.  OnePlus – 7 devices of OnePlus can be supported by android 13

6. Realme ­– android 13 is compatible with 5 devices from Realme

7. Vivo – users of 2 devices from Vivo will be compatible with android 13

8. Honor, Nokia, LG – 3 devices from these three companies each will be compatible with android 13.

For a complete list, you can have a look at this and understand the upcoming market even more.

Why should you upgrade to Android 13?

The leaks and unveiling of features have revealed that Google will bring several unprecedented benefits for users. Through the well-thought features of Android 13 Update will solve many problems they were facing in the past.

Going with the reports by XDA, we can conclude that the spectrum of features is to ease the usage of mobile devices for the users. The plan seems to streamline and provide security with the best and user-friendly approach.

The reason for upgrading to Android 13 lies in its features.

How is Android 13 beneficial for app owners?

The few features mentioned above benefit the app owners. The new android system brings the lower risk of hacking and third-party inference through DNS-over-HTTPS. App owners can leave the worries of security and focus more on other functions.

With language customization even for apps, the app owner doesn’t need to invest separately for multiple language integration. The panlingual technology will let the app owners be free of this responsibility as the android will be in charge of it.

With multiple account payment options for NFC payments, and more secure the app owners will be able to take transactions ahead at a different level with creativity. With credits through battery level management as an app owner, you can enhance your services for consumers.

Further, in a short period, the Beta version of Android 13 will be released and with the developer’s preview, the app owners can get deeper insights into the new technology and trends.

Summary of Android 13

Have a look at the updates for Android 13 through various sources till now.

1. December 24 – On this date, Mishaal Rahman, said that Android 13 will have complete support for Bluetooth LE audio. For this update, XDA developers also shared some of the expected features of the upcoming Android 13, including Runtime permission for notifications, Individual app languages support, new lock screen clock layouts, and The Android Resource Economy.

2. December 14 – According to the reports and information given by Minshall Rahmaan, google is predicted to allow users for toggling on/off the phantom process killer in Android 13.

3. September 25 – XDA – developers spotted various changes in the AOSP abbreviated from Android Open Source Project code. It also unveiled that Google may include DNS over HTTPS support in the upcoming system, earlier it was DNS over TLS.

4. August 26 – Google’s mobile device Pixel 6 will have Ultra-wideband support as the company is already working to expand UWB support in the upcoming Android 13.

5. July 27 – On this date, according to reports, Google decided the dessert name of Android 13 as the internal codename called Tiramisu.

How to follow the flow of the Android 13 launch


How to follow the flow of the Android 13 launch

Some expected timelines and dates are here. These will help you understand and plan for the future with the Android 13, the dates in the future might vary as Google is in the early stages of development.

Takeaway Note

Android 13 is going to be a game-changer for the mobile industry and app development. With the features listed above app developers will have to comply with those features to make a successful mark on the new system.

Users and App owners both are going to benefit from the new android system. This guide for preparation can help you in strategizing, planning, and researching the upcoming changes in the market and ways to excel in it.

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Ecommerce SEO: Your Ultimate Ecommerce SEO Guide That Generates More Sales [2022]

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Let’s admit that the eCommerce sector is revolutionizing our shopping experiences. Online storefronts have become one of the trendiest revenue-generating business models for investors and entrepreneurs.

Who doesn’t wish to establish another Amazon or eBay, after all!

The already popular eCommerce stores gained an impetus by the pandemic. Statistics reveal that online shopping got boosted by a whopping 27.6% during 2020.

What else? The eCommerce stores will generate around 22% of global retail sales by 2023. Impressive, right?

So, do you have an eCommerce store? Are you not generating expected sales?


It’s time to pull up your socks and optimize your venture to attract the highest sales. But how to do so? Through eCommerce SEO techniques, simple!

Don’t worry if it sounds horrifying to you!

Auxano Global Services is here to address all your store optimization concerns and provide a list of all SEO tactics in this Ultimate E-Commerce SEO guide 2022.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of eCommerce SEO, we need to walk through some more statistics. Getting inspired is the key to excelling at SEO, after all.

You can access all these features for an eCommerce store through SEO. Yes, that’s true!

Are you wondering about how to leverage the various SEO tactics in your storefront? Here’s your go-to resource to get an answer. Stay tuned!

What Exactly is eCommerce SEO?

What Exactly is eCommerce SEO?

Wouldn’t it be nice to discuss the meaning of eCommerce SEO before diving into the techniques? Cheers if it’s a yes!

Let’s not waste any minute and jump into understanding what we mean by eCommerce SEO.

So, what on earth is eCommerce SEO? Most of the stores are unoptimized. They neither appear before the target audience nor encourage them to convert. What’s the impact? Lower sales and profitability for the stakeholders.

However, you can check some store parameters and modify them to harness high-quality leads having the highest intention of moving down through your sales funnel.

All you need is to leverage some optimization techniques in your storefront to shape its bright future. That’s what eCommerce SEO is!

The eCommerce SEO techniques can eliminate the shortcomings in your store and inaugurate better than expected sales in a short span. Leading giants (including Amazon) leverage SEO strategies to maximize their online opportunities.

What are the Benefits of SEO for eCommerce Stores?

Although we could discuss the SEO strategies directly, spending some time penning down its benefits is an excellent idea. Isn’t it?

So, here are the advantages that eCommerce SEO unlocks for your online business. Watch out!

What are the Benefits of SEO for eCommerce Stores

1. Higher Search Engine Ranks

Do you know that the top 3 search engine results drive the most number of clicks? Shocking, right?

So, getting a healthy rank on the search engines can fine-tune your eCommerce game dramatically. And that’s what we aim for through eCommerce SEO!

eCommerce SEO lets your store appear among the top Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Above all, it lets your venture join the high-ranking results on the first page!

2. More Organic Traffic

Suppose, your eCommerce store appears on the 8th SERP with a particular searching keyword. Unfortunately, your sales are lower than feeble in such a scenario.

Now, you leveraged eCommerce SEO techniques. Your eCommerce website made it to the 3rd SERP. You’ll begin observing massive traffic visiting your store and converting rapidly.

Adding to your delight, these are organic traffic hovering on search engines like Google.

As SEO begins showing its colors, your eCommerce store appears in the first SERP. Now, things will dramatically change for your venture! The higher search engine ranks will drive massive traffic towards your online venture.

3. Rapid and Higher Conversions

Do you know? One of the most unwanted drawbacks of paid marketing channels is that they attract store visitors and not potential customers.

However, you can trust eCommerce SEO techniques to drive organic traffic having an eagerness to rapidly convert like never before. These visitors are your leads.

Through eCommerce SEO, you will generate more and better conversions in the blink of an eye. That’s what you ultimately need, don’t you?

4. Retain Customers

Attracting new leads is a cakewalk. But what about retaining the existing ones? No one thinks about it. However, it’s one of the essential factors in determining a store’s success.

Since eCommerce SEO brings customers with the highest intentions to convert, they are more likely to stay loyal to your business for the most prolonged period.

Such a customer base will keep bringing massive sales to your doorstep, over and over again.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience

A better customer experience is everything to divert traffic from competitor websites towards your store. So, you can target the CX to boost your sales and gain a competitive advantage.

Luckily, eCommerce SEO associates a better customer experience for your online store. It imparts higher navigability to your website and makes it more accessible to the customers for the highest CX.

Besides, more benefits make eCommerce irresistible for site owners. Now that you are convinced of the SEO advantage for your store, let’s dive deeper.

Why Should You Invest in eCommerce SEO?

The advantages of eCommerce SEO are okay. But they don’t encourage you to invest in an SEO strategy. Is it so?

Don’t worry anymore! Here are some compelling reasons to help you understand that SEO is the best investment for your business.

Why Should You Invest in eCommerce SEO

1. Higher Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is everything when it comes to eCommerce success.

Luckily, you can get the highest brand visibility through SEO strategies. As you already know, SEO brings your online store to the top Search Engine Results Pages, you can fetch dramatically better ranks.

What’s the impact? Your dream of higher brand visibility gets fulfilled, making eCommerce SEO the best investment of your life.

2. Long-Term Impacts

Consistent and proper SEO efforts won’t disappoint you, even in the longest run.

Once you appear at the top of SERPs, your store gets better and better. Although you will require some optimizations even after that, it would be nominal and cost you almost nothing.

Isn’t it the best investment so far?

3. You Cannot Overlook the Affordability

Affordability is one of the key factors that edge eCommerce SEO over advertising channels.

Believe it or not, the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements are costly and cause a massive hole in your pockets. Even after so much investment, these marketing media attract visitors and not leads.

However, eCommerce SEO is better than any of these channels. They bring high-quality leads to your business without costing much. You can even leverage the tactics by yourself and harness the SEO benefits for FREE!

4. High Customizability

We understand that your online business is one-of-a-kind. So, an off-the-shelf marketing strategy won’t suit your venture.

Luckily, eCommerce SEO is the most customizable channel you will ever encounter. You can tailor the strategies according to your business and optimize the store for the best outcomes in a short span.

Indeed, eCommerce SEO can be the best investment as it is customized to fine-tune your business specifically.

5. Massive Social Media Presence

Have you ever found a business and gone to find its official social media handles? You must have. We all have done so once in our lifetime.

Why do we check the businesses on social media? It’s because we like to investigate their social presence, followers, and engagements before investing in them.

So, social media presence is a vital aspect for eCommerce stores.

You need to maintain a compelling social media presence to divert traffic from those platforms and search engines. How to do so? Through eCommerce SEO!

The SEO strategies optimize your business in all dimensions, including social media presence. The techniques offer a polished facade to your business, compelling the website visitors to find you on social media, follow your accounts, and engage with different posts.

6. Let Your Customers Find You

What’s the point in building an eCommerce store if customers cannot find you? You need to reach out to the customers at the right place and at the best moment. Only then, the leads will convert.

As eCommerce SEO improves your store rank on search engines, you remain visible to the customers when they search for something relevant to your offerings. All these factors, compel the search engine users to visit your store, engage with your offerings, and move down through your sales funnel.

7. Better Site Credibility, Higher Sales

We prefer shopping with a trustworthy business, don’t we? Much like us, most of your customers prefer engaging with your venture only if they find it sufficiently credible.

How to make your site look credible? How can you win-over audience trust towards your offerings? It’s through eCommerce SEO, simple!

The eCommerce SEO strategies fine-tune all crinkled aspects of your website. It polishes many factors like navigability that affect customer impression with your business.

Consequently, you can achieve better eCommerce credibility in the blink of an eye. Such reliability compels the users to engage with your business and convert more rapidly than your expectations.

8. A Remarkable Competitive Advantage

Even though eCommerce SEO is so essential, many businesses are miles away from investing in groundbreaking strategies.

So, you can turn all traffic towards your business if you leverage the eCommerce SEO techniques now! Yes, you’ve heard it correctly.

The sooner, the better.

As you leverage the SEO techniques in your website, fetching massive traffic, immense conversions, and higher profitability becomes a cakewalk. Consequently, you become a leader in the entire eCommerce landscape.

Indeed, a dream come true moment for you, isn’t it?

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How to SEO Your eCommerce Store?

With the fundamental SEO knowledge discussed above, you are leveled up to understand the implementation part.

Let’s look at the famous eCommerce SEO strategies and get a glimpse of how to leverage them in your website. Keep reading!

How to SEO Your eCommerce Store

1. Keyword Research is a Must (Seriously!)

First things first! You need to invest time hunting the best keywords for your online store. Although it’s highly boring, you cannot escape this step whatsoever.

If you miss out on finding the most appropriate keywords for your business, things might go wrong. You will jump onto phrases that already have immense competition.

Another real-life scenario can be that you will land at keywords that are low-target and do not fetch enough buyers for your business.

In any case, the situation isn’t ideal for your venture. So, keyword research is an unavoidable technique in your SEO strategy.

Here’s how to search for high-target keywords in your domain.

1. Conduct Research on Amazon

The Amazon search bar is your paradise for high-target keywords.

As you type something on the search bar, you will find numerous suggestions for completing your sentence. They resemble the high-target keywords for your business.

2. Competitor Research is a Point

You must have some stores that you admire and consider benchmarks in your domain. They are the ultimate competitors for your business.

So, what could be better than identifying the keywords your competitors use for ranking on search engines? Sounds like a plan, right?

Well, you can do so by using some external tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, SpyFu and preparing a list of all high-ranking keywords in your domain.

3. Ahrefs – The Ultimate Keywords Tool

Ahrefs is an all-rounder. From keyword research to backlink building, it allows you to do everything from an SEO perspective.

All you need is to sign up with their platform, feed some domain-related terms, and bam! You will find a detailed list of all high-performing keywords in your domain with additional information like volume, rank, and ranking difficulty.

By the end, you will have a list of all the best keywords you will ever find for your eCommerce store. Keep the list handy as you will require referring to it frequently in all the steps mentioned below.

Moving on, let’s get a glimpse of all other must-know SEO techniques.

2. Tweak the eCommerce Site Architecture

Believe it or not, the eCommerce site architecture can dramatically affect your sales.

Now, you might be wondering how an efficient site architecture appears? Well, it encompasses the best navigability, easily accessible product pages, and highly simplified categorization.

Woah! That’s a lot to remember, isn’t it?

Why not follow the below golden rules when designing the eCommerce site architecture?

All these factors will allow the search engine crawlers to go through your website rapidly. Consequently, you can expect the best rank for your store on high-target keywords.

You can put the above rules in action in the following ways:

Bonus Tip: You can add related product suggestions on each page for enhanced cross-selling opportunities on your eCommerce store.

3. On-Page SEO: The Keywords in Action!

You must have guessed the meaning of on-page SEO by the headline.

For those who didn’t, don’t worry; we’ll discuss on-page SEO in detail right below.

So, what is on-page SEO? It is the method of leveraging the high-target keywords in the right places and getting the pages indexed on search engines.

On-page SEO has different types. What are they? You can have different on-page strategies for blog content, products, and category pages.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

On-Page SEO Techniques for Products:

Product pages are essential and direct your leads towards all the offerings listed on your website. Do you agree?

So, begin with optimizing the product pages, before doing anything.

All you need is to refer to the list of keywords made above and embed them in the following places on your product pages.

1. Page URL

You wouldn’t believe that search engines index page URLs. Yes, that’s true!

So, you need to leverage the keywords in the URL of product pages in the best way. However, that doesn’t mean stuffing the permalinks with keywords.

2. Product Page Title

The H1 tag of your product pages is the best place to leverage at least one high-target keyword naturally.

The product titles help the search engines understand the intention of your website and rank it thereafter. So, you need to wordsmith the title for maximum efficiency.

3. Product  Description/Copy

The product description or copy has the highest number of words than anywhere else on the product pages. So, you have the best chance to throw some keywords in the content and rank higher on search engines.

Figure out some high-target phrases and leverage them in the description for the best crawling aftermath.

4. Image Text

Let the search engines understand the intent of product images by optimizing their descriptions. Additionally, you can implement some high-target keywords to get the best impact.

5. Meta Tag

The meta title and description have the highest impact in boosting your website’s overall rank. So, optimize these entities by leveraging the best keywords at the earliest.

You can follow similar techniques like optimizations for meta tags, page titles, image heading, body content, and H1 tag for blog content and category pages too.

4. Conduct Technical Site Audits

Technical site audits are necessary evils.

It can dramatically boost your website performance but requires diving deeper into the technical side of your eCommerce store.

What can technical audits surface for your website? Or, more precisely, what can you improve through technical audits? Here is your answer!

5. Local SEO: The Game-Changer!

Do you know? A majority of product searches have terms like ‘near me,’ ‘in the USA,’ etc.

Why should you care? It’s because customers are more likely to purchase from a local business.

So, you have a golden chance of investing in local SEO and wooing all regional customers for your business. Sounds like a monopoly, isn’t it?

All you need is to find some local keywords and embed them in all places on your website. From product pages to blog articles, you can leverage the key phrases for maximum store visibility on SERPs.

Besides, you can set up a Google My Business profile for your venture and attract massive traffic towards the website. It becomes essential if you have a brick-and-mortar type business.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

The eCommerce SEO strategies discussed above aren’t as simple as they sound. They require immense investments of time, consistency, and dedication for things to work out as expected.

Besides, you require expertise to direct the campaign towards success. Sounds difficult? Don’t worry! Team AGS is here to help you.

We have the following attributes, making us the best eCommerce SEO agency out there. Watch out!

Indeed, eCommerce SEO can help you lead the industry, gain maximum visibility on search engines, attract massive organic traffic, churn a higher revenue, and whatnot. But you might feel overwhelmed by the techniques when it comes to implementing them. However, with Auxano Global Services, the ride becomes simple, efficient, and fruitful.

So, what makes you wait? Connect with our experts now.

Amazon SEO: A Step-by-Step Complete Guide To Rank On Amazon in 2022

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So, you are ready to list your products on Amazon. But, hey! Did you do the homework? The research that can make your Amazon listings more visible to the target audiences and increase your sales.

Is it pending? Yes?

You need to postpone product launching right now! Get attentive and start making notes as the following article can dramatically change your life.

What are we discussing, anyway? It’s about Amazon SEO. The powerful yet overlooked aspect to skyrocket your sales on the giant marketplace. Amazon SEO can distinguish your products from a pool of similar offerings from different vendors, and promote the buyers to shop from your business.

Sounds interesting? We can make it happen! All you need is to understand the concepts of Amazon SEO, leverage them correctly, and generate substantial sales. That’s it!

Below we will discuss everything that you should know about Amazon SEO. Auxano Global Services brings the Ultimate Amazon SEO guide for your business.

But, halt!

Before diving into hardcore technicalities and advanced concepts about Amazon SEO, it’s time to blow your mind with some numbers.

Impressive, right? Now that you are all buckled up to learn Amazon SEO and leverage the hacks, let’s begin the discussion.

Keep reading!

Video SEO: The Ultimate Guide To Video SEO That 110% Help You [2022]

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Do you know? Nearly 82% of all internet traffic will come from videos by 2022.

That’s insane, isn’t it? It’s an era of the video revolution. Such media have the highest chances to become viral among the audiences. So, focussing on videos for marketing can be an excellent idea.

How do you make your videos reach out to a massive viewer base? The answer is video SEO. It can make your brand videos jump before millions of potential customers hovering on the Internet, and compel them to convert with your business.

Video SEO requires minimal effort to skyrocket your media-driven campaign. Now, you might be thinking that video SEO is costly. No! Video SEO is inexpensive and provides sure-shot results to your venture.

What’s the benefit of investing in video SEO, anyway? How do you leverage video SEO for yourself? Answers to all these questions, and some more, are hidden right below.

But before doing anything, let’s process some more numbers to give you a better perspective of videos and SEO paradigms.

Feeling fueled up? So, buckle up and join the exciting ride of video SEO with Auxano Global Services in the ultimate guide 2022.

Let’s dive in!

What Exactly is Video SEO?

What Exactly is Video SEO

Before jumping onto advanced concepts, you need to have an in-depth understanding of video SEO.

So, what on earth is video SEO?

Video SEO is a method to promote your videos on the top Search Engine Results Page [SERP] and enhance their rank on various high-target keywords.

What’s the impact of such efforts?

When your videos come up among the top search engine results, more internet users watch them and become aware of your business or campaign. Consequently, the chances of more people moving down through your sales funnel increase.

Video SEO can unlock a myriad of advantages for you. All that it takes is some knowledge, consistent efforts, and some patience for the best outcomes to surface.

Sounds interesting? Let’s know more about Video SEO right below!

Video SEO: Benefits to Make You Crazy!

By now, we have been praising video SEO. You already know that video SEO can be a boon for your campaign. But how?

In other words, what are the benefits that video SEO unlocks for your initiative? To be precise, many! Let’s walk through the advantages of video SEO for more inspiration.

Video SEO: Benefits to Make You Crazy

1. Retain Site Visitors

One of the most essential aspects of optimizing your videos is retaining the traffic for a more prolonged period.

Videos can keep viewers engaged and hooked on your website. Consequently, you can get more time to impress them with your offerings and encourage them to convert like never before.

2. Rank Your Videos on Search Engines

Nothing’s better than gaining organic traffic for your business. Agree?

You have a golden opportunity to rank your videos on the top SERPs and divert massive organic traffic towards your business.

Since these results depend on keywords that users leverage in their searches, most website visitors have intentions to engage with your business and convert rapidly.

3. Increased Website Traffic

Search engines are the place where millions of potential customers hover every minute.

Why not convert them for your business? Video SEO gives you an amazing opportunity to do so.

Such efforts help you rank the videos among top search engine results that drive away a majority of clicks. Consequently, your website registers voluminous traffic eager to know about your business and convert.

4. Higher Brand Awareness

Believe it or not, brand awareness can make or break the game in the industry.

Videos can help you ace the awareness game in the blink of an eye. Not all your competitors use videos to spread their message among potential customers. So, here’s your unique chance to reach out to the audience and hook them using SEO tactics.

5. Massive Link Building Opportunities

Videos can help you get backlinks to your website.

Through SEO, you can push such videos to the top of SERPs and watch the backlinks in action. Also, you can embed links to other essential pages of your business and divert massive organic traffic towards them in a short span.

Why Should You Invest in Video SEO?

Indeed, the benefits of video SEO are remarkable.

But the above advantages do not encourage you much to invest in Video SEO. It’s on us now!

Here are some of the excellent reasons that support your investment in video SEO. Watch out!

Why Should You Invest in Video SEO

1. More Videos, More Benefits

Videos are here to stay for the longest.

You can boost your business in spurts by releasing an optimized video in regular intervals and getting them ranked higher on search engines.

Surprisingly, each time you launch a new video, you have the golden opportunity to divert massive traffic towards your websites.

2. Push Your Sales

Video SEO entertains only the organic traffic.

Such traffic comes to your business doorstep due to their searches having relevant keywords. So, they have the highest intention to engage with your offerings and convert dramatically.

So, they can push your sales and boost your profitability like never before. Try it out!

3. Build Customer Trust

Videos appeal to the viewers unimaginably.

They can narrate your brand story and win-over leads’ confidence in almost no time. So, they become encouraged to move down through your sales funnel and stay connected for the most prolonged period.

4. Videos Hook Mobile Users

You must have heard SEO experts yelling about captivating mobile users.

Optimizing your website for mobile users can be tricky and the results might take months to surface. However, here’s a trick!

Videos perform miraculously on mobile devices. So, you can use video SEO to rank the media on search engines and entertain smartphone-using customers.

Now, you might be inspired enough to use video SEO for your business. But how do you optimize your videos? That’s the mainframe question.

Follow along with the article to know more.

How to SEO Your Videos?

Video creation is simple and you might be fuming with ideas.

But what about video SEO? You don’t know the techniques to do so yet. Worry no more! Here is your ultimate guide to teach you the fundamental tactics to skyrocket the video SEO campaign. Stay tuned!

How to SEO Your Videos

1. Find Keywords that Work!

First things first! You need to figure out the phrases that your target audience leverages when searching for something related to your industry.

These phrases are called keywords!

Keywords can dramatically up the game of video SEO. So, you need to make a list of all high-target key phrases that might help you in getting your videos to rank higher on search engines.

Apart from short keywords, you can target long-tail phrases to optimize your videos for voice searches.

All you need is to make a list of all high-performing keywords before initiating your video SEO campaign. You will require embedding these phrases almost everywhere. So, keeping the keyword list handy might help.

2. Do Not Forget the Subtitles

Although it might sound unnecessary, subtitles are the drill in a video SEO strategy.

Many people use subtitles only and keep the audio muted when watching videos. It might be due to any reason, privacy being the most prominent one. So, embedding subtitles in your video can bring a better user experience.

Consequently, you can grab the traffic to the benefit of your business.

From the SEO perspective, adding subtitles provide more information about your videos to the search engine crawlers. So, you get higher chances of videos getting better ranks on SERP in almost no time.

All in all, subtitles can change the game of your video SEO campaign and unlock immense benefits for your business.

3. Choose Thumbnails Wisely

Have you ever observed video results on Google’s SERP?

They entail a prominent thumbnail along with a video description.

Most of the time, video thumbnails determine the click-through rates on search engines. So, you need to wisely work on them.

Picking an interesting and compelling thumbnail is essential in driving your SEO campaign towards success. But how do you choose a click-worthy thumbnail for your videos? Here are some tips to do so!

4. Write Hooking Video Titles

Video titles are the second most noteworthy aspect after thumbnails on a Search Engine Results Page.

So, you need to craft them carefully and embed attention-grabbing terms for added impacts.

Also, search engines index video titles and leverage them in deciding the rank of such media on the result pages.

Writing productive video titles have two impacts, thus. And you would like to harness both, wouldn’t you?

So, here are some of the mind-boggling SEO tips to curate game-changing video titles for your campaign. Have a look!

5. Optimize Video Descriptions

Descriptions have more information about a video. Do you agree?

So, these are goldmines for search engine crawlers to understand your videos better and decide their ranks on SERPs.

How to make video descriptions richer from the SEO perspective?

You can do the following things to write descriptions that hook your audience and help your videos rank higher on search engines. Have a look!

6. Optimize Your Videos for Mobile Viewers

Do you know? Search engines prefer videos that are optimized for mobile viewing.

So, optimizing the videos for mobile devices can be a game-changing SEO strategy. But how to do so?

Hosting your videos on popular platforms like YouTube makes them mobile-friendly by default. So, you do not require doing extra moves to improve their mobile viewing score.

However, you might face some problems when using a not-so-popular video hosting platform.

7. Harness Social Traffic

Apart from search engines, videos perform miraculously on social media. And, as you know, social traffic can boost your conversions like never before.

Do you wish to attract social traffic to your business? Here’s your golden chance to do so.

All you need is to promote the optimized videos on social media and divert massive traffic towards your venture. Isn’t that so simple?

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Video creation and SEO might consume more time than you expected. Consequently, your core business operations might suffer.

Besides, novice hands might not give your satisfactory results as video SEO is not a cakewalk. Is there a midway?

Luckily, yes.

You can collaborate with the best video SEO company, Auxano Global Services, to fetch the following benefits.

Video SEO is the most groundbreaking aspect for your business. Although it might sound simple, video SEO might intimidate you when it comes to implementing the techniques.

So, do you wish video SEO experts to assist you? Contact us now.

Latest Step-by-Step Guide To Magento SEO [2022]

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Magento online stores are excellent and profitable. Since the platform’s inception, everyone seems to sing praises of Magento.

Can you fetch all the values from the Magento storefront as expected?


Something’s wrong with your store!

Despite selling valuable and unique products, your store isn’t getting popular. That’s the case of an unoptimized online business.

Or, more precisely, you need to optimize your Magento store as soon as possible to unlock higher worth for your venture. Can we optimize a Magento store?

Hell yes!

Magento SEO is a buzzword in the eCommerce world. Leading Magento-driven businesses are breaking the ice by optimizing their stores through search engine best practices.

You might be thinking that Magento SEO is a crux. No, it isn’t! Magento SEO is not a special theory of relativity, and you can master it in minutes!

Auxano Global Services brings the ultimate Magento SEO guide to identify your store flaws and unlock massive conversions.

But, here’s a bumper!

Before diving into the advanced layers of Magento SEO, let’s spare some time digging into numbers for some more inspiration. Have a look!

Woah! Impressive, right? Now, let’s learn everything about Magento SEO and tweak your storefront accordingly.

WooCommerce SEO: Your Step-by-Step Ultimate Guide To Rank in 2022

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Do you have a WooCommerce store? Or Planning for WooCommerce SEO?


Are you not happy with the online store returns? Something’s fishy with your storefront if it’s a yes!

You’ll be surprised to know that WordPress and WooCommerce drive around 1.5 million online stores – that’s 39% of all businesses!

So many storefronts lead to Internet overcrowding. What does that mean? It implies that the web has become a competitive sphere for online businesses these days. Customers have numerous options before them. They will eye on your storefront only if that’s optimized.

Did we say store optimization? Yes, we did!

No matter how much value your store sells, it will remain hidden from customers without optimization. And, what’s the point of launching an online business that your leads cannot find?

With WooCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO), stones get unturned for the good! These techniques can not only enhance your site visibility but also attract more organic and convertible traffic.

Don’t believe us? Here are some numbers to change your mind!

It’s high time to buckle up and revise your store options for SEO. But how do you do so? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

Let’s discuss the ABCs of WooCommerce SEO in our ultimate guide below!

How to Hire Game Developers in 2022? [Ultimate Guide]

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Game development is one of the leading trends in 2021. Like this year, game development will rule the industry in 2022, say experts. So, you will require the assistance of proficient game developers to produce classic products that create benchmarks in the industry. Are you wondering how to hire game developers? Don’t worry!

Auxano Global Services brings the ultimate guide to How to Hire game developers in 2022. Let’s get started!

What is Game Development?

Games penetrated almost all devices and are one of the most popular technology products among the masses. However, not all games become popular and impress audiences.

So, game development is the process of orchestrating a flawless blueprint, brainstorming on the creation, and releasing a flawless product that becomes an instant hit among users.

Besides, it also focuses on identifying the best features and integrating them into the games. Also, the development part extends to maintaining the products with regular updates and versioning.

Who are Game Developers?

Game developers are professionals having years of experience in building intriguing games and are proficient with various tools available in the market.

These professionals align all their abilities to design premium games having the latest features that gain wildfire popularity among the masses.

Types of Game Developers

Before hiring game Developers, it’s essential to know their types and domain proficiency.

You can segregate these professionals as game designers and developers. Let’s throw some light on the role of the two.

Types of Game Developers

1. Game Designer

A game designer focuses on the aesthetics part. They decide how the game looks and feels when running on a user’s device. Since visual appearance has a significant role in the games industry, designers are highly important in building revolutionary products.

2. Game Developer

These professionals work on the technological aspect of the games. They decide how the product is created to match with the objectives laid by the customers. Also, these people work with the latest tech stacks to provide a consistent experience to the gamers out there.

Why Should You Invest in Hiring Game Developers?

Now that you know everything about game development, you might be looking for a convincing reason to hire game developers. So, here is why you should invest in hiring game developers in 2022. Take a look!

Why Should You Invest in Hiring Game Developers?

1. Game Development is Trending

Since its inception, game development has become a trending domain. Also, games witness a massive user base, making the horizon more lucrative than ever.

Since games are here to stay forever, hiring game developers to build and refine such products can be a game-changing aspect for your business.

2. Access Experience

Your games might not become a massive hit if it misses out on one aspect that is an experience-driven development process. However, you can access years of industry experience by hiring proficient game developers.

3. Get Technological Expertise

Technological expertise plays a pivotal role in determining the fate of a game. So, you are required to get knee-deep in core technologies and become familiar with the latest ones to craft spectacular games.

Yes, it’s true that you do not have time to master the tech stacks before developing a game. So, get a team of game developers who have extreme proficiency in developing these products.

4. Avail of Consistent Support Services

Game development is not all about the creation phase. It extends to offer consistent support and maintenance services too.

So, hiring a game development team ensures that your games remain bug-free and smooth even after the development phase.

How to Hire Game Developers in 2022?

Enough of beating around the bush! Now, let’s jump into knowing the secrets of hiring game developers in 2022. Here are the top things to consider when recruiting such professionals.

How to Hire Game Developers in 2022?

1. Check their Portfolio

A portfolio reveals many aspects about a developer. It tells whether they have the exposure in building games that you wish to create or not.

Also, you can analyze the portfolio to decide whether the game developer is a multi-genre professional or works in one domain only.

2. Look at the Years of Experience

Experience plays a pivotal role in building games that are a revolution in the industry. Inexperienced professionals cannot craft games that fulfill your objectives and conquer the hearts of the users.

So, consider their experiences when hiring game developers for your purpose. The more the experience, the better the product will be.

3. Consider Technological Proficiency

Games are all about high-end technologies. Numerous stacks align to develop fascinating and popular games that we use. So, technological proficiency is a thing when building games.

Check their technological expertise before hiring game developers for your team. They should have proficiency in age-old technologies and remain familiar with the latest stacks as well.

4. Remain Clear About the Hiring Process

It’s essential to decide on a hiring process before approaching a developer. These professionals have a time crunch and prefer discussing such preliminary terms before getting onboarded.

So, you should have a clear image of how the hiring process appears and discuss it with the professionals in time. It saves immense time and allows the developers to come prepared for recruitment.

5. Discuss the Payment Terms

Believe it or not, major conflicts arise around hiring game developers and staying opaque around payment terms. Such issues speak badly about you as recruiters.

So, remain clear about the payment terms and ask the developers for their consent on the same during the onboarding process.

6. Discuss Working Hours

Working hours can make or break the harmony between recruiters and developers. You might think of projecting the developers to 8 hours of work. But the developer wishes to work for 6 hours only. What’s the impact? Conflicts!

So, discuss the working hours in time to avoid such conflicts after onboarding. Also, as recruiters, you need to become a bit negotiable to extract the best for both of you.

7. Choose the Best Game Development Company

Posting your requirements on job boards and scanning all applications can be a thing. However, it’s not the best way to hire game developers.

You can approach the Best Game development company that houses leading professionals and allow you to hire them through intriguing engagement models.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Game Developers in 2022?

As games gain an impetus among users, hiring game developers becomes more affordable. The cost to hire game developers depends on their location and years of experience in the industry. Based on the developer locations, here is a list of the expenses that you might encounter.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Game Developers in 2022?

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is the leading game development company that houses numerous professionals to fulfill your goals and objectives. We have the following attributes to help you:

Investing in game development and hiring the best game professionals is now a reality. Get in touch with Auxano Global Services to Hire the best game developers today!

Unity Vs Unreal Engine: Which Game Engine Is Best? [Ultimate Comparison 2022]

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What does the word ‘game’ bring to your mind? Is it PUBG, Call of Duty, Candy Crush Saga, or all three? That’s the magic spelled by mobile games these days! The robust, adventurous, and thrilling games have made everyone go gaga behind them.

It’s quite impressive to watch the gaming industry mushrooming into what it is today, over the years. Along with the by-products, gaming engines are undergoing a transition for life. The game-savvy masses are well-acquainted with Unity and Unreal engines – the primary entity behind mind-boggling experiences.

As the gaming industry expands to become a billion-dollar sector, gaming engine development is at an all-time high. Statistics reveal that the gaming engine market will touch the mark of $3981.20 million by 2026. More interesting is the fact that the game engine landscape is growing at a whopping CAGR of 8.8%.

What Do You Mean By Game Engine?

Let’s concrete our understanding of a game engine before unwrapping more layers!

So, what’s a game engine? You can perceive a game engine to be a software development environment (SDE) that facilitates, optimizes, and configures robust game development in a wide array of programming languages.

The 2D or 3D game engines have a myriad of mind-boggling development features like compatibility with animation and sound engines, AI-driven functionalities, and support for various input formats.

Such features and built-in capabilities speed up the game development process, allowing developers to deliver better products in enhanced turnaround time. Indeed, these engines are revolutions in the game development horizon!

What are the Types of Game Engines?

When discussing game engines, we recall two giant players in the arsenal – Unity and Unreal engines. What do we mean by these terms? Let’s get introduced to Unity and Unreal engines right below!

1. Unity Games

Are you starting in the games development arena? It’s time to taste the Unity engine waters! The cross-platform app development engine, Unity, stands behind some of the leading games worldwide.

It lets you develop 2D and 3D products with AR/VR experiences using different programming languages like JavaScript and Unity Script.

Here are the advantages that edge Unity games in the industry:

2. Unreal Engine

Developed by Epic Games in 1998, game developers used the Unreal engine to create first-person shooter games. However, the Unreal engine features spelled a charisma on the developers leading them to leverage it behind other types of games as well.

Unmatched graphics and its hold in the AAA gaming environment make Unreal engines a developer’s favorite utility.

Some of the remarkable advantages of the Unreal engine are as follows:

Leading Games Based on Unity Engine:

It’s time to get inspired! Are you wondering about the topmost Unity games? Here is the ultimate list!

Leading Games Based on Unity Engine

You must have heard about these popular games, haven’t you? These are the products that lead the market and have penetrated the lives of a massive gamer base. With the Unity environment, these games transform into a big-picture reality.

Leading Games Based on Unreal Engine:

Unreal games have earned wildfire popularity since the engine’s inception. The state-of-the-art graphics offered by the engine has become a favorite for everyone, developers and gamers.

Initially developed to build first-person games, the Unreal engine has extended to become backbones for a myriad of other products as well. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the most prominent Unreal games to change your perspective about the engine:

Leading Games Based on Unreal Engine

Have you played these games before? If not, you must have surely heard about them several times. Besides, more games have swooned the industry and penetrated thousands of devices to date.

Unity Vs. Unreal Engine – The Battle Begins!

The most-awaited time has come. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! It’s about the differences between Unity and the Unreal engine.

By now, you are already familiar with the meaning and importance of game engines. Also, you are well-acquainted with the types of game engines and their advantages for developers.

Besides, you have walked through the popular games based on Unity and Unreal engine. But, one thing remains missing. We haven’t compared the engines yet. You need to know about the contrasting features in Unity and Unreal engine before choosing one of them for your projects.

Since Auxano Global Services is the leading 2D 3D games development company, we are here to discuss the ultimate comparison between the engines. So, let the battle of Unity vs. Unreal engine begin!

Unity Vs. Unreal Engine - The Battle Begins

1. Programming Language Dependency

Do you know what concerns a game developer the most? It’s the programming language dependency of an engine. So, you should know the compatible languages for both engines before making a choice.

Unity leverages C# and JavaScript for writing game development codes. In contrast, the Unreal engine remains compatible with the C++ programming language.

2. Community Support

At some point in the lives of game developers, they refer to the engine community for assistance. Knowing about community support becomes more essential if you are a beginner in the industry.

Although both engines have somewhat massive communities, Unity edges out the Unreal engine in terms of more frequently-updated support queries.

3. Asset Store

Mods are something that makes developers go crazy. These mods are available on the asset store that lets you install them and create more compelling games for the audiences.

To be honest, Unity gets the center stage regarding asset stores. It has more intriguing mods that change the experience of any game, regardless of its appearance.

4. Visuals and Graphics

Let’s agree that visuals play a pivotal impact in popularizing a game among users. So, you cannot ignore the graphics parameter when comparing Unity vs. Unreal engine.

The Unreal engine takes the lead when it comes to visual effects. It has advanced lighting and particle simulation features to create worth-playing games for gamers. Besides, you can create all types of visual impacts using the Unreal engine in 2D or 3D games.

5. Developer Documentation

Documentation can be a game-changer when developing games using an engine for the first time. Do you agree?

Well, both the engines, Unreal and Unity, have comprehensive documentation that explains all their features to the users. However, you can easily find out that Unity3D has more courses and tutorials than the Unreal engine. So, you might face slight difficulty understanding some functionalities of the Unreal engine.

6. Engine Source Code

Discussing source code openness might be an advanced topic. But, you need to know everything regarding both engines before choosing any of them for your game development projects.

The Unreal engine is open-source. It means that it is open for the community for enhancements and fine-tuning according to their requirements. However, it is not the same scenario with Unity.

7. Rendering Capability

Who likes lagging rendering and delayed post-processing, in turn? No one!

This might be a frustrating issue with Unity as its rendering engine is time-consuming. With faster rendering capabilities in Unreal, it leads the entire gaming industry.

8. Simplicity

Simplicity might be a groundbreaking point of comparison, especially when you are a naive developer.

Unity leads the Unreal engine regarding ease of use. It encompasses a navigable interface that optimizes game development for the users.

Which One to Choose – Unity or Unreal Engine?

Let’s make it straightforward and crisp for you!

Are you a beginner in programming and wish to try your fate in games development? Unity is your answer if it’s a yes!

In contrast, you can choose the Unreal engine if coding is not your thing but you crave an exceptional graphical performance.

The choice is yours ultimately!

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Game?

You must be worried about the pockets if you wish to develop a fascinating game using any of these engines.

Although the exact cost depends on various factors like architecture and features, you can expect to spend around $35,000 to $60,000 to develop a compelling game using Unity.

An Unreal engine-based game will cost you anywhere between $40,000 to $50,000. Besides, you might require to pay more depending on the features and functionalities that the game possesses.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is the leading name in the Unity and Unreal games development industry. Our technology expertise and handpicked workforce make us the best games development company worldwide.

When it comes to developing captivating games that steal the show overnight, team AGS can help you dramatically. Are you wondering what makes us the topmost agency in the landscape? Here are the attributes that provide us with an unbeatable competitive advantage in the market. Take a look!

Game development using Unity and Unreal engines is taking over the world. As games have become a lifestyle for various users, it’s the best time to invest in games development.

Need assistance in developing Unity and Unreal games? Contact us now.

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A Step-by-Step Guide To Develop a Pediatrics On-demand App [2022]

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Nothing is ‘normal’ after the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 outbreak impacted our routine lifestyle and brought revolutions in almost all businesses. Among all brutally affected industries, the medicine and healthcare sector seems to have bruised the most. Essentially, social distancing changed the manner doctors and patients interact. Check-ups went online to avoid the contraction and spread of the infectious coronavirus.

This all-new scheme of healthcare services is called telemedicine. The new facade of treatment is gaining wildfire popularity due to immense convenience for doctors and patients.

The U.S. telehealth industry witnessed a 154% increase in visits in 2020. Interestingly, pediatrics telemedicine witnessed massive growth since the onset of the pandemic.

Various pediatrics apps came into existence to offer on-demand health services to infants and children. So, do you want to develop an on-demand pediatrics app? You’ve hopped at the best place if it’s a yes!

What is an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

What is an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

Like other on-demand applications, pediatrics apps offer anytime medical consultation services for patients via the Internet on smartphones and portable devices.

It is a virtual platform that connects patients to pediatricians. The robust app allows doctors to inspect the patients, diagnose the disease, and prescribe medicines through a one-to-one face-timing session. Also, it allows patients to share medicinal reports for the doctors to examine and suggest remedial measures.

Such virtual apps allow patients to escape unnecessary hospital charges while availing themselves of premium consultations from home. All these factors contribute to uplifting pediatrics apps and making them the best telemedicine solutions in the industry.

Do you wish to develop an on-demand pediatrics app? Let’s find out the resources, investment, and everything required to build a classic solution from scratch. Keep reading!

Leading On-Demand Pediatrics Apps 2021

It’s time to get inspired! Let’s take a look at some of the best on-demand pediatrics apps, leading the telemedicine industry in 2021.

Leading On-Demand Pediatrics Apps 2021

1. KidzDocNow

KidzDocNow is one of the topmost pediatrician apps out there. It allows the users to scan through various doctor profiles and find the most suitable one for their wards. Also, it unlocks the option of video calling the healthcare provider as and whenever needed.

2. MDLive

MDLive takes pediatrician telemedicine services to all-new heights. It offers prescription home delivery services for everyone. Besides, you can browse through numerous doctor profiles and choose the best one for your children.

Like other on-demand applications, you can connect with healthcare providers via in-app phone and video calling features.

3. Lemonaid Health

Another revolution among on-demand pediatrician applications, the Lemonaid Health app, is creating benchmarks for others to follow. This platform has the elementary features of scanning doctor profiles, shortlisting the best ones, and video calling them. That’s not all!

It allows patients to ask medicinal questions from the health experts on the platform. Furthermore, it assists in delivering the prescribed medicines at desired addresses to the patients.

4. Babylon

Pediatricians and patients love Babylon. Such an app lets the users scroll through numerous doctor profiles and find the perfect one for their kids. The users can also call the healthcare service provider for a better online diagnosis.

Apart from all these features, Babylon has exclusive COVID-19 assistance on the platform. Furthermore, it has the easiest appointment facilities that save time and allow simplified consultations. Also, the app assists in medicine delivery to various destinations based on prescriptions.

Feeling sparked? That’s all you needed! Buckle up as we now proceed to develop similar experiences for a massive user base.

Benefits of On-Demand Pediatrics App

Did you ever wonder about the reason making on-demand pediatrician apps so popular? Essentially, the benefits offered by such applications are your answer. So, let’s quickly consider the advantages of using an on-demand pediatrician app.

Benefits of On-Demand Pediatrics App

1. Enhanced Convenience

Who doesn’t love to be treated at home! It becomes a requirement when the patient gets severely ill and is unable to move out of the house. On-demand pediatrician apps are a boon for such scenarios. Expert consultations come to the users’ doorsteps to offer pinpointed diagnoses at the highest convenience.

2. Better Patient Outcomes

During the conventional cases of hospital appointments and clinic visits, doctors and nursing staff had to manage numerous tasks. Consequently, their time for patients used to get distributed.

Thanks to pediatrician apps, healthcare providers can eliminate all unnecessary responsibilities like clinic management and entirely focus on patients’ heath.

3. Eliminates Paperwork

Physical visits and appointments implied volumes of paperwork for the doctors. Maintaining patient files and regularly updating the records was not a cakewalk.

Luckily, the advent of on-demand pediatrician apps eliminated paperwork from doctors’ lives. They can let the app store all health records and paperwork in their smartphones, without requiring them to brainstorm.

4. Reduced Hospital Admittance Rate

Understandably, better health reduces hospital visits. Nothing can beat the wellness rate when a patient is treated at home. As the pediatrician apps bring expert consultations to the doorsteps, the hospital admittance rate reduces dramatically. It is one of the most prominent reasons behind such apps getting highly popular.

5. Affordable Services

Hospital and clinic visits incorporate numerous additional charges that raise the final bill to mind-blowing heights. Situations are way different when using on-demand pediatrician apps.

With all excess charges at bay, these platforms provide the patients with affordable services accessible from the comfort of their homes.

6. Improved Work-Life Balance for Doctors

Gone are the days when doctors had to spend hours in their cabins, clinics, and hospitals. They can give appointments and provide consultation services on the go using premium pediatrician apps. Consequently, doctors can enjoy an improved work-life balance nowadays.

7. Massive ROI

Doctors used to heavily spend on infrastructure, equipment, and managerial staff. As consultations went online, it eliminated all these expenses, producing substantial ROI for the doctors.

8. Competitive Advantage

Believe it or not, patients seek comfort and convenience through on-demand pediatrics apps. Despite being such an impressive platform, many doctors have not connected to such solutions yet.

However, the ones who did are enjoying merry days. They can attract more patients and churn a higher ROI in almost no time.

Why Invest in Developing an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

By now, you are well aware of the benefits that these platforms offer from a user perspective. Now, you might be wondering about the advantages that an investor gets by developing an on-demand pediatrics app. Take a look at the reasons below!

Why Invest in Developing an On-Demand Pediatrics App

1. Social Distancing is Here to Stay

Social distancing protocols were not limited to the pandemic. Now, when the outbreak is contained, physical distancing remains in place. Statistics and research suggest that it is here to stay for the longest tenure.

Patients, especially the parents, are likely to avoid crowded hospitals and clinics. An on-demand pediatrics app comes as a savior for everyone. So, investing in such apps will dramatically benefit the investors.

2. A Higher ROI

A majority of patients (or their parents) possess smartphones. With the right advertisement in place, they can download on-demand pediatrics apps on their mobiles and connect to the doctors according to their convenience. So, these digital products will experience heavier user traffic in the future, producing a higher ROI.

3. Future of Healthcare

Doctors and nursing staff cannot ignore the facilities offered by on-demand pediatrics apps. So, these products will become the future of healthcare services in some time. It’s the ripest moment to develop such solutions and churn massive revenues in the future.

How to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

How to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App

You are already well-familiar with several elementary facts regarding on-demand pediatrics apps. Now, let’s get to the best part: developing the platform. Let’s see how you can craft the most beautiful experience for doctors and patients.

1. Audience Research

First things first! It would help if you understood the expectations of the target audiences regarding the on-demand pediatrics app. You should know the features and functionalities they seek in such a platform. Such an analysis will give you a clear vision to develop a flawless product.

2. Specifications

Now that you know what the audience wants in your digital product, you can select the specifications. Wait, what does specification mean? It refers to the features and characteristics that an on-demand pediatrics app possesses.

You can refer to the leading apps in the industry and choose must-have features for your application. Besides, you can find several out-of-the-box functionalities as well.

3. Hiring an App Development Company

Developing an impeccable application from scratch is not a cakewalk. You require experience and expertise to craft such a platform. Also, you can hire all these by collaborating with a leading on-demand app development company like Auxano Global Services.

4. Choosing the Right Stack

Now, it’s time to sort out one of the most challenging tasks. Choosing the technology stack for app development can make or break the game. You can consult with the chosen app development company to decide the most suitable technologies for your on-demand pediatrics app project.

5. Selecting the Platform

Where do you wish to release the app? Is it only for Android users? Or, will the app remain available for both iOS and Android users? These are the questions that you must answer at this point. It is a critical step that influences the entire development process. So, choose wisely!

6. Consider UI/UX Development

Believe it or not, UI/UX can influence the audience’s impression. So, spend considerable time discussing the best application appearance with your technology partner. This step is essential before diving into the core developmental part.

7. App Development

With all prerequisites fulfilled, the app development agency can now focus on developing the on-demand pediatrics app for you. Meanwhile, they might come up with product prototypes and seek feedback from you. It would help if you remained honest during such phases and direct the developers in the right direction.

8. Product Release

Finally, the product becomes ready to be released after several iterations and enhancements. Now, you can begin advertisements and launch the product in the market for public use.

What are the Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

An on-demand pediatrics app is all about mind-boggling features. Are you wondering about the essential features of your desired platform? Here they are!

What are the Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Pediatrics App

1. Patient App

1. Registration/Login

Users can supply unique credentials to the app to register with or log into the platform.

2. Appointments

Patients can find available slots and easily book doctor appointments through the app.

3. Search Profile

Patients can scan through various doctor profiles and find the most suitable one using an advanced searching feature.

4. In-App Chats and Calls

Patients can communicate to the doctors via in-app chats and video calls.

2. Doctor App

1. Profile Creation

Doctors need to fill in their academic and specialization details to join the on-demand app.

2. Accept or Deny Appointments

Doctors can accept or deny appointments according to their convenience.

3. Digital Prescription

Doctors can send digital prescriptions to patients after consultations.

4. Availability Slots

Doctors can adjust their availability slots according to their convenience.

3. Admin App

The admin app comprises essential features like profile management embedded in a comprehensive dashboard.

What is the Cost to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

What is the Cost to Develop an On-Demand Pediatrics App?

The exact cost of developing a tailor-made pediatrics app depends on various factors like location, features, etc. Besides, the choice of the mobile platform will influence the final bill raised by your technology partner. On average, you will be required to spend around $10,000-$12,000 to build an On-demand Pediatrics app with desired functionalities.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Our team is one of the most preferred workforces in the world. We have extensive experience in collaborating with several customers belonging to various industries.

At Auxano Global Services, we have the following attributes making us the best technology partner for on-demand pediatrics app development projects:

Indeed, telemedicine is the future of healthcare services. With the advent of separate applications for every division, premium consultations have become highly accessible to even remote locations. Consequently, these platforms will register more traffic, connect doctors to patients, and bring immense ROI for all stakeholders.

Need assistance in developing an on-demand pediatrics app? Contact us now.

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How Much Does It Really Cost To Design Website in 2022?

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The great accessibility to the internet has led to increasing the scope of online business growth with leaps and bounds. Since all the companies are thriving to be unique to attract their target audience, it is important to have a website that speaks for you.

To have a great impact, you must have a website design that leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers. You can easily find a top web design company in the USA and get hassle-free work done. However, web development cost or web designing cost is something you must consider while getting your desired website.

Being one of the best web design companies in the USA, we are familiar with proper website design as per targeting audience. In this article, we are going to explain how much it costs to design a website.

If you land with web development and design company with extraordinarily high or low prices then you may be falling into a trap. To hire web designers who are cost-effective and have got the right skills, you must do your homework and be aware of the web designing process.


Before going further, what if you get to know amazing facts about Website designing. UX and UI are very essential and a great part of it depends on how the website looks. Aesthetics are essential, therefore here are facts that prove how people value the looks of your website and how your competitors in the market are using it.

1. The design of your website determines 94% of the first impressions. First impressions have a long-term impact, ensure a good one with website designing.

2. A poorly designed saying that you might not be trustworthy, because of which your business can face negative impacts. Undoubtedly, 75% of the credibility of your business is spoken from a good website design.

3. What if people rather than converting leave your site for other alternate options available? Yes, it is a great pitfall, but you can cut the possibility down with a good website design. Because 89% of visitors to a website leave and choose a competitor after poor User Experience.

4. As we talked about competitors, do you know how many of them are investing in web designing? Generally, 73% of the companies invest in the good design of their website.

5. Do you know why they invest? The basic reason is 66% of the searchers visit a website and on average spend 15 minutes to consume the content available, only if the website is pleasing to look at.

6. Experts of web designers suggest that people leave a website after experiencing a non-responsive design.

7. The importance of web designers can be observed when the statistics show that the employment of web developers and digital designers is predicted to grow by 8% from 2019 to 2029. Compared to the average of all other occupations, this growth rate is the fastest.

How was the round of fascinating statistics of web designing? This wasn’t just fascinating but undeniable truth. Businesspersons and their stakeholders have been realizing the significance of good User Experience and User Interface.

Understanding the Web Design

The process of creating the overall look and feel of the website you are developing is web designing. It includes planning and building various elements of the website. These elements are structure, Layout, images, colors, fonts, and graphics.

It has many components that are working together to bring the idea into reality. These components include graphic designing, user experience design, search engine optimization and content creation. These elements work together to determine how a website will look, feel and work.

Many people might get confused between Web designing and Web development because they might seem similar. But that’s not true, web design is more of a creative, aesthetics and looks based approach, while development is actual coding that makes the website.

Types of Web Design you can invest in 2022

Before getting into the number of the cost you have to pay for website designing in 2022, let’s understand the types of web designs you can choose from. Experts can help you with any design structure, you just have to decide which type can suit your market, consumer and business requirements.

Here are 6 types of popularly used Web designs and also a little suggestion of when to use what?

Types of Web Design you can invest for in 2022

1. Single page

This option is when you want to convey all the information on a single page. The designer can make this page as long as you want, guiding people to scroll down to see more information.

This design is usually used with the linear or narrative style of content, on a single page, this can bring a form of connectivity to the viewers. This type of design is versatile with many unique and useful uses.

2. Static Website

A static design for a website come with little or no User Interaction and the design is usually consistent on all platforms. This type of design has a minimal cost and uses basic coding of HTML or CSS.

The simplicity of this model is good but it also means limited ability to interact with the visitors. These websites are used to relay information rather than for sell of goods and services.

3. Dynamic Website

Unlike Static Website, dynamic websites encourage people to interact with the content and material provided on the webpage. It includes creating a more active and exciting website that attracts people’s attention.

These types of websites often employ versatile languages. It includes JavaScript, PHP, or ASP. As the website demands more design efforts, complex models and longer load time, the professionals charge more money for it.

4. Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design considers the size of the browser and changes the layout and displays information accordingly. Respecting the size of the device screen, the website changes itself.

The webpage can manipulate itself by wrapping text and scaling images, for varied screens like mobiles, computers or tablets. This design is beneficial to many businesses as it allows users to browse the web pages on any device.

5. Liquid Design Website

A liquid website works similarly to the responsive design, except for the fact that it doesn’t manipulate the layout of the page according to the screen size. The design shrinks or stretches itself for the web pages to fit the size of the screen.

This helps when you don’t want to sacrifice information for settling into the size of the browser. But it also can cost you for the look of the website, as the design gets very small or very big depending on the screen.

6. Fixed Web Design

This design is convenient for the designer, as they don’t have to create a website that changes itself based on the screen size. The design uses a strict resolution and the site will open to the exact measurements whether the user chooses to view it on any screen size.

This strict resolution will help the design to be streamlined and better, as the designer gets a complete idea. But it can result in chaos on the side of consumers who want to use smaller screens.

Adding to the designs here is another list of website layouts you can consider.

1. F-Shape Layout

This one creates a general viewing pattern for the site’s visitors. Through scientific studies, we have a proven fact that people view and move their eyes across the webpage creating a shape of E and F. Layouts that can match these shapes help capture the viewer’s attention.

2. Z-shape layout

Similar to the F-shape approach, the only difference is that it targets a different group of audiences. People of western culture according to science move their eyes in the Z shape to navigate the web pages. This layout is more effective with a clear target audience.

3. Grid of cards Layout

This layout works better for different screen sizes. A grid of cards displays the information in a grid system that users can adjust according to the screen size. This type of layout is generally used by streaming websites.

4. Boxes

This is another layout that uses one larger box as a website’s header which displays an image and two smaller boxes. Each box gives the viewer an important piece of information that is also very engaging.

5. Split screen

In this layout, the information is divided into two sections, from which the users can choose to explore. You can show two varied pieces of content on a single screen that are equally important.

6. Fixed Sidebar

This type of layout places a stationary menu of options on the screen for users on the left or right side of the webpage. Visitors can have a look at the sidebar for quick and helpful navigation choices. This facilitates easier exploration of the website.

7. Magazine

The magazine layout goes with the name and is designed in a way that resembles printed publications. It displays a lot of information to the visitors by using columns and grids. This layout is friendly to eyesight and helps people navigate the webpage more easily.

8. Asymmetrical layout

This layout promotes the idea of an uneven design. Keeping it simple, one-half of the page is often larger compared to the other one. Companies use this layout for aesthetically pleasing web pages that also direct users to a certain area of the website.

9. Featured Image

This one works with a prominent and large image at the top of the webpage to attract users. Generally, the picture is featured for a popular product or something related to the niche of the website. It creates a sense of the website’s content.

10. Curated Visuals

Using illustrated images, this layout promotes a product or service by the website. People use this layout to convey a certain emotion they want their viewers to feel about their business. This strategy helps to keep people motivated to interact and convert.

What does a Good Design actually look like?

People often perceive a good design as a subjective and unpredictable one. But with Skills of Web Designing one can make up that if the website would look good or not. A lot of what constitutes good and what makes it not good is well-defined. A well-designed website is indeed the one that perfectly creates an informational and pleasing experience for the viewer.

What does a Good Design actually look like

A good website design is one that can convert. To make a good design that converts and engages, you should keep in mind all the things mentioned below.

1. Effective use of the negative space. The web designer should use this space intelligently so that you don’t have to loos the place or aesthetic.

2. Present the choices in websites clearly and concisely. Presented choices for the users make them lesser confused and are likely to make the choice.

3. The most important is, compelling call to action. What would a website do if it can’t guide the consumer to contact or use the service or product?

4. Keep in mind to have limited distractions, lesser the distractions more well-defined user journey you can create.

5. From many of the design types, the most popular is responsive design. It might be difficult but its results are astonishing. Responsive design lets the website modify according to the user’s screen size.

6. Relevant and high-quality content and images are important. It hooks up the viewer’s attention.

7. Keep a balance between the amount of text and images on each page. More text can overwhelm and more images with less information might disengage them.

Benefits of Investing for a Good Design in your Website

Reading through so much information and web designing basic knowledge you might be wondering why should you take an effort and employ a professional design for your website. Well, here are benefits you can have a look at to understand how a good design can add value to your precious website.

Benefits of Investing for a Good Design in your Website

1. Create a good first impression

By designing your website professionally, you can ensure a good first impression. A well-designed website that speaks for your business, creates a credible image in people’s minds. Websites that seem ill-structured create an unprofessional and amateur impact.

2. Have an edge over the competition

In between the immense competition, it takes a lot of effort to keep up with it. One part of those efforts is creating a rewarding digital presence. Websites offer you a place to anchorage desired outcome, now designing can make it more enhancing.

3. Rank higher among others

As we talked about the competition, ranking higher on the search engine result pages are also essential. However, an outdated and unprofessional website will only lag, so you have to take a step and get professionals to design your website and give the website a push in rankings.

4. Minimize the possibility of bounce rates

If people visit the website but do not stay on it and give it a chance to convert, then it’s not profitable for you. So, here the web design plays a role by increasing the quality of UX design and engaging the visitor and decreasing the bounce rates.

5. Establish an amazing brand identity

Brand identity is essential for scaling your business higher. It creates a sense of credibility and trustworthiness, having a website lets you communicate the desired brand identity with ultimate effectiveness.

6. Ensure good Search Engine Optimization

Exquisite web design can boost your business in search engines, as they play a crucial role in search engine optimization. Professionals can work on loading quality content, making a website accessible on various devices and more.

7. Above all have a polished appearance

How much are you going to spend on your website? A big amount, so why would you risk not adding the salt to the food. Yes, you got it right design works like that it enhances everything and lets you have a polished appearance.

Why do you need to have a good design for your Website?

Why do you need to have a good design for your Website?

With the easy accessibility of the internet, getting your business online is a piece of cake but making it presentable might be a hard nut to crack. You can get involved with all the marketing campaigns and Search Engine Optimization but the core of your online success lies in one thing, the Website. It is the first impression of your brand on your customers that decides your business growth.

It is simple, why would you spend time on something that is not pleasing? Consumers who visit your website want something in return, for your services or products they are spending their time and money on. With a good web design, you can make their time spent on your website worthwhile.

Also, if you hire experts in web design, and have an exquisite website, then people are tending to share it. Word of mouth plays a crucial role here; one share and their social circle see it. not only just a single visitor but a good design extends the number to a great level.

Professionals understand the effect of having the right color combination and images on your website. Even the smallest part of your web page can have a great influence. Thus, it becomes critical to hire web designers who understand the hacks of making a website worth staying on.

Three Ways to Get Your Website Design Done

Before jumping onto pricing, here are three ways through which you can have your website designed. The scope of Web-Design can be dependent on the way you choose. The cost that you need to invest in designing your website will fundamentally depend on the path you choose from these three.

1. Design the website on your own through a template site

Approximate Cost – $0 – $300

Many sites out there are providing readymade templates for your websites. This choice takes the minimal investment of money and effort. Sites like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and Shopify are facilitating their consumers with a quick and easy way of designing a website.

These sites are meant for people with no expertise or knowledge about web designing. Therefore, their advantage is ease-of-use. They have some amazing design templates in which you just need to drag and drop, these sites simplify the complex process.

But if you need to have an advanced design that returns more than ready-made templated ones are not an option. With lesser customization, templates put a limit on what you can have for your website.

2. Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Approximate Cost – $500-$6000+

This one is the most widely used method for web designing. Hiring a freelancer for web design is a lot more convenient, it balances cots and the quality of the final product. You just have to pay for what you ask. It’s a good way to control everything without investing more time.

When it’s about hiring a freelance web designer, the costs vary a lot on the workload and the level of the designer’s skillset. The more pages, the complexity of work, and the more demand, the more money you have to pay.

But freelancers have setbacks, one of them is website designs need to be updated regularly and they aren’t on a contractual basis, you will have to find someone else. Regular maintenance and after-delivery services are not available.

3. Outsource to a Web Design Agency

Approximate – more than $3,000

While the charge is comparatively more, but it is the best service you can have. Experts grouped into a single umbrella hired by an industry expert works best. These professionals deliver complete services.

Some people think that agencies take on additional costs, but they work in a team. You will have specialists working for you, such as experts in UX, content writers, SEO engineers, marketing professionals and much more.

Outline your objective and opt for the best web design agency. The only fallback here is that you will have to make a big investment.

Elements that Web Design Price is Composed of

Either way, you choose for designing, these elements listed below will impact the cost of designing. It is important to understand completely what you are paying for and how it will be utilized. Here we have made a list of things the cost depends upon.

Elements that Web Design Price is Composed of

1. Freshly designed website or Redesign

Designing a website from scratch costs more than redesigning a website. The freshly new designed website gives you an opportunity to decide your website and demand the design that suits your business.

With a unified and scalable structure, a fresh website can be a good choice. But redesigning a website demands lesser time and money investment. Fresh website incurs additional costs of pages, new UI kits, wireframes and graphics.

2. CMS and Blogging

The level of CMS and Blogging you need also determines the cost that professionals charge from you. Developing a website with creative blogging capabilities that assures a unique look and total control of the platforms adds to the charge.

As it takes more time and effort, it demands money.

3. Requirement for Images and Graphics

Neatly integrating images into your website invites a lot of benefits. Although free graphics are available, they are used widely and when people see them repeatedly, they may develop a bad impression.

As a business you will have your own captured photos, you just need to invest a little for a professional to tag them on your website. That gives you the best representation of the content or information you want to share.

4. Multimedia

Videos and animations are a great way to increase the appeal of your website. They add credibility and attractiveness to your website. Talking about trends then a video is one of the hottest trends of recent years.

However, this attraction adds to your cost. Designing a website with animation or shooting a video, and editing are the additional efforts.

5. E-Commerce Platforms or page design

If you are planning to make any kind of transaction through your website, then that incurs extra costs. For making transactions, your website needs an e-commerce engine with multiple services to take care of and handle the financial side.

6. Forum Design

Forums are complicated social platforms that aren’t required by every website. They are specific to the theme-based website and allow you to consolidate users around your business niche topics. It helps you to know your audience better and build lasting relations.

7. User Interaction Sections

These sections unlike forums are important for every website. Surveys or comments sections are used for UI design. These sections help people stay connected to you and increase the conversion rate. This is generally included in every web design service.

8. Newsletters, Analytics, and Reports

These are the basic requirements of website design. Through these elements, you can engage your visitor more. With informational content and relevancy in communication newsletters, analytics and reports guide people to interact more.

9. Social Media Integration

This is the process of extending your website by redirecting your social media followers to your webpage or website. This makes your website accessible to more target audiences and customers already in your contact through social media.

10. Search Engine Optimization

SEO web design is the way of designing websites to make them search-engine friendly. This means that Google and other search engines can crawl each page efficiently and index it in their database. Once indexed then they show the most relevant pages on high rankings, with a good design you can make this happen.

There are even more elements that add up to your website. These were the basic and most popular ones.

Considering the average cost to design a Website

Now that you are well aware of what is the website design pricing composed of, let’s calculate what type of website can be designed at what cost.

Considering the average cost to design a Website

1. Simple Website –

Websites that don’t demand much effort and are just for informing about your company or organization take around 120-160 hours of design work. This much time of professional costs you between $6,000 to $8,000.

These types of websites are just for informing people and are a good way to market your business. You can accurately represent your business brand with a lesser cost of unwanted elements if you don’t want it.

2. Medium Complexity Website –

Websites that are more than just about informing but also about engaging and converting are of more calibre than simple websites. As their capability increases, the time to make it and hence the cost also increases.

It takes around 160-240 hours and $8,000 – $12,000 of the cost to design a complete website of this level. it takes more resources and increases the number of pages with a more complex structure. Increasing the website’s appeal and credibility.

3. High Complexity website –

for more services, you will have to pay more. A complex website takes more than 250 hours and therefore it can cost you over $12,000. These types of websites are more than just for advertising or converting. These types of websites exquisitely speak for your brand.

With exhaustive strategy and planning and prototyping, aligned with complete UI/UX designing to produce an efficient and specific website experience. The design also includes making the website screen-friendly for every screen size keeping in mind the aesthetic value.

Focusing on your budget, let’s make some conclusions

Web Design depends a lot on how much you’re willing to invest. It is a treasure box from which you can extract as much as you want, but you will have to pay for it in return. Without a proper understanding of services available in your approximate budget, it might be difficult for you to decide. So, easing your problems, here are 5 groups of approximated price range predicting your budget for website designing and services you will have for it in 2022.

1. $100 to $500:

With the simplest type of website having no such elements in it, is a good option to start your journey with the lowest possible rates. However, the basic website is the best option for businesses but it can be a good choice for start-ups who don’t have much money to invest.

Like freemium options, you can have low-cost solutions. But, if you want to enhance your website with a little more additional cost, then you can go for content writing and SEO.

2. $1,000 to $2,000:

With more budget to spend on the website you absolutely have more service and expect more quality. However, even at this rate, it is not possible to find a web design agency but you can hire a freelancer from outsourcing platforms.

This price range allows you to have a customized design but due to price limitations, the project cannot be of more than five inner pages. you can have some dashboards running in the background for your control.

Again, like the above price range, you will have to invest more in SEO, content writing and many other design elements.

3. $5,000 to $10,000

With this price range ready to be invested, you can expect more than just a handful of website pages and templates. From this price range and for all the upcoming above ones, you can go for a professional team or a web design agency.

These professionals have expertise and experience in technicality that may boost up your business scalability and reach the targets. It creates a solid foundation to put your marketing strategies into action.

With this budget, you can expect a fully-fledged website consisting of unique design, SEO, and integration with popular platforms like social media or ESP.

4. $10,000 – $25,000

This one is the higher amount to pay, but if you have a large-scale project with tricky technical requirements then you have to expect this much price. Also, if you want to have a top-notch web design agency, they will undoubtedly charge more compared to others.

Above mentioned price ranges also work but it depends on the intensity of competition you have to fight with. If your industry niche has more competition and you have beat it, this price range helps you have a web design that gives you a cutting-edge website.

For this budget, you get professional design, professional development, custom functions, extra features, content writing, CMS, SEO, and market analyses that help you create a website that accomplishes all your market missions and business goals.

5. $25,000 and more

Like we said it is a treasure box, the more you are willing to give as the key for it, the more you will get in return. There is no limit. E-commerce platforms spend a lot on websites, sometimes crossing over this amount.

The bigger your project, the more challenging task your team needs to complete and the more professional and experts you need to involve. With this price range, you can have UX designers, product designers, visual designers, researchers, project managers, marketing experts, copywriting professionals, frontend engineers, backend engineers, and writers.

At this point you can expect to get a whole plane, sales funnel, analytics strategies, perfectly planned and tested Call to Actions, A/B testing, handcrafted designs, accessibility features landing page services, banners, tracking the progress, the best SEO strategy, multimedia option, custom backend management, and manageable database.

Basic Skills to look for While looking for professionals of web design

As you have come across all the budgeting styles and costing techniques you need to hire a web designer in 2022, let’s get a list cleared of the required skills of a web designer. Here is the checklist you can refer to: –

Basic Skills to look for While looking for professionals of web design

1. Knowledge about the principles of design

2. Dexterity with different typography

3. Expertise of composition

4. Good hold on color theory

5. Hands-on experience for design software’s

6. Knowing how to use CMS

7. Able to design responsive website

8. Skillset to enhance UX and UI

9. The ability of photo editing and graphic designing

10. Soft skills like Patience, Self-awareness, discipline, and teamwork

11. Communication skills

12. Writing ability, even consider copywriting

13. A good business strategist

14. The firm holds on to SEO

Collaborating with the Top Web Design Company

The best way for web designing for big enterprises is by hiring a top web design company in the USA. These web design companies have got everything you need only if you are willing to spend more. Simple website design can cost you between $8000 to $20000, whereas a more complex design can cost up to $40000.

All the skills we have mentioned below can be found in just a single place. All you have to do is select the best web design agency and smartly assess their records of work, professionals, client group, and expertise.

The perk of having a website design company as your assistant is that you get a website designed by experts. The designing process is well-curated and great care is taken to avoid any piddling error. You also get additional services like conversion rate optimization, marketing, and content design.

If you are wondering where to find that agency, then the top web design agency is in front of you. Let the one who informed you about its costing and basics be the one working for you. Professionals here are filtered from the market and work best with their niche.

Auxano Global Services is a leading web design company having vast experience in attractive yet effective website design. Our creative web designers are inquisitive about impressive UI design with correct color coding. We strive to craft something beyond your expectations.


The importance of Web designing is undeniable and the year 2022 is predicted to have a great boost for digital platforms, the best way to create a digital presence is the website. With the design, you can enhance the look of your website and grace up rewards in return.

However, there are many options as we have discussed you can choose from and set a cost investment you need to make.

There are dime and dozen web design companies offering the best services, with the only variable feature being their cost. With so many options in the market, it is evident to get confused, but with the right guidance, you can choose a top-notch cost-effective web design agency.

You first need to understand your business requirements, additional services, and your budget before going ahead with any web design company. Contact the designers and acknowledge what they offer and if their services are in alignment with your website needs and you will be ready to have a unique website.

How to Hire React Developers in 2022? – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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Gearing up with the popularity of the language JavaScript, React is one of the most popular frameworks using it. With the React developer in Demand, companies tend to experience ambiguity in hiring the best ones.

The market is full of learned programmers, still, it’s very complex to hire the apt React developers that suit your business requirements. However, with a fine funnel of professionalism, skills, dexterity, and experience, one can hire dedicated react developers.

React is supported by Facebook as a JavaScript library. It has been integrated as a third-party JavaScript library in two popular open-source libraries: AngularJS and Ember.js.

Here is the guide to answer your question about how to hire a react developer?

React Development Market Statistics

Hire React Developers with a clear perspective of their market value, position and demand. Let’s first get an idea of facts and figures obtained by research.


Defining a React Developer

React developers are adept in developing UI components according to the market demands that can improve an application’s performance. These are the front–end developers who create a robust application by working with a team of testers, designers, and project managers.

Roles and Responsibilities of a React developer is to design and implement User Interface into web and mobile-based applications, by using JavaScript and React Open-Source Library. They are in charge of translating and modifying designs and frames into high-quality code. A React developer has to be aware of user interactions and build components and front-end libraries according to it.

Skills to look for while hiring React Developer


Hiring a react developer invites many benefits. However, those benefits are little conditioned towards what kind of skills a react developer has. To facilitate your must-have list, here are 5 technical skills you shouldn’t compromise on while hiring a React Developer.

Skills to look for while hiring React Developer


As a front–end developer, one should be an expert with HTML and CSS. For Crafting a high level of User Interface, a developer must be adroit in working with and writing semantic HTML tags and CSS selectors. Adding to it, one must be able to understand the flexbox, the box of models, and how to reset to the border box.

The programmer needs to have knowledge of implementing a CSS reset and implementing responsive web principles.

2. JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

JavaScript is the basic language of the React framework, which makes it the basic demand. A react developer can’t excel in programming the framework without having a firm hold on the fundamentals of the language. With this ES6 skills also add up to a basic requirement of skills.

ES6 skills include Variables and Scoping, Arrays and Objects, Methods of Arrays, Arrow Functions, DOM Manipulation, Higher-Order Functions, Callback Functions, Prototypical inheritance, and Object Creation.

3. GIT

This technical skill is essential for storing projects. The developer while programming the application needs to save it on solutions like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. The developer should also have skills like tracking changes with add, commit, push and pull. Adding to it, the react developer should have knowledge of branching and merging strategies and handling merge conflicts.

How to Hire React Developers?

Before hiring React developers, it’s essential to know their UI quality and how much they go deep in code. One needs to make sure that they are proficient in the working methodology of the company.

1. For UI-oriented jobs, look for knowledge of the Bootstrap framework. For front-end skills, they must be proficient in creating React components with reasoning and clarity of structure.

2. To find out whether they can follow along without any problem, hire them for their capability to create React applications on time despite themselves not being one.

3. The companies with higher front-end skills demand should consider hiring for JavaScript or AngularJS skills rather than React Development jobs.

Interviewing dedicated react developers may be more tricky than one might imagine at first glance. However, it is necessary to skirt out the ambiguity and hire the best programmers. Here’s how to go about it.

Types of React Developers

You can hire React Developers as per your project requirements:

Types of React Developers

1. Freelance React developers

For small-scale collaboration, one can use this category of React developers. Freelancers are skilled software developers who take on projects by bidding competitively or taking up work at their schedule without contractual obligations. They are best for new start-ups with a limited budget and scope of work.

2. Full-time React developers

The full-time React developer can maintain a project for years based on the need of the business priorities. They are contracted by companies that have a long-term commitment to the product under development.

3. Remote React developers

A remote react developer, unlike freelancers, cannot be chained from his office each time he needs to service a client. However, he has the flexibility to take up other projects without any hindrance or interruption to his day-to-day routine.

Things To Consider While Hiring React Developers:

The best thing about hiring a React Developer is that one can easily find them by searching on the web. However, the problem arises when you decide which react developer provides excellent services at affordable rates.

While analyzing the React developer, one should look for the factors like thoroughness in selecting projects, the priority of delivery, interaction with clients, the response rate to queries, and timelines. All these aspects show how committed he is to the project.

The following are the factors to consider while hiring a React Developer:


1. Interpersonal Skills

The developers hired for React jobs should have excellent interpersonal skills, which will help in boosting their confidence level. This will result in excellent interactions with the clients. Excellent interpersonal skills allow the programmers to understand what is expected of them. It also motivates them to develop an extraordinary performance for delivering top-of-the-line projects that delight customers.

2. Analytical Skills

A React Developer must identify problems and suggest ways to fix them by applying knowledge of relevant codes and programming languages.

3. Skills for React

It is essential to give the React developer the skills necessary for developing the project. He should also be knowledgeable about Front-end Development, Adhering to best practices, Interfacing with clients over email and through Skype, Presenting prototypes at work, Working together to deliver high-quality products.

4. Front-End Development

Earlier, React was thought of as a promising framework that is getting the attention of the young generation. However, it has gained popularity over the years. People are beginning to understand its significance in building an exceptional web application.

5. Back-End Development

The developers must be very familiar with NodeJS. NodeJS is a server-side JavaScript hosting language used in building apps with JavaScript or in combination with PHP or Python. It enables one to create full-blown applications.

From Where to Hire React Developers?

There are various ways from where you can hire React Developers as per your requirements. You can consider freelance platforms, job portals, or can hire from outsourcing companies.

From Where to Hire React Developers?

Freelance Platforms:

Though everyone prefers to hire their people, it is hard to find skilled experts. Moreover, it’s not always easy to collaborate with the experts you know. It is wise to consider hiring freelancers since they are specialized in many fields and will provide excellent services at affordable rates. You can find freelance platforms to find out which ones have a provision for React Developers.


1. Upwork has a dedicated section for React developers. They have a wide range of specialists and possess a good reputation among clients. You will be able to hire them at reasonable rates. Trying them out is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best person at an affordable rate.

2. Freelancer is another platform where one can find companies offering services from companies with vast experience in front-end development, mobile development, and web development.

3. Toptal is another platform where one can find experts in various fields. It has an extensive range of React developers for your project needs. This is an excellent way to find the right candidate to hire with the right expertise and skills without any mental strain.

Job Portals:

The job portals will provide an extensive list of job opportunities. The listings include both full-time and part-time roles for relevant domains and industries. You can go through the various listings and decide which ones you want to hire.

Job Portals

1. Indeed is a job portal where you can access various job opportunities. Some of the jobs listed are for JavaScript Developers who have skills in React Framework. Top employers post these jobs on the portal.

2. SimplyHired is another job portal with a plethora of listings for Web Developers with expertise in React Framework. You can find many options depending on your requirements and preferences. You may also want to check out for full-time or remote engineers with an advanced degree in computer science or related degrees, consulting firm experience, and digital agency experience, among other things.

Hire React Developers From Outsourcing Companies:

While you are looking for the best professional person, hiring them from outsourcing companies is wise. These companies are the ones who are known for their excellent services in Front-end development. The outsourcing companies will help in choosing the right candidate for your project in a hassle-free way. Outsourcing companies have a vast network in the market, which makes it easy for them to get the right person for any job at an affordable rate.


Why should you hire React Developers from Auxano Global Services?

As an outsourcing mobile app development company, we offer highly skilled React developers for the job. We understand the industry requirement and provide professional solutions to fulfill your needs. Our React developers are Experienced professionals who have worked with many modern technologies like React, AngularJS, NodeJS, etc. Our developers work on all types of projects, including SaaS, Enterprise, & custom projects.

We offer the best React Developers for project development at affordable rates. And also, provide 24×7 client support to deal with queries regarding your project development. At AGS, we keep in mind your budget and requirements while developing any project for you to get the best suitable product at a low cost.

Cost of Hiring a React Developer

Cost of Hiring a React Developer

The cost of hiring a React developer depends on the skill and experience. The cost may range anywhere between $25/hr to $90/hr, depending on the developer’s skill, experience level, and location. You can easily find out this information by going through feedback and sample projects created by the developers.

While hiring a React Developer, make sure that they are well versed with modern technologies like NodeJS, HTML 5, CSS 3 & Vue JS frameworks. Many companies are focused on developing applications based on modern technologies like NodeJS. Hire React Developers from one of the Best Software development companies like Auxano Global Services to avail highly skilled professionals for project development at affordable rates.


As per the business and industry experts, React is an up-and-coming technology when it comes to front-end development. There is a significant growth in demand when compared to other frameworks. The above article is to help you with the best and effective ways to hire React developers for your project.

Hire React Developers from one of the best software development companies like Auxano Global Services to avail highly skilled professionals for project development at affordable rates. We are one of the most experienced companies in providing amazing solutions to large enterprises across the globe.

To know more about React and our team of React developers, contact us now.

The Complete Latest Guide To API Development (2022)

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You must have heard the term API thousands of times. It stands for Application Programming Interface. We all know that the internet is full of APIs and it has come to stay, but do we really understand what an API truly is?

An API is a set of requirements or functions that allows two applications to communicate with each other. The primary goal of this communication between applications is to exchange data so they can work symbiotically. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) doesn’t necessarily need APIs, but they are usually used when there’s a lot of complexity and heterogeneity in the system at hand.

The use cases of APIs are very diverse so it is difficult to provide a comprehensive guide. But in the following sections, we’ll try to touch on most of the topics you may come across when developing an API for your business. In this particular guide, we’re explaining every aspect of API including how APIs work, top companies using APIs, types of APIs, monetizations, how to develop APIs, and much more.

Companies using APIs

Let’s have a look at how different businesses are using APIs to handle their large database.

Companies using APIs


This social media giant uses APIs to feed the data of millions of accounts into third-party applications. Each tweet can be published only by authenticated users.

For example, if you are using the Twitter API to publish tweets on your third-party app, it must be done by users who have approved access.


Another popular social media platform, Facebook allows people to share content with friends and family and also exchange messages via WhatsApp and Instagram. All of these features allow developers to use Facebook’s APIs to integrate their own services into Facebook.


You might already be aware that Amazon has one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. Many developers have customized apps and websites using Amazon APIs so they can sell their products on Amazon or advertise them on other platforms.


The most popular email marketing service in the world allows developers to integrate their services with MailChimp. This integration is done via APIs by sending campaign information like subscriber list, subject line, content, and other details related to an email campaign.

Why are APIs important for business?

If there are no APIs present in the development ecosystem, mobile application development will become highly time-consuming. Some key advantages of using APIs in growing businesses are:

Why are APIs important for business?

1. New technology support

APIs are the easiest way to make your business compatible with new technologies. There are various APIs available in the market that supports different kinds of features. The business development team can use them to add new functionalities whenever needed.

2. Fast response time

Most websites and mobile apps rely on third-party APIs for their functionality. If you’re using an application on your phone, it will ultimately rely on one or more APIs provided by ISPs, operating system providers, or some other company’s servers.

This is why the users expect quick responses when they click on buttons or links on any app because these requests pass through several layers of software before reaching the intended destination which includes database queries, backend computations, web services, caching systems, and so on.

3. Cost-effective

APIs are cost-effective for the following reasons:

API Monetization

As API is a digital asset, you can monetize it and create a passive source of income. There are several ways to make money using APIs.

API Monetization

1. Sell API access

Some companies share their APIs with other businesses or developers who can sell these services back to end-users of their apps and websites. In return, you get a share of the revenue generated by API usage of those applications.

2. Monetize analytics

Due to the high degree of customization that is allowed in terms of API functionalities, it becomes easier for business owners to delve into customer behavior data and draw valuable insights from them.

They can then monetize this information through different models like selling the data as a package, an API call, a database query, etc.

3. Scripts

Small snippets of code written for specific tasks can also be monetized using APIs. Some of the common tasks include automating tedious tasks like building, uploading, testing, deploying code, etc.

4. API documentation

Another good way to make money is by making your API easy to use and understand for developers so they can integrate it quickly with their applications.

Build a valuable community around your API and have a free trial period in place so that you can attract more customers who would then pay for access to your complete API offering.

Different types of APIs

On a broader level, there are five types of APIs that are majorly used in the development:

Different types of APIs

Along with these, there are four more types of APIs that are:

1. Composite API

When two or more APIs are combined, then it’s called composite API. Developers use these composite APIs to create a series of combined or individual operations.

2. Partner API

Partner API is an API that is created by a third party for use by another company. These are majorly used in business-to-business activities.

Only authorized users only access and use these partner APIs. Partner APIs are more secure, intact, and exclusive to use among certain organizations.

3. Public API

Public API is an open-source one that is available for free. These are mostly used by developers to build their own software or applications. Public APIs are also known as open-source libraries.

4. Private APIs

Private API is an API that is created by a company to be used internally among its employees. These are also called Intranet APIs. A major reason for creating private APIs is to protect the company’s intellectual property and trade secrets.

API and Copyright issues

There are copyright issues associated with APIs. Because of the continuous development and changes made to an API, it becomes difficult to establish the base level of copyright cases. But, still, software-related ideas can be protected by patents.

Avoiding API copyright infringement

The best way to avoid infringing on an API’s copyright is by making sure that the clients are aware of the terms and conditions of using it. You can also let them know about your efforts in keeping track of what they do with the data through their apps.

Another thing you can do is submit new versions of your API on a regular basis so that any changes made are more recent. This will prevent developers from creating applications based on older versions which may result in copyright infringement issues.

Before submitting new versions, ensure that there are no bugs or errors associated with the software supporting your API.

How does an API work?

APIs, by definition, allow access to a software program from outside the application environment. APIs are basically a set of communication protocols and tools used to develop these communication channels.

Most API servers have RESTful services installed on them which use HTTP as the binding protocol. RESTful APIs are considered to be the most reliable and easy to use.

Before you start building an API, it’s best if you understand what your needs are. Once you’ve defined your needs, make sure that the API effectively delivers the services by considering these three things:

How does an API work?

1. Longevity of service

The first thing an API must ensure is the longevity of service. It should be able to survive beyond several years without any problems or delays in response times.

2. Scalability

When a new application is created using a particular API, the server’s hosting it needs to support all types of requests from different devices without any glitch in performance levels no matter how many users there are at a given time.

3. Availability

Availability refers to the maximum time that an API is available to the users. It should be able to provide at least 99.99% uptime for smooth performance of applications and services which depend on it.

Factors affecting API development:

There are several factors that affect the development of an API. A business should consider all these factors while developing a custom API for their projects.

Common terminologies related to API development:

Terms used in developing APIs are as follows:

Common terminologies related to API development

1. API Key

An API key is a unique identifier for an app or user. It helps in identifying the developer and also helps in optimizing the use of resources.

2. GET

GET is the most common way of retrieving information from an API. A GET request can be used by any client to fetch data present in the server.


It is a lightweight data-interchange format, mostly used by web APIs.

4. Endpoint

It is a web address that points to a specific API functionality.


REST uses HTTP and HTTPS requests to communicate with APIs via URI endpoints.

6. RESTful

Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style that provides a convenient and consistent approach to requesting and modifying.

Must-Have Features of an API

Below are some must-have features of an API that you need to know and implement in your API as well:

Must-Have Features of an API

1. Modification timestamps/Search by criteria

It’s an important feature that lets users search data through different criteria like a date. It’s important to have a modification timestamps/search by criteria feature as the date and other similar parameters are dynamic and they have to be synchronized.

2. Paging

It often happens that the complete data change is not reflected and the API should calculate how much data to show at a single time. The paging feature does that and it also displays the number of pages of data remaining.

3. Sorting

By integrating the sorting feature, you can ensure that the user receives all pages of dates one at a time and not a bunch of pages at a single time.

4. JSON support

The API should have JSON support as it enhances the API’s performance by keeping it lightweight. It makes it easier to retry the upload on mobile apps if it fails due to any reason.

5. Authorization via OAuth

It’s important that your API authorizes through OAuth because it’s faster and much safer.

Tools to build an API 

Tools to build an API

API (Application Programming Interface) Development Cost

The cost of API development depends on the functionality, complexity, and scalability of its userbase. Besides, it also depends on the location of development as developer charges vary geographically. For instance, the average expenditure to build a standard API in the following regions are:

You can assume the API development cost between $5,000 to $20,000.

Why Choose Auxano Global Services for API Development?

API development is not a cakewalk. But you cannot omit APIs as they make your business competitive.

Trust the leading API development company, Auxano Global Services, in creating experiences that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Are you wondering what makes us the best technology partner for API development? Here are the reasons right below.

Wrapping up!

Avoiding copyright infringement and assimilating all tech stacks is the best way to develop a full-fledged and feature-rich API.

Over time, APIs have become highly advanced and are mushrooming into something more robust. However, challenges in API development are increasing. You need expert hands like Auxano Global Services to ace the API game in the blink of an eye.

Get started with Auxano Global Services for full-fledged API development and scale your business faster. We are a leading mobile app development company that takes care of all your requirements with perfection. Contact us today.

Why Does Startup Company Need Consulting Services? [2022]

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Launching a startup is a Herculean task. Attending numerous operations and brainstorming in multiple dimensions can be challenging for a startup owner. All these hardships propel budding ventures to collaborate with leading consulting service providers like Auxano Global Services.

But why do startups need consulting services? This must be your mainframe question if you own a growing startup. Since we offer the best consulting services, our team knows the answer to your query. Here are all the reasons that justify hiring consulting companies for startups.

What are Consulting Services?

What are Consulting Services?

Consulting services have industry experts to offer specialist advice on various domains like finance, consulting, security, technology, etc.

These companies have a diverse portfolio of working with several startups, small businesses, and massive enterprises, and hold years of experience in the consulting domain.

Types of Consulting Services

Believe it or not, consulting services have become an underlying concept in grooming several businesses and paving their way to success.

Companies resort to consulting firms to get expert suggestions for several domains including the following areas:

Leading consulting firms possess a network of experts having proficiency in the above niches. Leveraging years of experience, these specialists can craft new workflows or fine-tune existing ones to develop flawless businesses having maximum profitability.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Consulting Services?

Nowadays, consulting firms have penetrated almost all businesses. They play a pivotal role in determining the direction and fate of a business.

Are you wondering about the benefits of hiring consulting firms? Below you will find several advantages that make consulting agencies essential for an organization.

Benefits of Hiring Consulting Services

1. Focus on Core Operabilities

Many times, directing the in-house workforce to handle additional responsibilities like planning, chalking strategies, etc. deviates them from performing excellently in business operations.

Hiring consulting firms allows you to access expertise in external domains while the employees focus on core operations.

2. Expert Assistance

Regardless of the domain, you can access expert assistance to refine your business in all aspects by hiring consulting services.

These experts have years of experience in analyzing workflows, deducing flaws, and fine-tuning businesses. So, you can optimize your business through these experts by collaborating with a renowned consulting firm.

3. Helpful for Business Expansion

Businesses face numerous challenges when expanding their ventures, especially if it’s an all-new domain. They lack knowledge of tactics required to win over the industry and possess higher risks of failure.

Right here, consulting firms can help you. These companies have a robust network of experts having an in-depth understanding of all domains. So, they can guide you with a comprehensive roadmap to expand your business.

4. Enhance Efficiency

Many times, businesses face inefficiencies regardless of their efforts. Consequently, their overall costs increase and profit points decrease.

You can connect with a professional consulting agency to analyze the loopholes in your workflow by the experts. Finally, they can suggest strategies to improve your operations and design a highly-efficient workflow.

5. Improve Profitability

As discussed earlier, consulting firms help in making your business highly efficient. They eliminate or refine inefficient processes and optimize the entire business effortlessly.

Also, the experts help in reducing the overall costs of a company. Consequently, the profitability increases with a better customer experience.

6. Access to a Pool of Information

Dealing with several companies and industries provides an in-depth understanding of business processes to the experts. They become proficient in determining the best alternatives for a specific business.

Hiring a consulting firm gives access to such an information pool and years of experience. So, businesses can make more informed decisions when working with such agencies.

7. Customized Offerings

Do you know another benefit of hiring consulting services? You can access bespoke solutions according to your business.

These agencies do not provide generalized services to the customers. In contrast, they analyze your requirements and work in close association with your teams to craft customized offerings for you.

Why Do Startups Need Consulting Services?

Now, you might be struggling with a common question regarding consulting services. You might be thinking that large enterprises require consulting services to organize massive workflows and expand their businesses. These agencies are a luxurious choice for startups.

Unfortunately, you are wrong to think so! Startups earn more benefits from consulting services than other businesses. Here’s why!

Why Do Startups Need Consulting Services?

1. Outsider Perspective Gives Unbiased Feedback

In-house employees and other startup stakeholders might face difficulties in pinpointing mistakes in the workflow. Consequently, you can never optimize your business and make it efficient.

However, a third-party perspective can hone your startup by identifying internal and external flaws. So, you become all set to kickstart your budding venture.

2. Access to Expert Insights and Industry Experience

Startups face immense challenges during their initial days. All these happen due to a lack of knowledge about the industry.

Relevant industry insights are hard to find in books and on the Internet. However, experts at consulting agencies have them in abundance. So, hiring such companies gives you access to such information effortlessly.

3. Result-Driven Approach

Consulting service providers have customized solutions for your business. Leading agencies understand that you have a distinctive business with a unique landscape. So, these firms offer a tailored approach that drives better results for your business.

4. Cost-Effective

Many of you might consider startup consulting companies to be expensive. However, these are the most cost-effective solutions to choose.

The experts can help you reduce overall costs and budget. Also, they bring more profits to your doorstep. The combined effect makes consulting firms cost-effective and worth choosing for startups.

5. Access Industry Experience

Experience is the costliest weapon in the market. Since you are a startup, you might be highly deficient in inexperience. Consequently, the already-established companies can take over you in the scorching race.

Luckily, you can hire experience to establish a balance in your company and make more informed decisions. Likewise, you can edge out the competitors regardless of their years of existence in the industry.

As you saw, consulting agencies have become a vital commodity for startups. The booming ventures have numerous shortcomings due to a lack of experience and budget. Hiring consulting firms acts as a bridge for startups to begin from scratch and reach heights of success.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Since its inception, Auxano Global Services has had the ultimate aim to offer experience-driven consulting services to startups. We can help you in the following ways:

You are correct to think that Auxano Global Services is the best startup consulting firm out there. With renowned and veteran experts in our network, we offer the finest consulting services to our startup clients.

Startups can yield substantial value by collaborating with consulting firms. Although it sounds like a luxurious investment, hiring consulting companies has become a quintessential necessity for budding ventures.

Complete Guide to Implementing In-App Purchases For iOS and Android [2022]

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With the growing usage of smartphones, the market for in-app purchases is surging rapidly. This market is generating billions of dollars for companies and this model is here to stay with us. In 2021, the app market clocked revenue of USD 693 billion and in-app purchase is a major catalyst for it.

Being a Bespoke mobile app development company, our dedicated development team is well acquainted with the in-app purchase functionalities and app monetization planning. In this particular article, we are explaining app monetization strategies, In-app purchase revenue, and the process.

If you are also planning to implement the same monetization idea in your app and looking for more information, we’ve covered it. In this article, we will understand all the nitty-gritty of in-app purchases. Let’s get started with the concept of in-app purchases.

App Monetization Strategies: How to get started?

Organizations need to pick the suitable monetization model that will fit their business needs. In addition, it should also meet the customer demands and meet all their usability requirements. Here are a few popular strategies that you can follow:

App Monetization Strategies

In-App Ads

It happens often that when the app owners ask customers to pay, customers hesitate to pay and many of them uninstall the app right away. To avoid this condition, it’s better to opt for an in-app advertisement. In this model, the app development company can select an app pricing model to start earning revenue. The application needs to have a good user base to place ads.


The subscription model is getting quite popular lately and customers also find this model comfortable to use.  In the subscription model, some of the application content is free to use and some content is accessible only through paying for it. So, you can gather both the user base and scale the application. It’s a great way to first introduce content for free and then start your subscriptions.

Freemium Model

Freemium model is the most popular and then best app monetization strategy that is making billions for app companies. You can allow users to access free content along with paid content. Users that feel they need to access the additional content, will then purchase paid content. This model lets you sell a wide range of content and it works really well for users.

Global In-App Purchase Revenue: Trends and Statistics

The global in-app purchase market is booming significantly and it’s the right time to get started with app monetization. Companies develop apps not only to sell their services or products, but to build brand loyalty, improve customer retention, and acquire new users. It’s a sustainable revenue source for individual developers and full-fledged companies.

Fully-paid apps is also an available model in the market but it doesn’t perform well. To give you a context, there are more than four million apps available and only 10% of them are paid as of Jan 2021. The majority of people don’t prefer to pay upfront to use apps.

On the other hand, the freemium model works excellently as it gives freedom to users whether they want to opt for paid content or not. Developers get the opportunity to build brand value and grow their active users through this model. As of now, the freemium app model is earning millions of dollars to its developers.

According to statistics, the global user base spending on in-app purchases on both Google Play and iOS app stores is around USD 32 billion. It’s a massive figure and you can’t overlook the popularity. There are several companies that switched to the freemium model from the paid-only model and it was a transforming move for them.

Meaning of In-App Purchase

Meaning of In-App Purchase

While in-app purchases may seem very easy to use at first glance, they take many forms in a mobile app and are sometimes hard to implement.

In-app purchases may seem straightforward at first glance, but it has so many things to explore. It lets users buy multiple virtual elements without leaving the app. For example, there could be extra lives for a game, tools, customization, and more. Some of the popular IAPs are:

When developers create a highly addictive game line PUBG, they also launch a bunch of value-addition options that are paid. It can be weapons, skipping the level, and so on.

In-app purchases work great for personalizing the application and changing the players’ skin, their appearance is a profitable option.

Another example of IAP is offering a free trial of content for a couple of days and then asking users to pay for the subscriptions. For example, Netflix offers one-month subscription-free and users can pay if they want to continue.

You have to decide what are the services that customers won’t bother to pay for and they will continue to use them. If you are starting out, do competitive research to understand what they are doing and then you can check what works for you.

How Does It Work?

The concept of in-app purchase is easy and quite straightforward — it includes taking money from users in exchange for offering them some exclusive services. As there are two major stores, Google App Store and Apple’s App store, it’s important to understand both. Let’s begin with Google and see what options you get.

How Does It Work

Google Play In-App Purchase

For Google Play, all the in-app purchases are managed through in-app billing by Google. The platform manages the checkout details so the apps don’t need to process the transactions. The complete process is quite seamless and users don’t have to leave the app at any given point in time. Below are popular IAPs of this platform.

One-time products:

As the name suggests, in one-time products, users only have to pay once and use it without worrying about renewing it every month. It’s a popular category among users as they only have to pay once and use application features in a hassle-free manner.


In the subscription-based model, users need to pay every month to access the content. Or there is also an option to pay quarterly or yearly subscriptions. This model is getting highly popular lately and many people are preferring subscription-style payment.

Apple In-App Purchase

Now, let’s talk about Apple’s IAP and it’s quite similar to the Android platform. Developers need to design a dedicated in-app purchase store and integrate it with the app. It can be done using Apple’s Store Kit framework.

Things To Consider While Opting In-App Purchase

Things To Consider While Opting In-App Purchase

Require Huge User’s Base:

In-App purchase completely relies on a number of users. If you want to monetize your app by In-App Purchase, then you have to attract a huge customer base.

Need Additional Development Time:

In-App purchase is a complex feature that requires additional time for development. You should be aware of the extra time investment before planning to develop it.

Complex App Monetization:

Most of the time app owners want to generate more ROI, therefore, they implement all the monetization models. There are several monetizations such as In-App purchase, sponsored content, paid app, freemium, ads, and more. Try to include only one or two monetization models to make it easier for end-users.

Tips To Grow In-App Purchases

Tips To Grow In-App Purchases

There are several ways that help you boost in-app purchases and grow revenue. Some of  the key in-app purchase growth tips are are follows:

1. First, understand our audience behaviour and prepare a customer persona that will help you design the in-app purchase model. Check the app analytics to understand how users are interacting and then prepare a plan.

2. Use the fear of missing out (FOMO) technique to sell your services faster. You can run exclusive offers and offer premium content and add-ons for discounts. As they are digital assets, you don’t have to worry about margins.

3. Offering special deals on bulk IAPs will get you more revenue from apps as customers also keep searching for such offers. For example, instead of offering 10% off on individual purchases of $100, offer 40% on bulk purchases of $400.

Wrapping up!

In-app purchase is the future of generating more revenue. It’s the right time to get started and thrive on better sales, revenue, and customer base. Get started with Auxano Global Services to grow revenue through in-app purchases. Contact us now.

NFT Wallet Development [A Step-by-Step Guide To Developing An NFT Wallet 2022]

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It’s the era of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Many users transact with NFTs to reserve the rights of various assets almost every day. Consequently, NFT marketplaces and wallets have become the most popular investments among entrepreneurs. These products encompass high returns and are the major inclination for numerous investors.

So, are you willing to develop an NFT wallet? We’ve got you covered if that’s the case! Below is a comprehensive guide on developing premium NFT wallets from scratch. Let’s dive in!

Wait! It’s time to inspire you with some exciting numbers regarding NFT wallets. Take a look below!

These statistics are highly impressive, aren’t they? So, you can easily infer that NFT wallet development is a buzzword among investors and developers. Now that we are highly inspired to develop NFT wallets, let’s learn the how-to steps.

What is NFT?

What is NFT

Before proceeding anywhere, it’s essential to get the basics cleared. Let’s start our discussion by understanding the meaning of NFT.

So, what is an NFT? The non-fungible token or NFT is a digital currency that is used to buy the rights of various physical and virtual assets. Almost millions of NFTs transactions are made every day through something called wallets, which are discussed below.

What is an NFT Wallet?


All of us require a wallet or purse to collect and manage our money. Similarly, you need an NFT wallet to organize all tokens and use them as and when needed.

NFT wallet development has become a trending concept among investors. These products provide high returns and remain in buzz forever. So, NFT wallets are one of the most high-yielding investments in the industry.

Types of NFT Wallets

While we are discussing NFT wallets, it’s essential to understand their types. NFT wallets are of two kinds as discussed below:

Types of NFT Wallets

1. Custodial NFT Wallet:

A custodial NFT wallet is a service offered by a third party. It is used to store sensitive information about NFTs, associated assets, and even the private key. All you need is to log into the wallet and make seamless transactions.

2. Non-Custodial Wallet:

The non-custodial wallets are the opposite of the above. These are maintained by the buyers to store NFTs and assets. Also, the customer keeps the private key without sharing it with any third party.

Benefits of NFT Wallet

Are you wondering about the benefits of using an NFT wallet? Here are the most convincing reasons listed below.

Benefits of NFT Wallet

1. Manage Tokens

An NFT buyer who transacts frequently requires safely storing the tokens and using them whenever required. These can be done using a secure NFT wallet.

2. Store Asset Information

Apart from tokens, a buyer can store asset information in NFT wallets. These are secure platforms and breaches into such insights are almost impossible.

3. Safeguard Private Key

Dealing with NFTs means getting a private key that you must safeguard. You can use the NFT wallets to protect your key data and store it for future reference.

4. Accessible from Anywhere

Since NFT wallets are digital and web-based products, these remain accessible from anywhere and at any time using the internet. So, you can buy assets using NFTs at any moment, provided that you have an active connection.

Best NFT Wallets in 2021-2022

Before we can discuss the development of NFT wallets, it’s essential to discuss what’s trending in the industry in 2021-2022. Let’s learn about the best NFT wallets in 2021-2022.

Best NFT Wallets in 2021-2022

1. MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the most popular NFT wallets in 2021. Started as a browser extension to connect individuals with decentralized apps, MetaMask lets you build a secure Ethereum wallet for crypto exchange.

Also, MetaMask has a mobile application with a simple and interactive interface. The best part about MetaMask is that it allows effortless synchronization of web and mobile data regarding NFTs. All these reasons make MetaMask a leading wallet in the NFT industry and numerous buyers connect themselves to the unique platform.

2. Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is a popular and prominent term among NFT buyers, especially beginners. Coinbase Wallet developers kept the product concept simple and easily understandable for the newbies. Like PayPal, a Coinbase Wallet user can transact NFTs through usernames and not addresses. This makes the concept simple and legible for all types of investors.

Besides, Coinbase Wallet remains compatible with numerous crypto platforms like Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and much more. The wallet also has a user-friendly mobile app for seamless transactions using smartphones.

3. AlphaWallet

Another name among the top NFT wallets is AlphaWallet. It is an Ethereum-based platform that allows storing and safeguarding NFTs. AlphaWallet remains compatible with various platforms like OpenSea, CryptoKitties, and ChainZ Arena.

Also, the AlphaWallet app lets you trade in-game assets, based on Ethereum. The web app, in contrast, has an in-built browser that allows browsing through several decentralized apps. Furthermore, the open-source platform allows tokenizing and capitalizing multiple assets using the robust website.

4. Enjin

When discussing the top NFT wallets, we cannot overlook Enjin. It is a robust wallet app that allows the transactions of many assets and in-game collectibles.

Besides, Enjin also serves as a platform to list your assets and surf the market to find lucrative investment options using NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The Enjin wallet has classic UI and remains compatible with mobile and web platforms. It enables a web-based browser to find many decentralized applications. Furthermore, Enjin has yet another feature that distinguishes it from other wallets. It provides one of the best customer support to solve your queries and make NFTs transactions comprehensible for all types of customers.

5. TrustWallet

TrustWallet is a reliable option for numerous NFT buyers worldwide. Although the platform does not allow NFT transfers, it lets you store them and other assets. It has a one-tap browser to tour the marketplace and get the desired decentralized application. Besides, it provides access to leading platforms like OpenSea and Axie Infinity.

TrustWallet has native integration with prominent public chains like Ethereum Classic. Additionally, it remains compatible with several blockchain networks, opening immense possibilities in the long haul.

The top NFT wallets in 2021 are the classic benchmarks for newbie investors and developers. Now that we know these platforms, our aim is to build wallets that have similar or even better features than the ones discussed above.

NFT Marketplace Development

Why Should You Invest in NFT Wallet Development?

We all know that NFT wallets are trending and remain a buzzword among investors. But what makes us driven towards investing in NFT wallet development? Here are the top reasons.

1. NFTs Remain in Demand

The NFTs started early and have conquered the crypto market over the years. Even now, they have immense industry demand. Interestingly, predictions reveal that NFTs will not lose their demand in the years ahead. So, developing NFT wallets when the token sales are on the brink of explosion can be an excellent idea.

2. NFT Transactions are Increasing

Many studies and reports infer that NFTs transactions are growing. More buyers invest using NFTs almost every day, making tokens the most sought-after entities in the decentralized marketplace. Consequently, it’s the best time for NFT wallet development as these transactions increase.

How to Develop NFT Wallets?

Now that you have understood all aspects regarding NFT wallets, it’s the right time to discuss its development process. So, let’s begin!

How to Develop NFT Wallets

1. Audience and Competitor Analysis

Before beginning to develop an NFT wallet, it’s essential to analyze the target audience and the competitors in your niche. It will give you an idea of what to include and an edge over other products in the market.

2. Consider the Features and Technologies

Although choosing a tech stack might sound challenging, it can help in developing the desired NFT wallet effortlessly. Besides, you need to sketch the features before getting into the developmental part. The must-have features in the NFT wallet are:

3. Hiring an NFT Wallet Development Company

Now that your requirements are clear, you can go for the best NFT wallet development company like Auxano Global Services. All you need is to reveal the needs to the technology partner and they will craft the best solution for you.

4. The Development Begins

Your technology partner will now initiate the development by choosing the best platform and designs for your NFT wallet development.

5. Product Release

After several series of feedback and modification, the desired NFT wallet becomes all set to roll out in the market.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an NFT Wallet?

The charges to develop an NFT wallet start from $40,000 to $50,000. Furthermore, the exact price depends on your specific preferences regarding platforms, technology, and features.

The NFT wallet development time also depends on various factors but the average time varies between 700 Hours to 1000 Hours.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

We are the leading names in the NFT wallet development industry. Since we are the best NFT wallet development company, our team has the following attributes through which we uplift your project.

Are you all set to develop an NFT wallet? Congrats if it’s a yes! Get in touch with our honed developers to create fascinating products from scratch and at the best prices.

Kubernetes Vs Docker: What is the Difference? [2022]

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The cloud computing industry has a long debate over the choice between Kubernetes and Docker. Software and developing professionals often find it quite daunting to choose between these. However, going by the concepts of Kubernetes and Docker, they are not each other’s competition.  They both excel and are leaders in open–source software development platforms.

They are fundamentally different technologies and therefore can’t be compared. Docker is an innovation for creating and managing containers, while Kubernetes is a container orchestration technology. This article will facilitate your understanding of both these platforms, their differences, and a guide to how to utilize them fruitfully.

What is a Container?

The container is a stand-alone technology that is independent of the host operating system. It is an executable unit of software that is responsible for packaging application code with its dependencies, this programming enables a container to integrate with various IT infrastructures.

The portability of containers eliminates several conflicts of transfer and modifications with the new IT system. IT professionals use it for developing a large application that is suitable for distinctive environments and cross-platform.

Understanding Kubernetes


Kubernetes is programmed to provide an API for managing, deploying, and scaling containerized applications in a system. Being an orchestration development platform, it automates and increases the efficiency of containers in use.

Multiple container architecture is called “Cluster”. Kubernetes Architecture is a cluster that is designated as a “master node” and schedules efficient workloads for the rest of the parallel containers. All other containers in use are termed as “worker nodes” of the cluster.

In 2014 Google introduced Kubernetes as an open-source project. Now it is managed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Kubernetes collected its large community of users by robust functionality. This master node determines where and how to host applications, put them together and manage their functions collectively.

Kubernetes assists the software by orchestrating a cluster of virtual machines and scheduling containers based on available computing resources. During this process containers are grouped in pods, Kubernetes can scale these two at the app manager’s desired state and enables management of apps lifecycle to keep apps up to date functioning.

These were the Basic Concepts of Kubernetes, now let’s have a look at how they can be used.

Basic Concepts of Kubernetes

Kubernetes have the largest Community of Users and Programmers, There are several related Functions of Kubernetes.

Functions of Kubernetes

1. Service Discovery and Load balancing

To make the services visible, it exposes them on the internet. With that Kubernetes balances load when traffic spikes up and maintains stability.

2. Programmed to Self-heal

The master node here restarts, replaces, and reschedules worker nodes when they fail or die.

3. Deployment

It can automate the functioning of container deployment across various computer nodes.

4. Featured to Auto-scale

Kubernetes automates the start-up of new containers in case of heavy loads on CPU, Memory threshold, and custom metrics to maintain stability.

5. Orchestrates Storage

Effortlessly creates a persistent local or cloud storage system as demanded to reduce latency and improve UX.

All these functions contribute to the Advantages of Kubernetes.

Advantages of Kubernetes

1. Portable and Flexible

Kubernetes can work with any type of Container or IT system.

2. Multi-cloud capability

Whether it is a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises server, this master-node integrates with any type of system.

3. Higher Development productivity

Before the introduction of Kubernetes teams were able to deploy only once a month, but now deployment can be done multiple times a day.

4. Open Source

A fully open-source community project that has several major corporate sponsors, but no company has complete ownership of it.

5. Proven and Tested

Many successful IT firms are using Kubernetes regularly. This battle-tested master node is a proven and reliable solution that can reduce the complexities of the cloud.

6. Market Leader

According to a recent survey, 59% of respondents answered that they use Kubernetes in production.

Adding to the list, Kubernetes excel as a Compute resource management, High availability of clusters, Effective Storage, and Robust Container deployment.

Deployment using Kubernetes

Kubernetes supports modifications at runtime with no interruption in services and functioning. These deployments are highly versatile and scalable. Developers can increase scales anytime with the increase of load. In case of any faults in functioning, this master node can automatically repair the machine and other containers.

However, it is a complex technology made up of many components that helps with higher security, data storage, and network management. Kubernetes helps you to manage containers in a highly efficient and smooth way.

Kubernetes uses the Docker platform for managing containers and running images. However, the platform can be deployed with any structure or framework.

Understanding Docker


Docker is a container file format with open-source technology. It is used to automate the deployment of applications as portable, self-sufficient containers. Docker has grown in recent years to be the default container format for isolating environment.

This platform allows one to build and run containers for every kind of deployment machine. The fundamental attribute of A Docker Container is its Portability, it can run and integrate with any system like desktop, data center, or cloud environment. Docker Commands independent functioning so that if an application or part is undergoing an update or repair others can continue their functioning.

This industry has huge competition but Docker has made its way through. This platform made the concept of containers popular and the IT industry started accepting it. The popularity of Docker Architecture gave rise to platforms like Kubernetes. Docker basic Commands use most of the Linux kernel’s features for isolating the whole process into a configurable virtual space.

Docker Architecture Diagram comprises two basic components. One is the Client Command-line interface tool and the second is the container runtime. The objective here of the CLI tool is to initiate directives to Docker runtime on the given command, while the latter one is responsible for creating and running containers on the operating system.

However, Docker is a lightweight containerization technology that needs a real or virtual machine with complete OS to serve a continuous automated integration and deployment.

After comprehending the basics of Docker let’s have a look at tools and terminology commonly used for Docker.

1. Docker Engine

Creating an environment where developers can build and run containers.

2. Dockerfile

This is a simple text file of information to facilitate one’s understanding of building a Docker Container Image.

3. Docker Compose

This tool is utilized for defining and running multi-container applications.

Now, let’s understand in what way Docker can be used

Understand in what way Docker can be used

As a result of these functions, there are various Docker Advantages. There are many good reasons why companies like ING, PayPal, ADP, and Spotify are using Docker on a daily basis.

1. Return on Investment and Cost-Savings:

Using Docker invites high ROI. This platform is a solution for bringing down costs and raising profits on a long-term basis.

2. Standardization and Productivity:

Docker container leverages constancy with multiple developments and release cycles. This platform is a way for regular development, creation, testing, and production environments.

3. Efficient with Container Image:

it can cut -off time spent in creating CI by separating non-dependant steps and running them contemporarily.

4. Compatible and able to be maintained:

With Docker, the container image runs similarly with every server and device. As a developer, it means that you have to spend less time setting up the environment and use a portable easy – to – setup codebase.

5. Simple and Fast Configuration:

Developer and user can code their configuration and deploy it without any problems. The requirements of infrastructure aren’t related to the environment of the application.

6. Rapid and Continuous Deployment:

Docker can manage deployment in a matter of seconds. This platform is programmed to maintain all configurations internally.

7. Multi-cloud Platforms:

Its hybrid technology removes every barrier to integrating with any environment.  Docker can work efficiently with any cloud or system.

8. Isolated Environment:

Docker ensures that each container has its resources and is isolated from others. This feature helps to clean the app or remove it because each one of it is independent of one another.

9. Security and Safety:

As Docker enables an isolated environment for every container, the security in heavy traffic increases.

How do building and deploying containers work with Docker?

If you want to build and deploy software within the container, then Docker can do it effortlessly. With it, a developer can create, ship, and simply run applications. Dockerfile assists the developer to understand the defined process and gives a command ‘docker build’ to make a container image.

In this process, the developer is given a facility to run the image anywhere with a simple command of ‘Docker Run’. The deployment can also be used with a cloud-based repository called the Docker Hub to keep and distribute the container images.

Highlighting the differences between Kubernetes and Docker

Differences Between Docker And Kubernetes

With the basic understanding of these two technologies, we can now move forwards to how they are different from one another. As their meaning suggests these two aren’t a competition to one another, instead can utilize each other to make exceptional software. Docker and Kubernetes, both have their independent purposes and are usually used together.

1. The fundamental difference lies in the way the technologies operate Docker and Kubernetes. Kubernetes is to be worked with a cluster where it is a master node and has other containers as Worker nodes. While Docker works with a single node. Kubernetes containers are distributed to provide high availability.

2. Docker functions to isolate the app into different containers; its responsibility is to pack and shift the application. On the other hand, Kubernetes is used for scheduling and managing containers, its responsibility is to deploy and scale the imported applications.

3. Kubernetes demands a container runtime to orchestrate the containers, while Docker usually functions independently without any assistance.

4. As their build standards, Kubernetes and Docker differ. Kubernetes is often regarded as a premium option to orchestrate containers and manage them well. It facilitates infrastructure framework and manages the developer or user’s interaction with containers. Docker is known for container development and deployment. The basics of any platform are built by Docker, even the Kubernetes framework is built on it.

5. Docker uses several logging mechanisms to help a developer obtain information from running containers and services. Kubernetes however, doesn’t provide any storage solution but the developers can combine several existing logging solutions.

6. Kubernetes can be developed with a series of manual steps while Docker is a matter of one-liner command.

These two technologies further differ a lot on technicalities and statistics. In terms of the language they use, the purpose they define, the code they develop, and ways in which the container handles are different.


These two technologies, Docker and Kubernetes can be used together and result in an extremely streamlined process of software making and functioning. They might be different from one another, but can’t be compared for the question of which one is better. Both of these technologies have different approaches, functions, benefits, and areas of work.

Docker and Kubernetes can complement each other but can’t be competitive with one another. They are from the same industry but work differently, one can never replace Docker with Kubernetes or vice versa. Development platforms like Docker support Kubernetes and Kubernetes go hand-in-hand with Docker.

Therefore, instead of debating over Docker vs Kubernetes, to build a cutting-edge innovative technological platform, the discussion is better as Docker and Kubernetes. There are many ways in which an enterprise or a developer utilizes both of the technologies with each other’s support. Having different functions can benefit the organization differently. When used together the benefits and advantages can be multiplied.

Auxano Global Services is a Top Bespoke app development company with a team of expertise and professionalism towards coding and development. We serve top-notch companies and assist start-ups to be one of them. As an internationally renowned one, our agency works with superior dexterity in embedding technical language to turn your ideas into reality. We help with distinctive and various types of app development.

If you wish to create an exceptional digital solution with us, then Contact us now.

How to Develop NFT Marketplace: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide [2022]

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Cryptos have become the buzzword among investors. As these currencies gain a hike, NFT marketplaces come into the picture. Apart from cryptocurrencies, NFT marketplaces are the latest sensation regarding investment. Many entrepreneurs wish to earn immense revenues and invest in NFT marketplace development.

So, do you wish to build an NFT marketplace from scratch? You have visited the best place if that’s the case! Here is your ultimate resource on developing the perfect NFT marketplace. Take a look!

But before proceeding anywhere, let’s look at some exciting numbers.

Are these statistics enough to inspire you for NFT marketplace development? Follow along with the article if it’s a yes!

What is an NFT Marketplace?

Let’s begin our discussion by understanding the meaning of NFT marketplaces.

Abbreviated as NFT, the Non-Fungible Token is the smallest data that is stored on Blockchain. Understandably, the NFT marketplaces deal in selling, buying, exchanging, and bidding on various cryptocurrencies.

These marketplaces have become the best way to earn more and establish the most successful business. Almost hundreds of entrepreneurs invest in developing NFT marketplaces and gain significant income in a short span. So, you’re on the right track if you are planning to make such an investment.

What are the Top NFT Marketplaces?

It’s time to get supercharged by learning about the top NFT marketplaces in the industry. Here are the best NFT marketplaces creating significant revolutions in the industry.

What are the Top NFT Marketplaces?

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is, by far, the largest NFT marketplace out there. It has almost 4 million products segregated across 200 categories on the website. Since the platform is so massive, it’s sometimes called the “eBay of Blockchain”. OpenSea lets you trade in almost everything, from cryptocurrencies to virtual real estate.

2. Nifty Gateway

The pageant of a platform with the optimum volume of sales goes to Nifty Gateway. The platform allows transactions using a credit card and has become a massive hit among beginners in the industry.

3. Rarible

Among all art-based NFT marketplaces, Rarible stands at the highest position. These let you sell books, digital art, and photographs, and create NFTs. Indeed, it is a one-stop destination for all types of investments.

4. Foundation

Foundation is the leading platform for investors and collectors. It deals in digital art and gathers artists from all over the world. Through Foundation, an artist can invite another using a specific link generated uniquely.

5. SuperRare

As the name suggests, SuperRare comprises limited-edition artworks that you would not find anywhere else. This platform entertains a network of artists that lets you invest in exclusive masterpieces.

How Do NFT Marketplaces Make Money?

NFT marketplaces have several ways to make money. These platforms follow a wide array of monetization models to gain immense revenues from NFT trading. Here are some of the top models discussed below.

1. Charging a Listing Fee

Sometimes, NFT marketplaces ask for a listing fee to sell NFTs on their platform. It can be one of the simplest ways to monetize such a marketplace.

2. Gas Fees

Many NFT marketplaces do not provide 100% income associated with an NFT to the seller. They charge a gas fee for the purpose. Although it is not mandatory, you need to pay the fees if you wish to gain the entire revenue at once.

Why Should You Invest in NFT Marketplace Development?

Now that we have discussed a lot about NFT marketplaces, it’s time to address your concern. Are you wondering if developing an NFT marketplace is worth it? Here are the top reasons to convince you.


1. Hiking NFT Industry

The NFT industry is outgrowing and creating better opportunities for stakeholders to make money. So, it is the best idea to start small and develop an excellent business in the long haul.

2. NFT Demand Never Ceases

Ever since NFT came into existence, its demand has increased. Also, experts predict that NFTs are here to stay for the longest time. So, building an NFT marketplace is the best plan.

3. Massive Income

As you are already familiar with the monetization models, the NFT marketplaces charge money to list different NFTs on their platform and access the entire sell value thereafter. So, you will remain on the higher value side by developing an NFT marketplace.

How to Develop an NFT Marketplace?

Now, it’s time to discuss the juiciest part. Are you thinking about developing an NFT marketplace? Here is a list of things that you should consider.

How to Develop an NFT Marketplace?

1. Audience Research

Begin by analyzing your target audiences. It would help if you understood the expectations of your users and came up with a game-changing plan for them.

2. Get a Rough Sketch

It always helps if you draw a rough sketch of the marketplace you aspire to develop. Besides, developing a concrete business plan can help you with better clarity on your objectives. So, streamline the brainstorming part before doing anything.

3. Hire an Agency

Go on the lookout for the best NFT marketplace development agency like Auxano Global Services. These companies have an excellent portfolio and robust workforce, all aligned to skyrocket your project.

4. Getting into Development

Starting from collecting your requirements, your agency will begin the development process. Meanwhile, they might ask you for feedback and improve the product based on your reviews at each iteration.

Finally, the project becomes all set to get released in the industry and attract a massive customer base.

The Essential Features in an NFT Marketplace

Are you stumbling on the features that your NFT marketplace should possess? Here is the ultimate list for your reference.

The Essential Features in an NFT Marketplace

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplaces are one of the most complicated projects. The developers require assembling multiple aspects to build a flawless NFT marketplace. So, the costs to develop a fully functional NFT marketplace start from $40,000 to $50,000. Besides, the exact price depends on your requirements and desired features.

One should aware of the overall NFT marketplace development time to make sure the desired results in the time span. To be honest, calculating the exact NFT marketplace development time estimation is impossible because it depends on various factors such as:

Factors That Affect The NFT Marketplace Development Cost

Choosing Right NFT Platforms:

Opt Smooth Integrations:

Easy User Experience:

App Panel Development:

Management Task:

So, there are dozens of factors that affect overall NFT marketplace development time, but the average time of developing an NFT marketplace rises between 800 Hours to 1000 Hours.

Why Choose Auxano Global Services for NFT Marketplace Development?

NFT marketplaces can yield significant revenues, provided the platform is technologically upright. Believe it or not, an NFT marketplace requires an advanced tech stack, especially to make the platform safe and highly secure for transactions. So, you require an experienced technology partner to develop a flawless NFT marketplace.

Right here, Auxano Global Services can make all the difference through the following capabilities.

We can align our expertise and experience to develop the most fascinating NFT marketplaces that create benchmarks in the industry.

NFT marketplaces are the trendiest concept these days. So, it’s the ripest time to get your hands dirty by developing an impeccable marketplace for your business. Get in touch with Auxano Global Services to bring your imagination into a reality!

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Trends, Challenges & Solutions [2022]

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Healthcare is a fundamental necessity that can’t be altered. Starting with home remedies during earlier times, gradually health care centres emerged.

Although, the pace and standard have reached a different level since the digital transformation in healthcare. The digitalization of hospitals has impacted both servers and receivers of the healthcare service constructively.

Digital Health Technology has been a hike up of quality and cost-effective healthcare for appointments, diagnosis, medications, surgeries, and much more.

This Digital transformation is grabbing a place in healthcare, but still, certain impacts hold it back. Let’s have a look at how Digital Healthcare is shaping up and the prospects.

Digital Transformation In Healthcare Statistics

Impacts of Digital Technology in Healthcare are diversified. Doctors and healthcare providers have observed a gradual rise in their potential to serve patients.

This potential has led the market of digital healthcare market share to exceed USD 141.8 billion in 2020. By 2020, the digital health industry has observed the largest amount of investment that is 21.6 billion US Dollars.

COVID 19, accelerated the use of virtual space to cease transmission. Hence, people started adopting digital healthcare services.

Even if digital health might be preferred but an inconvenient digital experience turns the users off. Concerns over security and trust persist. Even, use of new tools can be difficult for day-to-day clinical workflows.

Top 5 Digital Healthcare Apps in 2021:

Top 5 Digital Healthcare Apps in 2021 Health-&-Fitness-App-Development---Features,-Cost,-&-Monetization-Ideas

Digital Healthcare and Its Trends

Digital Healthcare is a broad subject that comes from the intersection of technology and healthcare services. Digital transformation to healthcare includes computing platforms, connectivity, software, and sensors.

The wide concept of digital health services includes Mobile health apps, Electronic health records, electronic medical records, telehealth, wearable devices, and telemedicine including personal medicines.

Benefits of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Top Digital Trends For Healthcare:

Top Digital Trends For Healthcare

1. Wearable and Wireless Technology

1. This technology is used for monitoring the health of the user. Doctors can observe the shared information and diagnose with minimal time and errors.

2. These are preventive health care devices used by the patient to monitor their internal conditions. Some devices like the Apple watch sends real-time alerts to doctors and relatives if the person experiences atrial fibrillation.

3. According to a survey by HIMSS, more than half of physicians prefer commercial and personal-grade wearables. These devices are used to monitor health conditions and track medications.

2. Artificial Intelligence

1. AI is a cost-effective way to serve health care. This system can complete simple and time-consuming tasks, which helps doctors to focus on more complicated ones.

2. It also increases diagnoses efficiency because a large amount of data can be interpreted by AI in just a few seconds. Medical officials can analyze accurately and quickly start the treatment.

3. AI can assist patients with personalized care through this technology. These AI’s features help to improve the overall patient’s experience with healthcare.

3.  Internet of Medical Things

1. IoMT is a real-time technology that brings information from medical devices and applications used by patients to healthcare technology systems.

2. By using networking technologies IoMT can reduce unnecessary hospital visits. It decreases the burden on healthcare systems and uses a secured network for data transfer.

3. IoMT is used in smart devices like Wearables and medical monitors. These devices are used for healthcare on the body, home, community, and Hospitals.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

1. These two technologies have helped both doctors and patients extensively. Many things which seemed challenging before have become a lot easier.

2. VR has been assisting doctors to practice complex surgeries without risking a person’s life. Even robotic surgery and emergency treatments increase the accountability of healthcare.

3. For Patients, AR and VR are used as therapy for disorders like Alzheimer and PTSD. By creating a controlled stimulus, the therapist can have favorable results.

5. Telehealth

1. This technology is a solution for facilitating people’s connection to healthcare providers.

2. In the space developed by telehealth medical Professionals can evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without personal meetings.

Top-Notch Successful Companies of Digital Health

Some of the renowned Digital healthcare service providers include Alivecor, FabRX and DeepMind. These are the top three companies in the digital health industry. Alivecor holds expertise for handheld, connected ECG devices that fit in the user’s pocket.

Further, FabRX is known for the best innovative and reliable healthcare technologies. DeepMind brings Artificial Intelligence to healthcare services. Other top companies in this industry are, Cellink, Natural Machines, CloudmedX, Not Possible labs, and many more.

Challenges For Healthcare Digital Solutions

Digital Transformation of Healthcare services has elevated the affordability, accountability, and efficiency of medical services. But there are some setbacks to the technology.

Challenges For Healthcare Digital Solutions

1. Cyber Security

1. Digital Healthcare Industry is a platform that facilitates patients’ treatment. But to integrate with doctors people have to share personal information.

2. People generally fail to trust digital space due to security fallbacks.

3. Doctor & patient personal data should be secure under HIPAA complaints. Digital healthcare solutions should secure the data on mobile devices via a client-server model.

2. Overcomplicated Functioning

1. Making the digital health care solutions feature-rich demands a great number of functions. These features aren’t easy and quick to comprehend.

2. In between daily rush and work pressure, medical professionals find it draining to learn complex functions.

3. User-Unfriendliness

1. Complicated functions and difficult technological jargons used for digital healthcare make medical professionals resistant to it.

2. Even patients find it a little weary for understanding the apps or software.

4. Budget Restrictions

1. The development of medical services technology is costly and demands great investments. Not many medical organizations have a large sum of funds.

Have An Idea For Your Next Health Startup

Prospective Digital Healthcare Solutions

Although all challenges might not be resolved, there are some ways to overcome most of them. These solutions could help people accept the Digital Hospital of the Future.

1. Complete adoption of Blockchain in Future Digital Health Care

1. The fundamental step is to set up a blockchain. It is simply a system of recording information in a way that it stands with no chance to be hacked or changed.

2. Implementation of Blockchain in healthcare services will build a sense of trust and transparency among users. Countries like Australia have already adopted the technology.

3. Blockchains are also able to create a decentralized place where members can access information. This technology can curb down accessibility issues.

4. An implemented blockchain can prevent security lags that leak personal information, allow patients to access and add their information and identify inaccuracies in patients’ data.

2. Develop functionally-rich yet user-friendly technologies

1. People look at digital transformation as a positive change. But the complexity of usage stops them from utilizing it appropriately.

2. With market research that could highlight changes in layout and features, developers can be able to create a user-friendly platform.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an app like MyFitnessPal?


Digital transformation in healthcare services has ignited leverage of quality services by medical organizations. Patients have a better experience and healthcare services providers can work easily. Widely, People have started using these technologies.

There are a lot of technological advancements, yet challenges persist. Still, digital transformation is grabbing its place in healthcare services at a great pace. With the prospective solution, transformation can overcome the majority of challenges and disclose a whole new face of Healthcare.

Auxano Global Services is a bespoke mobile app development company having ample experience in digital healthcare solutions. Our dedicated development team has immense expertise in health app features, targeting audience, industry needs, and the latest technology in the healthcare industry. We have helped several health startups with next-gen digital solutions such as fitness mobile apps, tracking apps, online billing software, online medicine store development, and wearable solutions.

If you want to create digital solutions for your business, then Contact us now.

How to Develop a Flower Delivery App like Bloom and Wild?

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The on-demand delivery applications are taking over almost all industries. The flower delivery sector is not an exclusion. Nowadays, customers prefer buying flowers with a few taps on their smartphones. So, a myriad of cutting-edge applications like Bloom and Wild are making door-to-door flower delivery a real thing. Indeed, it is one of the most empowered businesses nowadays. Are you willing to develop a flower delivery app? You are at the best place if that’s the case! Here you will get the know-how of building apps like Bloom and Wild. Stay tuned!

What is a Flower Delivery App like Bloom and Wild?

Like other delivery applications, Bloom and Wild let customers order different flowers and bouquets online. Right after placing orders, these platforms deliver flowers at desired destinations as well. Also, these apps allow shoppers to gift flowers to different locations effortlessly.

It is one of the most sought-after businesses, having high revenue and profit points. Bloom and Wild are classic benchmarks in the florist app industry and are creating spellbound revolutions.

Top 5 Flower Delivery Apps in UK:

Top 5 Flower Delivery Apps in UK

Advantages of Developing a Flower Delivery App

Flower delivery apps are all the rage these days. The stakeholders earn immense margins by developing a flower delivery app for the customers. Are you still in a dilemma of developing a flower delivery app? Here are some of the reasons to concrete your belief if that’s the case. Let’s dive in!

Advantages of Developing a Flower Delivery App

1. Flowers are Evergreen Gifts

The global floral trade industry stands at a whopping figure of $104 billion. The statistics will hike further, transforming the sector into a giant in the future. Gifting flowers to each other will never turn obsolete. So, developing a flower delivery app is similar to dropping bait in the ocean. As more customers will connect with your app in the future, you can churn higher revenues and grow your business without any difficulties.

2. Industry is Developing

The online flower delivery industry is still growing and does not have too many competitors. So, it’s the best time to develop a next-gen florist app and win over the industry effortlessly. You can add unique features to your application and attract more customers to your business than the already-established competitors. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

3. Help Numerous Flower Vendors

You can also develop a platform that connects numerous florists in a location and delivers flowers to the customers rapidly. Such an initiative brings more business to you and the vendors, helping both of you together. So, developing a flower delivery app can be a kind gesture and contribute towards empowering society.

4. Profits are Higher

No one can deny the fact that flower delivery encompasses high profits and is one of the best businesses. Also, the florist apps are new and a buzzword among customers. Consequently, they can help you generate more margins in the blink of an eye. The industry will stay booming and consistently provide you with exceptional monetary benefits.

Indeed, flower delivery applications have a bright future and it’s the optimum moment to create such an experience for the customers. But the point is how do you develop such a product? Don’t worry; Auxano Global Services gets you covered! Here are all the steps required to build a groundbreaking app like Bloom and Wild.

How to Develop a Flower Delivery App like Bloom and Wild?

Developing a flower delivery app like Bloom and Wild is simple, provided you know all the steps precisely. In other words, you require following a few steps and gradually move to create a product like Bloom and Wild. Below is what you should do to design such an experience.

Develop a Flower Delivery App like Bloom and Wild

1. Jot Down the Must-Have Features

First things first! You should know the must-have features required to develop a flower delivery app. The functionalities will influence your customers and determine the sales, after all. So, here are the best features that your flower delivery app should possess. Take a look!

Jot Down the Must-Have Features


You should get a clear picture of the products that you are willing to sell on the app. Do you want to go with traditional flowers like roses and lilies? Or, wish to include rare flora like purple orchids and petunia? It’s better to list down all the desired products before developing an app from scratch.

Scheduled Delivery:

Customers want to access an app that allows them to schedule delivery at a later time and enjoy seamless order placement. So, you should consider adding a scheduled delivery feature into your app, allowing the users to enjoy your product.

Monthly Calendar:

Adding a monthly calendar into your app allows the customers to order flowers in advance and get them delivered later every week, month, or year.

Payment Gateways:

Integrate the flower delivery app with numerous payment gateways to let your customers enjoy seamless transactions while ordering numerous flowers from your platform.

Place Orders:

Your app should boast simple order placing that makes using your platform more enjoyable. So, focus on decluttering the order workflow to ensure more customers join your app swiftly.

Real-Time Order Tracking:

Your customers seek transparency. So, integrating your platform with real-time order tracking functionality can woo your shoppers without any difficulties.

Business Orders:

Larger orders, more profits. This principle applies to the flower delivery industry too. You can allow businesses to place massive orders with your platform and generate higher revenues.

Besides these features, you can let the users enjoy rich functionalities like contact sync and setting reminders.

2. Develop the Flower Delivery App

Now, it’s time to do the big-brain thing – developing the flower delivery app. So, follow the below steps to develop an app efficiently.

3. Hire Team for Flower Delivery App

Many times, in-house app development falls more expensive than hiring a temporary workforce. So, you can hire dedicated developers to build flower delivery apps at your convenience.

1. Hire Freelancers

Freelance developers make the best team extension regarding app development. You can browse through several freelancing platforms to onboard premium freelancers to complete your one-of-a-kind product at affordable prices and a short delivery timeline.

2. Hire a Dedicated App Development Company

You can also collaborate with a top mobile app development company to hire dedicated developers for your purpose. They house talented people who have demonstrated experience in building products for your niche. So, recruiting developers from such firms simplifies the tiring job of screening the developers before hiring them.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is the best mobile app development company in USA and has the most talented developers for hire. We hold vivid and effective engagement models that make hiring developers a cakewalk for you. Besides, we have proficiency in developing various flower delivery apps. So, you can outsource the task to us and watch our developers build game-changing experiences at competitive price points.

Flower delivery apps are the future. Such products will continue benefiting various businesses and generating massive revenues for all stakeholders. So, what makes you wait? Develop a flower delivery application and skyrocket your business. Contact us now.

Outsource App Development [Complete Outsourcing Application Development Guide]

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According to Forrester, 38% of decision-makers choose to outsource app development to India because of the outside app developers’ talents and competence. This blog is for you if you’re debating whether to engage an in-house app developer team or outsource application development to a mobile app development business. Let’s get this party started.

Nowadays, an idea spreads quickly and becomes a mobile app in the app shop or play store. Outsourcing mobile application development has steadily grown in popularity. To be honest, mobile app development has become a powerful voice for organizations looking to increase their revenue and elevate their image to the next level.

As per the recent survey in 2021, revenue from application outsourcing is expected to reach US$108,748.6 million. These IT firms regularly entice enterprises to outsource app development.

Because the mobile market is continually growing, mobile app development offshore isn’t going away anytime soon, especially when new technologies like IoT and machine learning enter our lives.

What is the definition of outsourcing app development?

Outsourcing app development entails contracting with an overseas mobile app development partner to handle tasks like app design and development. Employees and team members of the in-house organization have completed the development processes. To design and develop an app, you might employ a team for app design outsourcing and mobile development.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Application Development?

Benefits of Outsourcing Application Development

While outsourcing software development is a great idea, it does come with its own set of problems and hurdles. Finding the right app development partner can be a major challenge at times. And, the best method to choose an appropriate mobile app development outsourcing partner is to search for a business that takes the time to learn about your idea before providing a quote and timetable and getting started with development.

So, do you want to get ahead of the game and reap the benefits of mobile app development for your company? We believe the answer is yes. This has prompted a critical question for business owners:

Should you hire an in-house app development team and lease an office to develop a mobile app for your company? There’s no need for that because you can outsource it. Auxano Global Services is a leading outsourcing company for dedicated app developers.

What is the Best Way to Outsource App Development?

Best Way to Outsource App Development

1. Create a Plan for Your App

You must have a clear picture of your app concept. Yes, a reputable app development outsourcing business will assist you in learning the fundamentals of app development. However, you must conduct the greatest possible research on your own. Although you may not be familiar with the operational aspects, you can certainly conduct research on competitors and similar apps. This will assist you in comprehending the functionality of your app as well as identifying what your competitors lack.

2. Make a budget estimate

With enough study, you’ll be able to figure out how much money you can put into your software. This budget estimate will assist you in deciding whether to engage a freelance developer or an app development firm. Companies that provide outsourcing services are not pricey. When you consider the big picture, they’re quite cost-effective.

3. App Developers: Do Your Research

It’s time to start looking for developers after you’ve decided on the app’s outline and budget. Developer